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Josh Allen 2-TD Day | NFL 2019 Highlights

Josh Allen runs and throws for a touchdown in the victory. The Buffalo Bills take on the New York Jets during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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BlueComet1991 Reply

Let’s Go Buffalo!

Yuigahama Yui Reply

I’m just happy Kelvin Benjamin is gone. Now Josh playing with some real NFL receivers

    Brandon Ohara Reply

    @jmaria you agreeing with that kid or you just mocking him?

    jmaria Reply

    @Brandon Ohara def mocking him

    Brandon Ohara Reply

    @jmaria haha ok good
    Go Bills!!😎

    jmaria Reply

    Brandon Ohara LETS GO!!! Let’s go for those giants! It’s like a home game 😂

    - #00 Reply

    He was god awful lmao

Alton Rodgers Reply

My boy 💪🏾💯

Hockey2323 Reply

Josh Allen has 4 game winning drives he’s only played 12 games..

    Hockey2323 Reply

    TheClarkBark Sam DarnoLd also only has 4 career wins

    Brandon Ohara Reply

    @TheClarkBark bro I was at that game and that made me so mad lol

    RuffBuff716 Reply

    Hockey2323 damn really ?

    Hockey2323 Reply

    RuffBuff716 yep he would have 5 if Charles Clay caught a pass in Miami too

    Nate Raymond Reply

    Hockey2323 you dumb as hell lol he has 6 career wins as a starter. 🤡

Legendary SJS Reply

Basically the rushing capabilities of Cam and a massive arm, could be scary if his accuracy improves this year.

    Brandon Ohara Reply

    @RuffBuff716 thats why I said “end up being better passer” 👍

    Brandon Ohara Reply

    @Legendary SJS a lot of players have been playing hurt in the NFL for an extended period of time. I’m not bashing Cam Newton I just think eventually Josh Allen will become a better passer than him.

    Legendary SJS Reply

    @Brandon Ohara I agree Cam after 2015 has been an awful passer

    Brandon Ohara Reply

    @Legendary SJS yeah I think its his shoulder or something. His release looks different for some reason. He’s a competitor for sure.

    Legendary SJS Reply

    @Brandon Ohara I am a panthers fan, he has bad QB mechanics, he is a super competitor though so that drives him through, however the shoulder is a worrying sign, look what happened to Luck both have/had bad O lines

Majin Miklo Reply

Ok Josh my bad this is the last time i start Baker over you

    τυrοsτツ Reply

    Now you know

Youngboy_uzi_Kodak Reply

I know he had some turnovers but Josh is a stud

    Buffalo Tings Reply

    the fumbles were on him but the interceptions really were just unlucky

    Mobile Bills Reply

    @Buffalo Tings the second fumble wasn’t even his fault either tho, bad snap

    Fox04232002 _ Reply

    @Buffalo Tings the 2nd fumble wasn’t on him, it was a bad snap, Allen didnt even have possession of it

PhillyD-JaxFan10 Reply

Josh allen is my 2nd favorite QB this man is special

    sajid1891 1 Reply

    Me too behind wentz lol

    RuffBuff716 Reply

    PhillyD-JaxFan10 everyone says he’s like wentz but he’s just a bit bigger and faster

Bryan Le Reply

John Brown NFL 2019 Week 1 Highlights

Ramba Ral Reply

Just clean up the fumbles and we good

    fromolwyoming Reply

    Second fumble wasn’t even his. Morse lost it before Allen could get his hands on it.

polyrhythmic1 Reply

1:28 all the Bills fans in the house are like… “YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!”

Gavinator 15 Reply

Allen played a pretty good game besides the one fumble an had some bad luck with those interceptions but he stayed poised and was clutch when it mattered he’s definitely progressing as a passer

Josh Allen Reply

Lol. Really guys

    Brick Tamland Reply

    Hey beautiful.

Chino Reply

Don’t matter if you win by an inch or mile, a win is a win. #GoBills

Matt Campbell Reply


    FACE OF BEAR Reply


James Snee Reply

So far the national media talk has been Whats wrong with the Jets, not How good are the Bills?
Because, you know, the Bills aren’t supposed to be very good so…

Joseph F Reply

Hope everyone who has been sleeping on this guy is well rested

    Brandon Ohara Reply

    Haha good one!
    Go Bills!!!

TheClarkBark Reply

Josh stop diving head first please

    Ben Broome Reply

    U thought yesterday i was gonna watch him die

fromolwyoming Reply

All of us Wyoming fans are still rooting for you Josh! Keep at it!

Eric Reply

Bills didn’t get Antonio Brown but hey John Brown not bad either

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