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Wonks One


Wonks One

What’s good Raven Nation

    E.T. From 51

    Wonks One you beat me to it 😩

    Lion Thomas


E.T. From 51

Lamar a legend

    xXguild3d anomalyXx

    E.T. From 51 naaaaaahhh man hes ganna be a legend…… I cant believe how many ppl who call themselves ravens fans hate on joe flacco. He deserved more credit. Flacco is a descent qb. Hes no tom brady or aaron rodgers but hes better than ppl give him credit for. He had some clutch games for us. Look at what he did in that super bowl against the 49rs. The only reason hes not doing good in denver right now is cuz he has no recievers and denver sucks

troy combs

Please please please put a microphone in the crowd . These videos are impossible to watch I can never hear the reporters questions.


    Use your ears pinhead 🐸

    Jyri Pasivirta

    100% feeling the same way, a mic for the reporters.


    @Slash687 What a useless reply

    Vino Luca Brasi

    I was comin to say this yes never hear the questions


    @SuggsBuggs Frig off

king shark

Let’s get it ravens….. awwwwwrrrk!!!

Brandon Teal


David Goldman

Please add subtitles or do something that makes it a bit easier to hear what the reporters are asking

    jake nail

    I’m using headphones and can hear them fine. Maybe that will help.

    gulag time

    I don’t know if you tried it but turning up the volume definetely helped me hear them better.


Best coach in the league! Thanks for everuthing youve done

    Saiyan Strife

    Ehh, I’d put that one fella in NE, Tomlin, Reid, Payton above him.


    Nice opinions i didnt ask. Best coach in the league. Personality. Skill. Superbowl. Only special teams head coach.

    Saiyan Strife

    @DubbieJordin if you post something on a public forum, expect replies, moron.

    To think he is the best coach in the league, is ridiculous. No one in that profession would say something so stupid.

    Peso Edison

    @Saiyan Strife tomlin?? The guy who tried to trip up Jacoby jones?? Nahhh… payton? The guy who had bounties on other players? Nahhh.. reid? The guy who never won a superbowl??? Hell nahhh.. you crazy dude and sayin anybody those guys got good reps but not better than harbs.. i can see if you said pete carrol he turned Seattle all the way around and drafted some great players like richard sherman and russel wilson.. and traded for lynch where he really broke out.. won a superbowl and is a constant contender.. but those other guys?? Nahhh hell nah.. harbs is top 3 regardless

    Saiyan Strife

    @Peso Edison Reid has a SB ring, not as a HC, and is one the winningest coaches in history. Payton brought NO their first SB, and has had some of the best seasons by a HC/QB duo. Tomlin has never had a losing season. Harb, is not top three. And I’d bet all my acres, that 99% of the league would agree.

Manuel Lee

I think we gone smash KC
30 to 3 Ravens

    Ghost Big Q

    Dumbass comment

    Saiyan Strife

    This guy just wants attention. Here is my comment, just for that need you have.

    ManBearPig YT

    @Last Name First Name you’re not very bright. KC will not blow the ravens out you idiot.

Orlando Andreas Jr.

Ravens 28 chiefs 14 Tha Caw Aww Aw we got this

    zane brown

    Orlando Andreas Jr. Chilllllll it’s going to be a 60 point game total Ravens aren’t holding the cheif to under 20

    Saiyan Strife

    No team has held Mahomes/Chiefs under 26 points in his 21 starts. What the hell are you on?

    Keaden Wheeler

    U smoking let me get sum🤣

Ravens Review

I did a preview for this game where I said the Ravens lose by 3-7 points. That’s still where my brain sits (mainly because it’s their home opener), but my heart says a Ravens win is definitely possible.


    Ravens Review yuck, Ravens win this game by 2 touchdowns…smh


Please trade for Jalen Ramsay

    Brian Noland

    Not for two first rounders.

The Puppet Masters

I don’t know how much of a pain it would be but I really wish you guys would put captions for the people asking the questions on all these pressers. You can’t hear any of the questions unless you turn it up to the point where it busts your speakers when Harbs speaks!

Ariyamis The god

This game will be the AFC Championship.

Cartman Power

The coach of they year. Kyle Shanahan certainly wouldn’t win it, John Harbaugh wins it.

Schimercles Blob

I once got a postcard signed by John Harbaugh

    Bicklebop 499

    I got a picture.

    Schimercles Blob

    Bicklebop 499 lucky!


Big John! Love you guys man. To God be all the glory honor and praise. I’ll keep making music for the team. Its gonna be awhile before I get the next theme song out and published but I promise you’ll love it.

xXguild3d anomalyXx

Mr.snaky wants to play


Improve the audio or get rid of that his segment.

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