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Josh Allen | “Our Team is Resilient”

Quarterback Josh Allen addressed the media following the Buffalo Bills' 21-17 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals topics included; creating plays in the running game, finishing inside the red zone , and the game winning drive in the fourth quarter.

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Timothy Sherry Reply

Let’s go buffalo 💪💯💪💪💯💪 we did this one for Pancho ✊ the fight in effort was beautiful

    Billsmafia84!!! Unit Unit Reply

    Classic Pancho. Mafiaaaaa!!!!!??

ultimateguitarwizard Reply

Can’t win against the Pats playing that sloppy. Still love my Bills!

    Billsmafia84!!! Unit Unit Reply

    Tbh. We gotta learn how to dominate. 2 weeks in a row had a 14 point lead and didn’t blow them out. We growing. We young. We are damn good!!!!!! AFC east champs. It’s our time. We deserve it!!!! #respect the process. Mafia!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rcae RunninCirclesAroundEveryone Reply


Justin Freitag Reply

win lose or tie. Bills fan till i die. 3-0 LETS GO BUFFALO!!!!

    Steven J. Trump 2020 Reply

    Excellent comment, but you should be a poet!

    David Kelly Reply

    I hear you Justin!! I’m an old bastard of 55, and I’ve been a BILLS fanatic since 1972…and I’ll die a BILLS fanatic!! GO BILLS!!

    Mryrhodesian Reply

    Same here!

Trevor cox Cox Reply

Despite the bull I’m so glad your last drive came together!!!! Go buffalo!!

Huey Oblongata Reply

Great win…

But now?

We are onto New England 😈

    BlueComet1991 Reply

    Huey Oblongata yup. But here’s hoping we get that W. And if we do, I better not hear any excuses from the media. We beat New England they won’t be able to resist talking about us anymore

    James Edwards Reply

    To be the best, you need to beat the best. New England once stunk and the Bills were elite. Time to change again.

Steven J. Trump 2020 Reply

These reporters are so disgraceful. All they do is put Buffalo down.

    Billsmafia84!!! Unit Unit Reply

    Haters gone hate. Mafia 4 life!!!!!!

    Christopher Palmer Reply

    If you’re gonna be a franchise QB you had better be prepared to take heat when you make mistakes.

    joe smith Reply

    They’re liberals. Its what they do

    joe smith Reply


Topper Harley Reply

They need to play penalty and error free to have a shot of defeating New England.

    Alex Fletcher Reply

    Topper Harley that pretty much goes for any team playing the pats!

    Joe Reply

    We need to fix our Oline and your right about the penaltys. Play calling has been shitty and we have to let Josh run way more . We can beat anyone if our defense shows up

TheEvilstarter44 Reply

That’s my Quarterback…. 7-0

Cameron Briglin Reply

Lets kick the patriots butt next sunday

Jordan Clark Reply

Its good that he seems mad at himself about that pick. He is making huge strides in his game, but he has to get that type of throw of his system.

Jarro Harris Reply

Bills are. My team lots beat some rear end yall woo and what a game 3 and 0

Tony Scar Reply

That’s my quarterback 😢😪

Meistro Shine Reply

“Obviously he’s Frank Gore for a reason.” Lol

gaberrs23 Reply

New England week, I haven’t seen the fire yet for the Bills even though we’re 3-0 I haven’t seen like a full game of balling. This is the week to show who we really are, no mistakes, all effort, I want this win, Buffalo wants this win. LETS GO BUFFALO

Leonel Lomas Reply

Even though he’s made mistakes in this game, you cannot keep this man down. He is extremely special and will only get better. There’s still haters, but the NFL is taking notice how good this kid is.

    William Hardy Reply

    Frrrrr tho haters gone hate

Christopher Hutka Reply

Like the one reporter said, Buffalo damn near dominated inevitably 3 out of the 4 quarters of football. Jesus Christ such an exciting time to be a Buffalo fan. Josh Allen….. dude is a freak of nature. 23 years old and a 2nd year Rook!!!!! And how he leads that team is just Eye of the Tiger heart. Even Jim Kelly said that he is just sooo excited because he sees so much in him that he saw in himself. I could just go on and on and on. “The Bills Make Me Want to Shout!!!!!!!” watch out Goat.

James Jacobsen Reply

patriots 23 bills 28

Robert D'Amico Reply

Were one BIG time WR playmaker away from an AFC championship appearance.

    Joe Reply

    I d say a number 1 receiver and a o line man or 2.. Dawkins and Ford have been average at best and Dawkins always doing stupid shot at the wrong time.. We are close and our GM is the goat . One more great off season and we ‘ll be really good. Morse pick up was huge..

    Andrew Colvin Reply

    I agree. That and a stud pass rusher

    Andrew Colvin Reply

    @Joe as usual run blocking and been solid. Pass pro not so much. Still much better than last year. Think we have a nice foundation on the line tho. Same with the d line. I’m hoping for a stud wr and an edge rusher over the summer. Can never go wrong tho adding to the o line. The o line and d line make or break games. And the qb too lol

    Derek Puleo Reply

    Duke Williams.

Pj Sebadoh Reply

At first, I was not sure about this kid, but now….I love him, humble, accepts what he needs to fix, seems like a winner. Period.

Johnnyukulele Reply

Run the ball to beat New England. That’s your best bet.

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