Jon Gruden Talks with AB, and Antonio Brown Shares His New Mantra | Hard Knocks with the Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Ryan Jabro Reply

So is AB wearing the beanie to the games or…

    Isaac LaRock Reply

    @Matthew Shortle Lol AB=Antonio Beanie

    Isaac LaRock Reply

    @Matthew Shortle 😂😂

    Jrock420blam Reply

    Is everyone else wearing baseball caps or…


    Ryan Jabro its a cold world bruu…..

Chewing Gum Channel Reply

Make this blue if AB is A Baby


    dark mexican ceasar Reply

    Chewing Gum Channel I wish if I could like this a lot

hazardous material Reply


vIQtory Sports Reply

Say what you want about Gruden as a football coach, can’t say he doesn’t care about his players

    HeplMeh Reply

    Lol he’s a pushover that only cares about the investment value.

Manny Reply

They treat him like he’s been with that team ever since he was drafted

    liquidmetal12 Reply

    @Kevin Knox You’re welcome

    Cromartie The MC Reply

    Yeah and he gets more respect from this team than the Steelers ever gave him. They treat him like a valuable asset and not 1 of “52 kids” under Ben Roethlisberger. 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Kevin Knox Reply

    @Cromartie The MC yessir

    Manny Reply

    @Cromartie The MC faxx

    Ron Lee Reply


Hunter Reply

AB = Biggest head case in the league

mike d Reply

This dude has some head problems for real

Zach G Reply

I am of the belief that Gruden is being genuine. He loves AB as a player because he works very hard. Nobody can disagree about that. When Gruden gets pissed, its because guys like Keshawn Johnson are half-heartedly doing everything. I know when a coach genuinely likes one of his players, and this is it.

    aram325302 Reply

    Gruden knows who can push and who needs to be coddle

    Tyler Sauls Reply

    I’m actually with you on this. The media is trying to pit them against each other. But you can tell Gruden genuinely loves AB as player anf it seems as a man as well. Gruden loves guys who are willing to work as hard as he does.

    Ron Lee Reply

    Gruden wants to win, period

    Zach G Reply

    @Ron Lee I think that’s what we are all saying. The media targets Gruden way too much.

    J. DIZZLE Reply

    Zach G well maybe Gruden does, but I just think Gruden knows how to communicate with people. Coach just knows how to tap into people and talk to them. I feel if AB can’t get along with Carr and Gruden then his career is doomed. AB gotta begin acting like a pro.

Majin_Goon Reply

CTE already in effect

    Kwesi Sackey Reply

    This is hilarious. CTE already in effect 😁

    Josh LaGuardia Reply


    Kwesi Sackey Reply

    @Josh LaGuardia essentially he’s being sarcastic and saying the CTE has made him go crazy because of his antics the past couple of weeks

    Town Bidnezz Reply

    *Saltiness in effect*

Dakota Fuqua Reply

So I guess AB’s new helmet is a beanie since he cant wear his old helmet

Hans Ostrom Reply

He’s an excellent receiver. Excellent receivers = good thing.

Nick Ciaccio Reply

This makes me so excited for Bleacher Report’s newest season of Gridiron Heights, ready for all the bits to Brown

Jim Cowhand Reply

“There’s no TEAM in I.” – AB 3:16

TheWilder30 Reply

He’s a weird dude…

TohsakaMine Reply

Im just here for glimpses of Peterman

Mike Hunt Reply

You can always tell when someones head has gone as soon as they start talking in 3rd person.


Damn comment section is filled with skip bayless and colin cowherd cocksuckers my god man😂😂

    Joshua scott Reply

    Ikr too much hates I love how we get hate cause if people keep hating us they making us a good team LOL go raiders


    Joshua scott its not even hate bro….
    Ab its trolling the whole nfl and the steelers……
    Soon we will see who has the karma

Canis Lupus Reply

“Why don’t you go to the cryochamber,
Lol…..Gruden is gold

brandon ranger Reply

you are global corporation! – then ab keeps eye contact and is willing to “receive” what Jon is communicating. Master coaching fellas!

A B Reply

AB and Gruden will light up the NFL this year 🔥🔥🔥

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