John Lynch on Hall of Fame chances: ‘When it’s the right time, it’s gonna happen’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jorge Emilio Franco


Future Echo

I’m not rooting for SF I’m thinking KC are gonna get it done and y’know what, it’ll be great to beat the reigning champs twice next season.
Either way we’re looking at a developing rivalry with the young guns and it’s going to be exciting to watch.
Go Broncos!

    Buddy Essen

    I like both the chiefs and broncos. Ive always liked the broncos and I started liking the chiefs when the rams left


Go niners! As a Broncos fan there’s no way I can root for KC


    Matthew Long I live in Wisconsin…. been a fan since 77…. Denver’s first SB win was a great great day for me 😉

    Matthew Long

    @Ddbronco who’s ur fav bronco all time???


    Matthew Long if I had to pick one I’d pick Elway…. he was just so darn fun to watch

    Matthew Long

    @Ddbronco elways second for me champ Bailey first he was a true shut down corner for years


    Matthew Long love Champ…. I have his jersey to 😉

Alfred Woolley

Lynch deserves the Hall, but I think Atwater needs to be there first.

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