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First comment. It doesn’t matter 🙁

Aaron Jimenez


Aaron Jimenez


David Leaños

And I oop

Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos

The last number is the player you are

0. – Tom Brady
1. – Payton Manning
2. – Ezekiel Elliott
3. – Odell Beckham Jr.
4. – Von Miller
5. J.J Watt
6. Arron Donald
7. Derek Watt
8. Antonio Brown
9. Patrick Peterson

    Mason 11

    you put Derek Watt the fullback lmao


    Tom brady rip

    Reign Kolanjian

    Odell Beckham 🔥🔥, why Cleveland WHY

Hector Rodriguez

Congrats former KC Players johnny Robinson and Tony Gonzalez #KCHOF #HOF

Marc Amico

Tom Brady will be Johnny Robinson’s age when he’s inducted into the HOF. Lol.


    Him and Nathan Peterman

    Marc Amico

    @Fuz And Brian Scalabrine. Lol.


Always cool watching the HoF and learning about the old players that helped shaped the NFL we all love today.

Mason 11

Class of 2020 – Modern Era Players

Troy Polamalu
Steve Atwater
John Lynch
Steve Hutchinson
Alan Faneca


    Isaac bruce Patrick Willis. Edgerrin james will be in the mix too

    Mason 11

    For sure but I don’t think they will get it just yet because they haven’t waited as long


    They are talking about inducting 20 total for the 2020 class, because of the 100th Anniversary. Not sure if it will be more than 5 modern players, but maybe some like Otis Taylor, Jim Marshall, Cliff Branch, Don Coryell, etc will get in.

    Mason 11

    Stacie45 I read it’s 5 modern, 10 seniors, 2 coaches, and 3 contributors

cristian trevizo

91 to like.

cristian trevizo

760 viewer me.

90s Sports Nostalgia

That’s 9 Chiefs from Hank Stram’s Super Bowl winning team in the HOF.

Vitória Poletti

The old year. And I want liked most your channel new baby and my new friend forever.

sour airhead

More deserving than roger wherli for sure

Neal Champagne

Two LSU TIGERS IN HOF today .. that’s right!!!

Bob Laughlin

My all-time defensive backfield, all from the mid-60s to the mid-70s. CB: Emmitt Thomas, Chiefs. CB: Lem Barney, Lions. SS: George Atkinson, Raiders. FS: Larry Wilson, Cardinals. The player I most hated leaving out was Johnny Robinson. He was as good as it gets. Like having a coach on the field at FS. Played RB at LSU with Billy Cannon. Some backfield.

Todd P

Congratulations, Mr. Robinson. Well deserved!

Manky Man

Always cool to see the old guys get what they deserve

alonzo green

Monroe La Holla at me!!

Tom Duckworth

Long overdue

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