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Josh Allen | “One New York Team”

Bills Quarterback, Josh Allen spoke with the media after the Bills' 28-14 win over the NY Giants, topics include: starting off the 2019 season 2-0, red zone touchdown efficiency, and the overall growth of the Bills.

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Dave M Reply

what can i say; go Bills. another good win today guys

billsfan7883 Reply

He played well. Didn’t get help from his tackles & had some drops. He gets better every game though. Is he a contender or a pretender? I think we find that out in 2 weeks…

    Cn Sd Reply

    Are you also a steelers fan?

    billsfan7883 Reply

    Cn Sd No. I’m just ex army & really respect what Alejandro represents & the guts it took for him to do what he did.

    billsfan7883 Reply

    Cn Sd My first picture as a baby, is my old man holding me, wearing a Bills bib. You can say I was handed my fandom at birth. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (As probably majority of Bills fans…)

    ultimateguitarwizard Reply

    @billsfan7883 3rd generation fan from Rochester.

    Greg Malecki Reply

    He read the field and made good decisions and check downs today… and the throw aways made his completion percentage deceptive.

Good News Reply

Love this guy and this team!

Timothy Sherry Reply

Let’s go buffalo πŸ’― πŸ’ͺπŸ’― πŸ’ͺ MVP Allen πŸ’―βœŠ this is the year πŸ†

Randy Johnson Reply

Buffalo is the only NY team….

    ObiWanGinobiliTopFan Reply

    Damn str8!

    Richie Brooklyn Reply

    Facts and im from nyc ..according to my gps metlife is in another state all together lmaooo jersey giants jerswy jets

ultimateguitarwizard Reply

That’s my QUARTERBACK! πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜‰

    Louis DiCenso Reply


    JAY co Reply

    @Louis DiCenso facts !!

    Real Talk Reply


    ultimateguitarwizard Reply

    @Real Talk gets it.

Edwin Irizarry Reply

I love were we are headed,this organization is what we needed from top to bottom.i don’t have high expectations I just want to see progression and I can be content with it

    TheAdkFlyer10 Reply

    One and Oh, every week!

    pcburgh01 Reply

    I think we’re ahead of schedule.Β  The locker room is the best I’ve seen since the 90’s.

eircification Reply

I love this man and the Buffalo Bills!

creezbee s. Reply

Great win! Josh is bae

xebache777 Reply

I’m amazed at the poise and tack of our players. You just played a game where you get fairly well physically abused and then you have to stand in front of the media and answer really stupid friggin questions week after week.
To the Bills players—- Stay healthy, play your hearts out. When it isn’t fun or the ” pain ” is chronic – leave. The lowest paid of you makes 5 to 10 times what a decent yearly salary is if not more. Not many can realistically retire before 30 if they choose.
But while playing You’re patience is astounding – clubs website, fan-base website, every news outlet site, phenomenal number of people on You Tube opining on your every move.
Next their will be critics of your pre and post game clothing and how you like your steak afterwards. Thank God the Transgender population of players is low or I’d have to hear about your bedroom antics and who gives or receives the spankings. 90% redundant, ridiculous, recycled crap that has turned every aspect of the game into a representative short of a pagan superbowl halftime. So Glad I only have to here about Kap once or twice a week these days.
Therefor stay sane answering questions when you lose or when you win. I’ll hear the same exact pat response That I’ve heard for 50 yrs.
Go Bills – stay healthy – show no quarter – WIN – have a great time Sunday night or Monday celebrating.
Josh your a truly great quarterback and young-man. I know your Dads beaming.

    Karo French Reply

    You are a strange bird lol

    ll S N A R L ll Reply

    WoW πŸ˜ƒ

TheAdkFlyer10 Reply

The Ralph will be rockin’ next Sunday! We’re on to Cincinnati!
One NY team! #OneBuffalo Go Bills!!

Stuke Master Reply

I don’t follow college football, so when we drafted Josh I knew nothing. Watched a couple highlight videos and I was excited. I never doubted him from day 1. I’ve talked all over the internet about it. WE HAVE A QUARTERBACK FOLKS! Great game Josh! Go Bills!

Achilles 1776 Reply

Man the ralph is gonna be a friggin nuthouse Sunday. Be safe whoever goes and dont do something to dumb….I mean maybe a little dumb. Have fun be safe and make that stadium loud af

Charles Summers Reply

The Bill’s are gonna be great more and more!! I been dealing with Bill’s losing forever.. and I feel proud now sticking with my bills…

Leonel Lomas Reply

His athleticism is unreal for his size. At first I was like ehh why did we draft him. I have to eat my words on that one. This kid is the real deal and will have a tremendous career.

    Samuel Young Reply

    Leonel Lomas Couple of unbelievable throws on the run…missed brown deep, but he showed signs of brilliance

    Michael Hiers Reply

    Has the throwing mechanics of Dan Marino, his accuracy is much improved, runs like Steve young, just bigger.

    Real Talk Reply

    @Stephen McAllister You’re probably one of those faggots who thought Rosen was a better pick because he’s an SJW.

    kidwave1 Reply

    @Real Talk Why?! Just why?! …added NOTHING to the conversation.

    Michael Wheater Reply

    Real Talk what was the point of that?

P_R_E_S_T_O_N - Reply

4:55 thank me later

    TheClarkBark Reply

    P_R_E_S_T_O_N – Thank you

smudders86 Reply

Jets fan the only thumbs down

jerry millett Reply

LOVE IT JOSH!!! HaHa. We are only NY team! Stellar interview. That’s how a leader represents.

Christian Flohr Reply

JA17 is an absolute stud of the highest order

TheClarkBark Reply

You’d think the guy was raised in Buffalo

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