John Harbaugh Talks About Ravens’ Heart in Big Win | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jot Jolt

Mic up Marlon !


We taking the North !

    Deborah Kerns

    Not playing like that they won’t. 3 turnovers, hardly any defense until the very end. Not protecting the quarterback.
    Ravens barely pulled that one out…🤨🏈

    G C

    @Deborah Kerns we started strong then we lost momentum.

    Deborah Kerns

    @G C ~ Well whatever the problem is, they need to fix it fast. After the Bengals next week, we have Seattle, and New England after that. It’s not going to get any easier…


    Lamar must have 3 receiving options before snaps.. Consistently second thinking after snaps causes plays and games.

Samuel Manca


king shark

Thanks for the win, …. we were obviously up against it all from refs, to league. John you did ok today, but get your oc and qb coach in the woodshed and go to town on they azz.

They gone get you fired john. Do something.

Javon b

A win is a win. We over came a lot in this game officiating and injuries


    “We over came a lot in this game” – especially the lack of efficience and unimaginative, weak, predictable play calling, an O-line that couldn’t stop a fly, a D that was supposed to be an elite unit but, right now, looks like a plain bad one, the complete lack of pass rush… all on our side. That win shoud give us no confidence. This was a piss poor performance, refereeing nothwithstanding. A good team would have obliterated this steelers team, especially after Rudolph’s unfortunate departure. The Baltimore Ravens… well, our heroes almost managed to find a way to lose to… frankly, do you even remember the name of their QB?

Frosted Ice Pharoah

I believe that we will get better, but it hasn’t looked good thus far for the Ravens.

kendall white

Anytime the Ravens beat the Steelers is a Great win. And a Win is even that more sweet. The problem is the Steelers not the Ravens.

    Seth's Smorgasbord of Sports

    Road win vs the Steelers – thought it was a great game!


    Hell yeah


    Steelers and ravens games always close




Why are both him n Lamar’s volume really low?? There’s something weird going on in the NFL n my Ravens
If Lamar was on any other team he’d be idolized💯
Stay real Lamar we Kno u ain’t sellin out u got the people. They hated Joe too until he won a sb. I couldn’t ask for a better pair of QBs!!! It’s like Montana n young (Joe n #8)

    El - Amin

    Damn, I thought it was my system, Im sitting here jacking the volume, shaking wires, telling my kids to be quiet, lol…


    @El – Amin na bro it’s them


    No one is smashing on Kyle Allen, Gardenr Minshew, Daniel Jones yet Lamar has been breaking NFL records regardless of his flaws and still treated like Jesus always on path to crucifixion..
    Just something to think about.

Ben Fardin

Hopefully the Ravens can pickup some good players at the trade deadline…

Ev Osama

Harbaugh gets no credit for that win


Josh Bynes showed up on DAY 1!!

Dynasty Brooks

Time for DeShon Elliott to step up

Lion Thomas

I hope Tony recovers…..let’s stacks wins

Emanuel Curry

Go Get Eric Berry 💪

    Smokey Sauce

    Emanuel Curry and one of the corners who are available Ramsey Chris Harris, or Pat Pete

Chris Corbin

Does anyone know how many 3 point differential games there have been between Ravens and Steelers? All nail biters for both teams.

Reginald Walker

Great win fellows it was hard fought we need to get better we face Steelers again last wee of regular season keep it up Go Ravens

Deonte Morris

Our coach is a soar loser I love it Go Ravens

A Todo

Amen brotha . All thing through Christ !!!!

Adrian Benningfield

I am glad Baltimore won, but I hope Rudolph is doing well.

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