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Jordan Howard Puts in the Work w/ 3 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights

Jordan Howard came up big for the Eagles with 87 rushing yards, 2 rushing TDs, and 1 TD catch on the night. The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Green Bay Packers during Week 4 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Loyal Philly fan Reply

This is all they had to do was feed him and this offense ended up putting 34 on one of the best defenses in the league 🦅

    Loyal Philly fan Reply

    King John that’s why Doug ran the ball. That’s great game planning

    Mase Stanley Reply

    @Loyal Philly fan Bro hes not hating green bay defense is overrated as yall proved

    TV해피 Reply

    David Blass Reply

    Mase Stanley well even if they are overrated, the eagles offense is still gonna be put to the test later in the season when they play some other teams with great defensive lines. They’re playing the Vikings, the Bears, and the Pats in the regular season.

thelegendsqb1 Reply

He was gashing that “improved” Packers defense

Show Out Reply

People forget when Zeke led the league his rookie year Jordan Howard was 2nd as a rookie too

    futball24 Reply

    Steven c hence the position of running back numb nuts

    Casual Hernandez Reply

    Browns Fan Since 2017 but wasn’t able to do it last year with a better o🤔🤔🤣🤣

    The Seahawks didn't run the ball Reply

    @Casual Hernandez He had a decent year last year 900+ yards and 9 TDs, just had to split more time with Cohen.

    RagingBullRants Reply

    @Show Out And Howard missed week 1, and didn’t start weeks 2 and 3 that year.

Danang Dwiatma Reply

Bears fans should thank him

    Mikey Carrero Reply

    @Patches O’Houlihan screw off dude. Howard wasn’t being used properly in chicago. I just want him to be somewhere he can grow and succeed.

    Leveling UP Reply

    Bears didnt want to build around Howard. He’s the type of back that needs plenty of carries. Cause as the game goes on, you dont want to tackle howard lol. Ask the Ravens. Now ask the Packers. Howard is a dog, i want the best for him. He flourishes in zone runs!

    Tommy Reply

    @Mikey Carrero I don’t think they are using Cohen properly right now either to be honest

    Patches O'Houlihan Reply

    @Mikey Carrero He averaged 3.9 yards a carry. They gave him plenty of opportunities and he came up short. He’s a straight forward RB that needed a great o line like the Eagles. Montgomery is more versatile and Nagy is being dumb by not letting him run 20 times a game.

    Night Terrorz Reply

    @Patches O’Houlihan you sound dumb he literally is 3rd in rushing yards since entering the league behind Zeke and gurly he’s had 1000 yards each season expect last year when he was barely used but still managed to almost 1000 and btw bro he never had over 300 carries in a season so you saying he needs the ball alot is false bc he had less rushing attempts than Zeke, gurly, barkley

J Knitter Reply

I’m just low key mad he didn’t hit 100 yards😂😂😂😂😂
But he gave us the spark we needed in philly.

Roman Rouge Reply

Should’ve been getting more touches to begin with

Loyal Philly fan Reply

Jordan Howard is underrated. 3rd most rushing yards in the league since 2016 only behind gurley and Elliot.

    Jackson Marriner Reply

    Jfal23 no, he literally was 3rd. it’s a stat, not an opinion

    PhillyFinesse Reply

    @Jfal23 damn stop hating in these comments

    Chris Nguyen Reply

    @Jackson Marriner Who care about stats. Your mom is a stats as well, a funeral stats.

    Night Terrorz Reply

    @Jfal23 No he literally is 3rd with rushing stats he’s had 1000+ yards each year expect last year when he wasn’t used at all and still was about to hit 1000 yards

Beardown 365 Reply

So stupid that we traded him. I’m still pissed… but anyway Gg Eagles!!!

    Vercingetorix king of the Arverni Reply

    Not mad in the slightest. Loved Howard, I’m happy for him tonight. Kinda glad we don’t have to pay him.

    Stroked to see more from Montgomery. Kid looks like he’s gonna be a star in short order.

    Beardown 365 Reply

    @Vercingetorix king of the Arverni Montgomery looks promising, but he’s gotta play! I’m not liking Nagy’s game plan so far. I know it’s still early but we’ve got probably the toughest division in the NFL and we cannot afford to put ourselves in a hole due to coaching mistakes. Luckily our defense is playing at an all time great level so far. Pace has done an incredible job. Couple questionable moves😂…but overall he’s done his thing.

    Beardown 365 Reply

    @Patches O’Houlihan no disagreement there. I’m just stingy😂 I don’t like trading talent but that’s just me. I feel we should’ve gotten more for him..

    TV해피 Reply

TheBaronVSP Reply

The “dominant” Packers D had only 2 three-and-outs in the game. My dead grandmother could average 5 yds per carry through those gaps.

Zech Merquise Reply

People forgot. Howard spent his whole career running against the Packers…as a Bear

    John Boy Reply

    Zech Merquise maybe the Eagles have Zero System in those helmets and now he’s gone full beast mode! 😉

Anthony Mendez Reply

He was lighting up the Packers defense tonight. Jordan Howard is still truly a Chicago Bear at heart. 🐻

Mega Reply

If he was just a bit faster he’d be a total beast.

prince Vegeta Reply

Gonna give him more touches and shoutout to the oline did great

pcebruhh Reply

To all those that said Packers would win, hold this L

    Chris Nguyen Reply

    Ref robbed the Packers of the win. Replay challenge is a joke. Peterson and the Eagles payed the ref. I’m a Rams fan by the way.

    DP_ RAWBEAST Reply

    @Chris Nguyen what call so you mean ?

    pcebruhh Reply

    Chris Nguyen Idk what game you were watching the refs were clearly favoring the Packers all game

Matthew Shortle Reply

Who had Howard on their bench in fantasy?

    ItsHashtag Reply

    Me, but im just happy i picked him up on waivers before this big game

I Can't State an opinion on the Internet Reply

As a Bears Fan I am happy for Howard

Loyal Philly fan Reply

Hopefully this game will convince pederson to give him the boat load of carries

    The Seahawks didn't run the ball Reply

    Facts, I like Miles, but he shouldn’t be getting more touches than Howard.

rich10054 Reply

I told all my fellow Eagles fans Lord Bronson, Philly 500, and Adrian that Howard is the number one back since week 1 and the people commenting all laughed at me. Drafted him on Yahoo fantasy….the app called me stupid now I’m looking at everyone like 🤨🤨🤨

philly_ sports Reply

Jordan just proved to everyone that he deserves more touches. Dude’s an absolute workhorse.

Nuckin Futs Reply

these commentators are just getting worse and worse “sanders has some room” do your job and know what player is in on the play smh

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