Josh Allen Developing Timing with Stefon Diggs | Buffalo Bills – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Josh Allen Developing Timing with Stefon Diggs | Buffalo Bills

Bills Quarterback Josh Allen addressed the media after practice. Topics included: how he feels returning to the field after missing Sunday's practice, how confident he is in the organization's protocols when it comes to COVID-19, his process to develop timing with Wide Receiver Stefon Diggs, and how fans can affect the energy on game day.

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xPositivityx Reply

Lets talk about that throw to davis when he was on white?? This guy is so underrated. Josh will be a animal this year and tre will get better with great competition as well as helping the wide outs grow their game. Lets go josh!!!! #GO #BILLS

Anonymous Reply

Better not be any bs test during gameday.

Khenny G Reply

Diggs led the NFL in deep ball passes last year.. That is an excellent and essential element missing in Josh Allen’s game play.. If they can find a way to be successful throwing the ball down field. Diggs could b the keg to Allen’s tailgate, the blue cheese (or ranch 🙄) to Allen’s wings, the cringe to Joe’s, Biden

    Mobile Bills Reply

    Based on what I’ve seen and heard this training camp, doesn’t look like the deep ball is gonna be missing from Allen’s game this year. He looks to be hitting it consistently, with and without defenders covering his reciever

    Tom Gillotti Reply



Patrick Irwin Reply

DIGGS: hey I’m open wow another 70 yards touchdown pass 😲

Face of Bear Reply

I couldn’t bear another false positive.

Stosh 64 Reply

Love this kid! They couldn’t have picked a better person to represent the Bills and Buffalo.
I can’t wait to watch Josh silence the haters once and for all this year!

Zeus Mob Reply

Josh is young! But what i like about him the most is his character! The locker room and players all get along really well and i truly believe they are playing for the guy next to him! If everyone does there job then we are going deep into the playoffs, especially with the skill we have on both sides of the ball and special teams! I am 31 years old and this is the first time i have felt this confident in my team!!! #OneBuffalo #BillsMafia LET’S GO

Brandon - Reply

69th Like of the Buffalo Bills video YES! YES! YES!

Zeus Mob Reply

I don’t like that guy that’s asking about screen passes and what plays we are putting into our playbook! Who the hell was that? Obviously working for Bill Bellicheat

ray ray mccloud II Reply

man i just saw his pass to john brown in camp today and got a half chub very nice

    hail Kozakistan Reply

    Lol only a half? I got 1.75

Mark Mckinney Reply

The sky is the limit. GO BILLS!

Niall Connell Reply

Dang i cant wait to cheer my team on this year. I cant wait to prove the hater that Josh and the buffalo bills are a super bowl team

    Joseph Cercone Reply

    I cant agree more

Gary Stry Reply

That just opened a can of worms. Say we’re playing the Jets. The person who conducts the test is a Jets fan. He could deliberately say he was positive. Or maybe someone could pay him off. Crazy.

Troy Gabrielson Reply

Josh you made my time as a bills fan so happy I haven’t felt so good since Jim Kelly days I truly feel you will do the one thing he didn’t get the win don’t get me wrong I love him for the 4 years strait to the Super Bowl nothing but love for Jim Kelly and I truly hope only another Bill like you can take us 4 years with a win or 2 first 3 4 lol let’s get the first you are exactly the QB we been needing I’m so thankful for you……Bills ❤️

Tom Gillotti Reply

NFL needs to standardize the fan situation. If one team can’t have them, none should be able to have them.

dkeberhardt home page Reply

I suspect the Patriots organization has some influence at the testing center.

Anna - Let's Get Acquainted Reply

1:13 neat

Drey Zz Reply

Im a Ravens fan and i fear this team more than chiefs. Underrated squad

    Mathew DiStefano Reply

    The ravens are one of the handful of other teams that have a similar recipe for long term success. They draft/ develop really well and have a great coach/gm combo.

Mathew DiStefano Reply

You hear that? …It’s the rolling thunder of a stampede that’s going to trample over the now thrice busted red handed CHEATriots along with the rest of the AFC east! The dolphins are scrappy but still depleted. they’re the only team I have divisional respect for.

Ben Baker Reply

I under what that wink was for when asking about audibles

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