Josh Allen | “We Knew That We Were Gonna Have A Shot In The Second Half” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Timothy Sherry Reply

Let’s go buffalo 💪💪💯 the next game will be better 💯✊a.k.a.the comebackkid🔥

    rhonda raza Reply

    Timothy Sherry.

PaPaDew 1968 Reply

New motto should be ” Pound sand MFers “

Ali Akbar Reply

Mistakes are good, to learn from. I’ll take it

Louis DiCenso Reply


    TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan Reply

    And has the neck beard to prove it 😂

    Tommy H Vlogs Reply

    Louis DiCenso THE MAN!

    Corey Reply

    He’s becoming a turnover machine…yay.

Zao Medong Reply

Josh, you gotta slide dude!

    FACE OF BEAR Reply

    He slid! On his stomach…

    fromolwyoming Reply

    Yeah, that is a bad habit of his since Wyoming.

TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan Reply

The fact that he was able to calm himself let the adrenaline go down and see things more clear in the most important part of the game to come back and win in the final minutes is amazing because you see alot of qbs fall apart or make game ending mistakes Josh just keeps improving LETS GO BUFFALO #BILLSMAFIA

    Mike H Reply

    Especially 1st week

Derek Puleo Reply

Finally I’ve been waiting for the postgame lol

TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan Reply

I like what he said about keeping calm its only a 2 score game that we have professionals on our team that stayed calm 👍

Fast over Fifty Reply

He gets it. Encouraged by his statements. Humble and wants to be great. But let’s not do the first half like that again Josh!

Bill Reply

He is a humble, intelligent, resilient person. Glad he’s our guy.

Go Bills, La Familia!

Bills Mafia!

    Seth Jimerson Reply

    We dont need him we need a new QB

    Corey Reply

    Wish we had a better QB like 3 we passed on… DeShaun Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, and Lamar Jackson.

    But yeah, because our defense carried us all game, and the Jets converted 0 points off of all those turnovers, oh and their kicker missed a FG AND an XP, and on top of all that, Singletary had to put us on his back, Josh can get credit for finally doing his job…

    He played like crap. Other Bills QB’s would’ve been crucified for a performance like that, but because he was an early 1st round pick and we didn’t lose, he gets a pass.

Saleem Mokhiber Reply


    Top Streams Reply

    its better than it was

Irene Silva Reply

Cant have 4 turnover’s against the patriots they will burrie us.. our D is 4 real go bills 1-0 !!!!!!

    Corey Reply

    They will bury us anyway, but playing like that would get us murdered. Lucky the Jets kicker sucked, or else we would’ve lost even with the terrific play by our defense. Josh nearly cost us the game.

Fred c Reply

Way to handle it Josh. Hope they learn and come out to the next game stronger.

tigerjohns0n Reply

I’m most impressed with his resiliency. He turned the ball over a few times but still continued to sling it down field the entire game. I’m too used to watching Bills’ QBs play scared. I’m impressed so far.

scott devereaux Reply

Josh is a baller! Defense held it down until the offense could get into the end zone!

DG GOD Reply

His beard is weird….
~Machine Gun Kelly~

    TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan Reply


Dana Bizzle Reply

Love all these vids! Keep them coming! Maybe get the audio in both speakers tho?

Cramerr Reply

My left ear loved this video

The Way Reply

That’s my Quarterback.

Andrew Dunn Reply

Lose the Amish beard Josh. Be the handsome QB you’re supposed to be.

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