Josh Allen Highlights vs. Bengals | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Josh Allen Highlights vs. Bengals | NFL 2019

Josh Allen throws for 210 yards and a touchdown in Week 3 against the Bengals. The Cincinnati Bengals take on the Buffalo Bills during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season.

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TohsakaMine Reply

he evades sacks so well…

    Karo French Reply

    @TohsakaMine Your ignorant of football

    Andrew Reply

    @Karo French You’re* and what they said is exactly right.

    #ShadyWho Reply

    Tate Newman lmao no one was open 😀

    Tate Newman Reply

    @Mandalorian Legion no this was my profile pic from like 4 years ago im 11

    Andrew Reply

    @Tate Newman Big boy!!! 11 whole years!!!!

Charlie Williams Reply

It’s all fun and games till we play the patriots

    Andrew Reply

    @MRTUPAC 28 Sarcastic comment*

    Shane Pleasants Reply

    One Game at a time that’s how has to be played they can beat the Pats just going have to play their A game

    Only Facts Reply

    @Tate Newman lol patroits played, jets, miami, and the steelers combined record 0-9, so whats your point

Hockey2323 Reply

Dawson Knox is a monster

bruce lau Reply

Josh Allen man he has ICE in his veins OMG , but wait till they play New England

    Camron Smith Reply

    ye you bouta play a REAl team

Harold Hall Reply

Glad to see the Bills using Yeldon right. Yeldon is a BEAST on screen plays

    W D Reply

    Cost us 7 points today with his red zone fumble smh. Need our rookie back in tj is a liability

    YeahWhatOoh Reply

    Super versatile back

    cbass Reply

    Bruh he can’t hold onto the football, he’s a fumble machine a d cost us 7 points

Nick S Reply

I wish Knox would of caught that td pass was an amazing play

    jagsfanrick Reply

    You got yourself one of the next star TE’s. Dude is good.

    Warcodered01 Reply

    That one was Sweeney.

    Ramon Rivera Reply

    That was actually Tommy Sweeny #89

    zType Reply

    He said he wished knox would have caught it… didnt say he did…. And fax this kid is special man he always finishes the play with a hard hit.

    Erin Freize Reply

    The throw just over Jones would’ve been a nice TD, too.

Tucker Dunagan Reply

Allen is next up LETS GO BUFFALO

Jarvis Austin Reply

But on madden they got that man playing straight trash so disrespectful from madden

    Harlan HOG York Reply

    3 year boycott 💪

    Mark stay icy Reply

    Boycotted so long forgot the last one I had

    Mark Smith Reply

    proud of you boycotters

    PV Pike Mence Reply

    3-0 with no recievers or O-line? Lol let’s just upgrade him from 72 to 73.

Mitch Gilbert Reply

I wonder if critics criticized Cam Newton this much before he made a Super Bowl appearance??

    Mitch G Reply

    No, but Cam Newton didn’t go 3-0 playing a combined 0-8 record teams. Lol

Tos The Mos7 Reply

Can’t wait to read the orchard park police blotter tomorrow. Go Bills! 5-0 on the season, 3 wins already and we play Miami twice still hahahahahaha Bills Mafiaaaaaaaa

Collin Turnbaugh Reply

Josh Allen is better than Sam Darnold but for some reason everyone is sold on Darnold

    shawn randhawa Reply

    Because these draft “gurus” thought Allen would be a bust

    TheClarkBark Reply

    It’s because he’s plays for Buffalo, and those four super bowls are all anyone thinks of, even though those teams have absolutely no connection to the current teams.

    Shane Pleasants Reply

    TheClarkBark exactly Because those teams made the playoffs regularly

    Elan Arulraj Reply

    Put him in Chiefs with Andy Reid play calling and better protection he might win MVP

    ToasterGaming Reply

    @Elan Arulraj yeah for real this o line has him on the run every play

JINX Reply

3-0 that’s all it matters! Stay humble, one game at a time & keep the drive going. Billsmafia👉poncobilla☝

    zType Reply

    Aye. But you spelled poncho wrong lol

    JINX Reply

    @zType toma-toe….tomatoes….same thing lol

Aspis Gaming Reply

Is is it just me or is josh Allen just a really really really raw mahommes?

    Eric Lei Reply

    Aspis Gaming not only you

Thereal 1 Reply

If it wasn’t for a few drops and a bad mistake on the int dudes stats would’ve been awesome still played good tho 👍

Hard Work1994 Reply

Knox is a beast
Could be one of the steals and hidden gems of the draft

Christopher Clark Reply

Great game. If Buffalo beats New England, It’ll be huge.

Your Boy Mr Mac Reply

Allen is a beast, he’s un-tackle-able

YeahWhatOoh Reply

He aint a perfect qb nor an elite qb by any means but Josh Allen knows how to win football games and that’s all that matters

Jay Nguyen Reply

A confident QB, is a very dangerous QB.

The Way Reply

In all 3 games Allen has made CLUTCH plays at the end to lead the Bills to victory. That’s what good players do..

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