Josey Jewell: Disguises will put Broncos defense in better situations this year – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Harold Richard Reply

He kind of reminds me of John Lynch, Derek Wolfe, Adam Gotsis, possibly even a little Luke Kuechley

    Tracy Snow Reply

    @Matt Steed I could touch that comment in so many ways but I will settle for WTF???

    Matt Steed Reply

    Tracy Snow it’s called a joke. He’s white so he automatically reminds me of Ed

    Tracy Snow Reply

    @Matt Steed LMFAO! Got it. I can get upiddy if folks start talking smack about my #87

    Tracy Snow Reply

    @Matt Steed It was CRAZY cuz I was watching the worst Superbowl loss in history the other day and I actually saw Ed McCaffrey walking off the field. #87 (as a ’49) at the end. Check it out if you can endure the pain. Ed shows up at the end. As for Rod. Hall of Fame or Bust. Even the thought of watching him just makes me go ….AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Darion Spencer Reply


Jeff Garcia Reply

Can’t wait to see him play

    Marquise Walston Reply

    Jeff Garcia he’s not a rookie ¿ unless your talking about seeing his improvement, if so then so am I.

daniel guth Reply

what, is everyone named Josey a badass?

Cliff Hanger Reply

He sounds clever and on top of his game. I hope that translates to success on the field.

David Lee Reply

Can’t wait to see him in this defense very smart player baby luke kuechley??

Nick Thompson Reply

Can the NFL not afford to mic the people asking questions? Really makes it difficult when you only hear half of a conversation.

Jo Jo Reply

He is too slow…. have Lindsays trainer help him with speed… then he good to go.

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