Jon Kitna: Dak is a Great Player | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jon Kitna: Dak is a Great Player | Dallas Cowboys 2019

QB coach Jon Kitna talks about Dak Prescott's growth as a player and how training camp is meant to be a place to experiment.

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dat dood person

1st comment!!

    Lava LifeGuard

    Nobody cares except you

ted belcher

good QB, he bailed you out a few times, maybe dalton will after dax



    Ryan S



Kitna used to be an algebra teacher LOL. thats wassup man would never have guessed.

Jeff Perteet


Henry Hill

Because Dak is average qb. Nothing more nothing less.

    Brodie Jordan

    Go watch a better QB then


the funny thing is that interceptions have never really been a problem for Dak. That was Tony Romo lol! The question for Dak was his accuracy on the deep ball. People can’t get their criticism right lol!

James Austin

Kudous to you Jon Kitna! The Dallas media is the absolute worst , they have no clue about football and are using these practices to promote their personal agendas to discredit Dak Prescott. I have lived in multiple cities during my lifetime and what I see here is just ludicrous. David Helman, Amber Garcia, Babe Laufenberg, Calvin Watkins , Brian Broaddus, and their fan base need to listen to Jon Kitna because they are making a mockery out of these Cowboys practice sessions. Talking crap about Cooper Rush, & Mike White etc, calling them check down Charlie’s. This toxic media needs to be gone. I literally went from 3 different pages on twitter all saying something different from the Dallas media. One page said he had the best practice of camp so far, another page showed him throwing 50 yard bombs to Randall Cobb. & then another page said he was having his worse day ever as a pro. Dallas media is a bad as ESPN at this point.


    I mean the practices haven’t been perfect too. I do trust the staff for the cowboys on there input since they watching it live.

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