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Double T

This reminds me of the Wild Card game. When he did something similar on a throw to Knox

    Ajaxx prod.

    Yeah that was nice but this was better


    @Ajaxx prod. agreed

    The Matthedral

    That was supposed to be a throwaway though. Definitely more effort on this insane throw.

Noah Kilborn shorts

MVP 😊😊

    A Weird Human

    No way not with as many picks as he has

    Brendan The Railfan

    Not today he hasn’t throw a pick

    Yosh Peters

    @A Weird Human not this year I gave up for mvp he will be next year just injured right now


Nice Job Josh ☺️


Josh Allen is playing Madden 🎮

Ryu Ken

Dude was in the air 😳



Jay mice

It worked this time, but this is why they’re having to come from behind in so many games as good as they are.

Sheldon Wheaton

Hell of a throw!

Tim Chialastri

But if the defender pushed him out of bounds then he would have been flagged. These rules have changed the game to benefit the offense.

Johnny Rose

As a patriot fan I will say that patriot is one of the worst team this season….I apologize to who this might hurt 😢


    You always got the buccaneers 🤣

    christopher krause

    @Anthrax ohh damn

    Johnny Rose

    @Anthrax tom Brady put is to this mess..he’s tye cuss of our suffering

bruce lau

DAMN HELL OF a throw !!!


Love those AFL throwback uniforms. They need to return to Fenway Park (Pats’ home from 1963-1968) to make it seem like a time machine.


    Sir, this is a Josh Allen video


    @Vam I know that


    Yeah but not the logo


Reminded me of Montana just before he threw to Clark

jd 22

Pretty cluuutchh


Josh Allen a Super Saiyan Buffalo No Limit Soldier

    Anth3 Pratt

    Lol preach

Inces Popy😍💞

🆕🆕🆕…1-💞💫-Прекрасный бокс,как фехтование.Постоянно в движении,всё видит и опережает VK.SV/RISABEL соперника.Как на тренировке через усилие и к победному нокауту. Хладнокровно по змеиному и резко,как тигр,это всё мастерство отточенное годами и изнурительными тренировками.Хотелось бы посмотреть его бой с Усиком,но видимо не в этой жизни,другая весовая категория.Безусловно Дима был на две головы выше Баррейры и это факт — нокаут лишь Салют в честь и Славу Бивола Дмитрия.Слава и заслуженный пояс Чемпиона снова у Бивола.Ура!Ура!Ура!

J bricks Clappers

1st round playoff exit for the bills

    dion jackson

    1st round playoff exit for ya mamma

    Thereal 1

    My ball have a first round exit in your moms mouth

J bricks Clappers

Dolphins or chiefs winning super bowl

1 sub before 2021???

Josh Allen a 50/50 with these throws, against the packers he threw two picks that way

Chris Miller

Like the 3rd or 4th time he has done this same exact situation..every time it’s amazing 😳

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