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TheRealNate Reply

This should be a reminder to only go for 2’s if we NEED IT

    General Maudy Reply

    Stop crying. Penalties cost us the game. Not the 2 point attempts. If anything some of the 4th down attempts put more pressure on our defense

    xXguild3d anomalyXx Reply

    General Maudy u can have your opinion but……..agree to disagree that playcalling today wasnt smart football and the fact that john said were gonna continue to be aggressive all year isnt good especially in close games against good teams

    Sam Munoz Reply

    General Maudy would of been down by 3 with no need to onside kick needing a field goal instead of a TD completely changes the game

    Prince Jaabaal Reply

    @General Maudy I agree

Sp00ky Gh0stFace Reply

Why TF did u go for 2 when there was no reason too!!!!

    Marc2k6 Reply

    @Scott Rhoads
    Naw 🖕🏿 for that nonsense!

    eddiewinehosen Reply

    @Bro What Are You talking About Ofc it did! You don’t go for 2 when you have the 1st score ffs! Especially when you have the best fucking kicker in the league! It was moronic!

    Taylor Hairfield Reply

    Stephen Lemley when did you and your dad play the dolphins?

    Marc2k6 Reply

    @Taylor Hairfield

Ravens Review Reply

Questionable calls, Coach. Didn’t help our secondary was a mess. Hard fought game, but definitely was winnable.

    The Life Expert Reply

    Chiefs are a situational offense. I dont think it would’ve made a difference.. They didnt even have Tyreek and walked all over us. That Pat Mahomes kid is special.

    Sekou Vellis Reply

    right think of the difference a field goal would’ve made I love my team.

    stackz dollaz Reply

    Ravens Review don’t think Dey was a mess it’s jus there offense is dat good

Elias Ghanem Reply

I can’t wait for Baker Mayfield and OBJ to come to Baltimore next Sunday

    Sin Fourten Reply

    O.G. THANOS beat rams first

    Hen Lo Reply

    Our boys gonna get their lamborfeeties on and stomp ALL over Baker Mayfield’s nutsack believe that

    Jake Giroux Reply

    I think our defense re groups next week and Lamar just keeps doing his thing

    D 3 Reply

    We have to limit the stupid penalties!!!!!…..We stopped KC on 3rd down just to give them new life with penalties!


    Unless it would have worked and then it would have been. All of you people are hypocritical as hell

YAYarea 510 Reply

we do have the best kicker in football right? …every year he has one game where he gives up easy point by going for it in the 4th downs…that end up biting us later in the game.

    artifactman660 Reply

    Even if they got the two both times they still lose

    YAYarea 510 Reply

    @Adele Gibson I think if the 2 point has successful that would make it a 9 point game….another touchdown then ravens have a chance to win it at the end with a FG …Im sure thats what he was thinking but him not taking points especially when its tucker the most accurate kicker ever just pisses me off.

    Adele Gibson Reply

    @YAYarea 510 Yep, It was a gamble, and that’s usually saved for later in the game when the clock is winding down…I’m a Chiefs fan, and the drive by the Ravens at the end, was impressive…

    Adrian Benningfield Reply

    I am just hoping it’s not Tucker turning like Flacco did.

    Beastmodesports Reply

    YAYarea 510 9+7 =16 people don’t realizing he was keeping it a 2 score game

eldiego68 Reply

Definitely questionable coaching today, not helped by 40yd plays being called back for phantom holding

    Matt Brennecke Reply

    @eldiego68 not disagreeing that bad calls suck, but they happen every single game. I mean every single game. grow up and stop crying around. the ravens are a great team. I hope we don’t have to play them again. might be different next time. but crying now just makes you seem pathetic

    Alejandro Rease Reply

    @Matt Brennecke ..not ceying officials need to make the proper call period

    Matt Brennecke Reply

    @Alejandro Rease The officials actually do a much better job the you or I would ever do. Impossible to make the correct call “period”. I guarantee the was a hold on every single play of every game today. Do you really want to watch that? Your expectation is ridiculous. There were plenty of missed and bad calls against the chiefs today that I’m willing to call it a wash. If its coming down to that for you then your team isn’t really very good…and I actually thing the ravens are good.

    eldiego68 Reply

    Matt Brennecke not crying at all. Just an honest assessment of what I saw. Not all bad calls affect the game in the same way. KC has an offense that can’t be stopped, only contained. Once the point gap is more than 10 it’s almost impossible to recover, and that holding call made it so the game ended a few plays after. I’m not saying the refs missed calls in KC’s favor either, cause they did, but by that point the game was more than over… and to be clear as I said in my original comment, most of the blame is on the coaching staff, I just said the bad call didn’t add any help. But ppl think that calling out the refs is “crying” but they have to be held accountable so that refereeing in general actually improves one day, cause they’ve been affecting outcomes too often.

    Matt Brennecke Reply

    @eldiego68 you just can’t get hung up on one thing affecting the game. say the “one bad call” your referring to didn’t happen and the raven went and scored and took the lead. the chiefs very well would have went ahead and scored again in one play, possibly. I’ve seen the chiefs get beat 2 times against the pats because they scored to quick. if they could have held off and used some time they pats wouldn’t have had time. so the chiefs when needed can score very quickly. of course who knows. you just can’t say that a play is the reason. its not logical. any change completely changes how the game would be played from that point on. it wouldn’t have continued the same way from that point on. i don’t want to seem mean, I’ve felt the same way when my team loses. your just simply wrong with your assumption that, that would have given a different outcome.

king shark Reply

Dammm john, I get being aggressive on the road, but dam, you got a bit wild with it. all good, we definitely gotta get synced in the secondary, guys had my, dont need Jalen Ramsey looking real fruad today, dang. 😨

    Lion Thomas Reply

    @kevin spencer Elliott mos def has to play

    Lion Thomas Reply

    @king shark naw bro, it’s groundhog day with Harbs…..when he has to be the biggest reason we win He doesn’t deliver…..

    king shark Reply

    @kevin spencer …. 😕 my face after having to eat my, WE DONT NEED NO RAMSEY. Me now 🧐 we might need Ramsey, lol.

    Hey well said on today’s happening, and I like those suggested moves. Good call.

    king shark Reply

    @Lion Thomas … facts, I hope he learned something about himself today. Dang.

Ryan McCarthy Reply

No one EVER likes losing a close game.. write that in your articles.. see KC in the playoffs! Ravens Flock! 💜🏈🖤

    Mike Wisdom Reply

    you said this last year. didnt’ make playoffs. y’all got exposed. if KC didn’t lift the foot from the neck this game would have been even more embarrassing.

    gggotdat gaming Reply

    Mike Wisdom Ravens made the playoffs last year though

    Stephen Lemley Reply

    Only of you can play the dolphins every week.

    LightningStorm YT Reply

    @Mike Wisdom We did make the playoffs last year. What is wrong with you?

    ADCON Real Reply

    We don’t want to see them in the playoffs at this point! You don’t think Andy knows that and he’s been around long enough to know he shouldn’t show anything he doesn’t have too if he has a team choking for air!

Rainbow Butterfly Reply

Next time take what points you can get and follow the example of the Patriots if the Patriots were down there I believe that they would just kick the field goal

Tyrone Savage Reply

Anthony averett shouldn’t be playing anything other than special teams. Don’t know why he was starting I’d rather have levine out there

    rockman11309 Reply

    Tyrone Savage big facts

    ManBearPig YT Reply

    Have you seen Maurice canady?😂😂

    dylhan flores Reply

    Cause Jimmy got hurt. They were going do what the did with Humphrey give him some limited snaps. And Levine is a safety.

General Maudy Reply

We still would of lost by 2 if we never went for 2 pt conversions. We lost. Plain and simple. Penalties cost us. It took a big run away, an int, and a 3rd down stop. Not harbaugh fault. The offense play calling was a lil underwhelming the first half as well. Something about after that first drive that has been reaching a standstill these past two games. Thats on Greg roman

    Colin Weller Reply

    Hartman lined up about a foot offsides on his 83 yard TD. Chiefs are offsides alot. I re watched the afc champ. game last year just to watch dee ford…he lined up offsides 3 or 4 other times that game they didnt throw a flag untill it mattered.

    kevin spencer Reply

    @Marc2k6 exactly, the coaching they all did was if they wanted to lose the game it didn’t make sense.

    kevin spencer Reply

    @Colin Weller it didn’t matter the pass defense is pathetic.🤔😵😱😤😠

    Colin Weller Reply

    @kevin spencer I know Iam just sayin. Also at that point humphrey was out. So no humphry, smith or tavon young so I’d expect the secondary to struggle. They need ramsey bad.

    kevin spencer Reply

    @Colin Weller yes they do cause Smith hurt all of the time n contract is up. Carr lost a step n is old. Canady n Averett are not ready. Jefferson is lost n on pass plays. It seems like Thomas trying to adjust. Put Elliot in for Jefferson. Take Wormley or Pierce out for Ricard. Cause none of the interior lineman can rush the qb. Now that’s a big problem also. U know what’s strange if the defense plays good then our offense is sorry or opposite. Need both to collaborate together.🤔😍😵😱💪


Lamar did just fine, Coach I understand the first time u went for 2, but the second time cmon man. But the good news is that’s prob the best team we r playing on the road.

    Marc2k6 Reply

    @Troy Mathis 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Troy Mathis Reply

    Marc2k6 😹🤣😂😂🤣

    Louis Hernandez Reply

    Will be back!

    Marc2k6 Reply

    @Louis Hernandez
    True but I just hate watching the team do unnecessary stupid stuff that negatively affects the game!!

    Louis Hernandez Reply

    @Marc2k6 yea were better then that. I didn’t see the defense blitz as much either. We have to go back to that style and the run game is there. Lamar needs to work on his deep ball.

JJ 410 Reply

Keep Averett on the bench. He ain’t ready for big time.

    dylhan flores Reply

    I mean it’s his second career start. He got to good corner to learn from in jimmy and Brandon. After they might pull the trigger for Ramsey.

    jamesmontana29 Reply

    Thumbs up on that comment

    Tetsu. A Reply

    JJ 410 agreed but we don’t have anyone else unless we would use someone like Cyrus Jones or Bethel

    Sloppy Jo Reply

    I’ve never seen a worse slide fumble recovery attempt in my life, he straight had the perfect angle to dive on the ball and does this weird slide and didn’t even make contact with it, everyone in this comment section has better depth perception then he does


    You’re not the the only one preaching it… I have been leaving comments everywhere about Averrete. Basically he is just watching football on the field..

Blacc R Reply

And, John,, you should be ashamed of yourself for that poor fuccin play callin!!!

Black Future Reply

G-RO was callin plays like mornhinweg this game

Ronald Beaudin Reply

as a chiefs fan you guys are a scary team to play against

    B Camm Reply

    Ronald Beaudin respect back

    n vangogh Reply

    Thanks man your team too I have always called Patrick Mahomes Steph Curry version of NFL

    took sum Reply

    They know tht bro

    TEAM BWILE Reply

    Ronald Beaudin that’s all love homie. Real talk.

    Matt Burasco Reply

    This was definitely one of the games I had concern over as a Chiefs fan. GG Ravens. See you guys in the playoffs.

Dustin Platt Reply

Wonder if there’s a corner to replace Averett on the market? I could of sworn there’s this one dude who’s really good who wanted a trade… name is on the tip of my tongue.. man. How great would that be.

    Brandon White Reply

    Jags declined the offer

Super Chief Reply

Earl thomas,where you at?elimnate our big plays? U better wake up and apologize

    kevin spencer Reply

    Jefferson needs to b benched for Elliot. And go get Ramsey. Let Thomas play his game. If u can’t get Ramsey get a good pass rusher in middle of line. Trade Jefferson, Pierce, Smith, J Hurst, Wormley. Get something for them

JumpOffBiggSean Reply

The real problem is WE HAVE NO DAMN PASS RUSH this year.

    Jonathan Wilson Reply

    Was waiting for somebody to that!!!

    Dennis Price Reply

    We hit mahomes more times than anyone this season 🤔 pass rush is NOT The problem . the issue is having Tavon young out and jimmy smith out PLAYING AGAINST MAHOMES AND HARDMAN

    Mike Roberts Reply

    We lead the League in QB hits. If out secondary could COVER for a second longer we will get more sacks….

    Colin Weller Reply

    @Dennis Price humphry was out also for a bit, he wasnt out there on hartman 83 yard TD which he was lined up a foot offsides also.

Anonymous Reply

Chiefs are just too damn much..good game tho Ravens

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