Jordan Hicks takes us through an emotional home opener vs the Lions | Arizona Cardinals Wired – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
That dude Joe

Love that fire in him. Don’t lose it hicks y’all got this. Keep swarming rise up red sea!

Brad P

You gotta love it! Good luck in Baltimore Cardinals!! Love yall!

Larry Legend is a GOAT

Hicks is our best defensive addition this off-season. Been saying it since we signed him

Arizona Animal

D-Wash 2.0,dude is a BEAST.


    Man I miss Darrell Washington he was insane talented I agree the intensity of hicks reminds me of him…fitting number

    Kody Nez

    Washington and Hicks, best Duo right there.

Murr Plays

Hicks is a beast, I love seeing the trash talk too! Makes for a more interesting, passionate game

Tyvan Hardy

Such a good video but the end just throws you off. Made me laugh tbh😂

george corona

That’s a leader right there!

Murray Fitzmas

We have needed a guy like him I love it

Murray Fitzmas

Tied for most tackles in week 1 btw


Defense tackled better already

Majin Miklo

i already want Keim fired but if Hicks gets hurt again he’s definitely fucking out lmao

matt faraj

This video would make you think They played well

Isaac Hatcher

Absolutely love this dude


Please stay healthy, he’ll be the star of the defense

Carlos Jimenez

That’s the leader we need in the LB core

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