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U done messed up A-Aron

I hope he keeps this up and it’s weird seeing him #11


    11 looks fire on him. 15 is weak. 11 is fire. Every wide reciever that wears 11 became good. Terrelle Pryor.julio. djax

    BB Clover 2010

    Stephano terrelle Pryor? and d jax wore 10 in his prime

    Wade Wayne

    Stephano Fitzgerald…. 🤦‍♂️

    Maurice Pugh

    He changed his number because he wanted a fresh start … Alot was on his shoulders when he ran that 4.2 and was labeled the fastest in the NFL and Ross had let that get to his head and he wasn’t as confident in his game when Sundays rolled around also Marvin Lewis wasn’t kind to him as a rookie thanks to the addition of Zac Taylor Ross should be a boss this season and should be able to use his full attributes to turn his career around

    Xknown Pilot

    Zylerr no he didn’t it was 1#

Parkour Addict

4th or 7th or 32nd or something


Saved his career today lol


    I mean he never got a chance to even play until now.

Angelo Rassias

Had him on my bench

    Angelo Rassias

    manuellares11 that’s not a bad replacement though😂

    KM 5173

    Angelo Rassias I had TY on my bench…


    I benched Dak for Baker…


    lmao I had him, Prescott and McLaughlin

    Reynolds Twumasi

    I started him

Giovanni Carbajal

Took him a season to adjust to the nfl.

    T3rminata T

    @Blood Born If you take a player in the 1st round besides a quarterback the expectation is he plays early and often.

    Blood Born

    T3rminata T annndd? Lol , read my comment again..

    T3rminata T

    @Blood Born If he plays early and often why wouldn’t people expect them to play well.

    Blood Born

    T3rminata T bruh 🤦‍♂️, this conversation your having with me is completely redundant. My first comment is self explanatory at this point . Keep reading it over till your eyes bleed I guess.


    He was hurt all of his rookie season/didnt get to play and also couldn’t participate in ota’s because of some weird rule. So this is really his 2nd year

M Bailey

its about dang time


I’m a Washington Huskies fan so I hope he has a great season and stays healthy

    U done messed up A-Aron

    Xx_MemeLord_xX same

    Maybe Later

    Xx_MemeLord_xX hmmmm yes the floor is made out of floor

Swish Dipper

About time he started balling. Bengals got some weapons on offense. Can’t wait till green comes back

JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy

Hope he can take the league by storm he has a lot of potential


    JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy sticky would be very disappointed by you

    JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy

    さあYprqま sticky is a grande payasa

mathew Osborne

I’ve been saying forever, get a new head coach and John Ross will be great. Lewis has no idea what he was doing.

    Christopher C

    *Had* no idea, that was then, this is now

    Christopher C

    @AznIntegra521 Definitely after the playoff game debacle, January 9, 2016

    mathew Osborne

    Nah he still has no idea what he’s doing lol

    Don Mega

    Ross been hurt Alot not his fault

    Jacob Hansby

    So do I add John Ross or John Brown?

Bowser With tits

I think ima have to pick up John ross


    @TheSnowshow33 nah aj green will be here soon

    Sidney Boakye

    @daDhruvsandstorm Not really, he’ll be here probably soonest week 4 and I heard a rumor about him not being 100% till next season.

    Braxton Shields

    He’s suppose to be back week 3

    Dustin Smith

    I did

Michael Bonz

I’m a die hard Bengals fan and I thought we would go 3-13! We lost but I love what I saw and that was without Aj !!! I have a little more hope. Lol

Retard 69

Aj green Tyler Boyd John Ross Tyler eifert and Joe mixon is nasty af

    Camryn Morris

    Justin Dixon andy dalton is on and off, he looked good today

    Keaden Wheeler

    Tyler eifert is aways hurt


    Keaden Wheeler nasty tackles always made on him…some guy fell on his ankle in a way and broke it 🤦🏽‍♂️


    For a football team, or IR-all stars?

    Sal Shakeri

    Andy Dalton is such a Poor mans matt ryan, such a tough scenario for the Bengals front office .. The sooner they move on the sooner they ll win. If u noticed Andy is by far the worst out of pocket / throw on the run QB in the NFL. And wth does he roll to his left almost every time! He sucks on the run anyway but roling to his weakside is such a bad habit.


Bengals should have won this game. It’s always the mental lapses that beat this team.


Finally using that 4.2 speed . He’s a walking first down if not double covered

Larkin Hancock

As a Bengal fan this game even woth a loss really got me excited

Evander Holyfield

I was waiting for that !! 2 YEARS !!! ITS ABOUT TIME JR!!!

Malik Jones

Ppl kept talkin’ about JR being a Draft Bust… He heard enough so he snapped! 😂😂😂

Empty soul

Brown, Ross, and Jackson – the speedsters showed up

treyydayoungan 11

Jus picked him up in fantasy off waivers cuz Hollywood was already picked y’all think he gon be cold??

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