Jordan Whitehead: Have To Bounce Back | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jordan Whitehead: Have To Bounce Back | Press Conference

Safety Jordan Whitehead spoke to the media on Monday night following the team's Week 11 matchup vs. the Los Angeles Rams.

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Anthony Davis Reply

Defensive coach sucks.

    FBNR Rich Reply


    Unreal Highlights Reply

    Ur trippin

    Hollow Mane Reply

    More like offensive 🤨

    Grey Silver Reply

    Defense came through when they needed to. The issue this game was the offense, more specifically Brady…. throwing like 8 deeps and not having a single one connect

Unreal Highlights Reply

Defense held it down for us in the second half and gave us chances to come back big ups to them fr

    aahZeiK Reply

    Yep they picked Goff off twice should have put up 6’s with that great field position

Khechaun Ward Reply

see what i mean by actions speak louder than words. we lost now. 7-5 here we come

Jonathan Tona Reply

This poor defense next week

Michael Ant Reply

Great season, we’ll get ‘em next year

Golden Eagle Reply

Sucks that we lost but season is not over yet I am nervous about KC though but hopefully they will be ready

huey Reply

Good job defensive. Tom should be bench or retire.

Devin Henderson Reply

Mahomes breaking records next week

David Smith Reply

Gotta play the whole game, not half

    TutorialsGamingz Reply

    Defensive coach sucks.

    David Smith Reply

    @TutorialsGamingz Harsh ! Too slow to change it – first half wasn’t working, changes it and it was much better. Why not change it earlier ?

Aiden Reply

Get rid of bunting plsss

TutorialsGamingz Reply

Great season, we’ll get ‘em next year

Ivan Denike Reply

Brady missing Josh McDaniels.

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