Jon Kitna Talks About The Dallas Cowboys Backup Quarterbacks | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9 Reply

in befor andy dalton replace Slop boyz

    Silver Ancient Reply


Luther Leach Reply

I love his interviews.

    calebwheelZ Reply

    Luther Leach me too idk why lol

George Hillary Reply

IMO, Cowboys knew all along what they were getting in Dak. They still have Gil Brandt on board from way back in the Tom Landry era. Girl Brandt has had the best eye for talent than anybody in the league for decades now. That’s why he’s in the HOF.

West World Reply

Why aren’t they asking how Dak is being coached to handle the blitz and blown protection?

Pollard & Collins messed up was not prepared for the rushers and was lucky not to have fumbled the ball or give 2 pts.

For all passing plays Dak should have been coached to handle blown protection.

    Jesse Sherman Reply

    West World is that not improvement?! He didn’t fumble

    West World Reply

    @Jesse Sherman He was lucky not to fumble…. and was unprepared for the blown protection by Collins & Pollard.

    Dak needs to be coached to anticipate and “mechanically” handle aggressive pass rush, especially with the new pass-focused offense( eg just dump the ball near Pollard if he sees the play has been blown).

    donald deluxe Reply

    I think we should put back la’el at guard and connor W at right tackle and have connor M backup for la’el. la’el is a guard, not a damn tackle.

NEMoretime Reply

Jon the cowboys could used an expsrienced backup for dak like you were for tony. If dak can’t stay healthy the cowboys defense better be the best in team history.

B Davis Reply

Both back ups suck

Keith Dease Reply

Watch back up QB are they talking about all of Dallas QB’s are backups lol

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