John Harbaugh Has High Praise for Brian Billick | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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JayReezy Reply


Cartman Power Reply

Billick was an amazing coach.

Leroy Worsley Reply

Coach Billick is a Awesome Person & Our First SUPERBOWL COACH!

Tyrone Savage Reply

I’m expecting a dance out of him

king shark Reply

I wanna say this and that, but.. I pass , ok I’m a say dam brian hitched his wagon to some poor qb talent and could have had far more chips than one with that defense.

But, fk it… congrats. … dam sunday and beating the browns cant get here fast enough to stop hearing all the bs mahomes talk.

Nnnnn, john, dont put lamar in situations that not even belichek put brady in. Be wise with our athletic, but still young qb.

    Brian Noland Reply

    @king shark Oh no doubt, 2002 we drafted Ed Reed and we had guys like Kelly Gregg, Adalius Thomas, Ed Hartwell, and such. It wasn’t a bad defense by any means, but people have this weird memory where they think the 2000 defense was together for years and years.

    Yeah the QB situation was always an issue, Elvis Gerbac into the Kyle Boller debacle, honesty the only year that QB play was decent was in 2006 with Steve McNair but by then he wasn’t the same player.

    Again though, I put a lot of that on Ozzie, I love Ozzie, probably drafted more hall of famers than any other GM, but he can’t draft receivers and until Lamar Jackson was not great at evaluating quarterbacks either.

    king shark Reply

    @Brian Noland …. great points, my long story short is, I wanted more from brian. Lol , same as I’m want more from john. Lol.

    Yeah, we got McNair too late , he was damaged goods by then.

    Oooooo, I’m the same, I love the oz man, but this year, I really saw the short comings of his drafting.

    But, that’s a catch 22 as well, afc north pretty much was a big10 type division, now we turning into a acc type division. Decosta is on track as far as making us look acc/sec at the moment.

    king shark Reply

    @Brian Noland … dammmm , great take.

    Anthony Anderson Reply

    @Brian Noland don’t get it twisted tho, that was Billick’s call to draft Boller, not Ozzie’s. That’s been made clear over the years. He fell in love with his arm strength at the combine.

sammyvh11 Reply

Billick got it done. Talk to Lions fans or Falcons fans or Jets fans or Bills fans or Rams fans. It ain’t easy to win it all.

Oui Bay Reply

Billick started the Raven Swag! And he took a bullet for Ray.. Well deserved honor.

    Lion Thomas Reply

    Sho nuff

Frosted Ice Pharoah Reply

Love seeing Brian on NFL Network from time to time. He’s a legend

J Cole Reply

Sorry “offensive guru” Billick wasted a defense good enough to win 3 superbowls with even an average offense. His offenses were so bad it killed our chances to be the defensive version of the Patriots. Ill never forget that home divisional playoff game against the Colts. The defense played so well against Manning and all the offense could do was garner a pathetic 6 points. Some fans may forget but i will not give a pass for wasting the best stretch of championship level defense in NFL history!

    J Cole Reply

    Brian Noland
    Brian Noland at no point did i say he should have won more with the 2000 defense. He should have won more with the 2003-2008 defenses…. Billick is an offensive coordinator so giving him lots of credit for the defense is silly. Marvin Lewis and Rex Ryan should be credited with that along with Ozzie. I blamed Billick for not being able to develop the qb he drafted thats on him. If you claim to be an offensive genius and cant produce you get the blame. His arrogance cost him the locker room and eventually his job. We went from 13-3 to 5-11 the next year losing a franchise record 9 games in a row! He took over play calling like the hot shot he thinks he is and got them to finish as the 22nd ranked offense. Mediocre offense from beginning to end 9 years man 9 years he couldnt build anything above mediocre. You have misunderstood my point from the beginning clearly good bye now

    J Cole Reply

    Brian Noland also apologies that I was rude i shouldnt take my disdain for Billick and apply it to you. In the end we are all the flock lol

    Brian Noland Reply

    @J Cole It’s all good, I can understand he’s a polarizing figure, and criticism of him is certainly valid. I think he deserves a spot in the ring of honor, I certainly wouldn’t be recommending him as a hall of fame coach or anything but I think what he did for this franchise in establishing it as a contender along with Ozzie is worth celebrating.

    I apologize for some of my more incendiary language as well, I get heated when debating.

    If nothing else I think we can agree that the future for the Ravens looks really bright right now. Jackson will get there, Mahomes is just a beast right now but I see them winning the AFC North clearly and really competing again this year.

    J Cole Reply

    Brian Noland yes seeing the Steelers at 0-3 warms my heart and being a lamar fan from day 1 fighting with all his haters i feel vindicated 😂 lets hope he keeps it up.

    Brian Noland Reply

    @J Cole Yeah the steelers implosion is something to behold. Losing all three championship cogs almost at once has gotta hurt right in nuts.

    I withheld Judgement on Lamar last year because I don’t think it’s fair to judge a QB on his first season, especially when you’re thrust into the starting lineup due to an injury to the starter. I saw flashes but was unsure if he would take the next step.

    A lot of QB’s claim they’re going to work on mechanics in the offseason, Lamar clearly actually did it, and it’s shown this year. Greg Roman has done a tremendous job tailoring the offense to his strengths as well. The defense is troubling but I’m hoping when Jimmy Smith returns it will be shored up again. I have to think Defensive Back is our first round draft choice next year.

king shark Reply

Oooooooooooo, … ravens, do not let lamar Jackson do a madden cover. Put it in his contract, 🧐

madden 19 – Antonio brown ☠

Madden 18 – brady, want him replaced talk, won , but played in the most boring superbowl on record and now got some ab cover curse this year.

Madden 17 – gronk, had to tap out his football career, injuries done caught up to him.

Madden 16 – Odell Beckham jr. , got ran out of ny, and now on the browns and we bought to hand them a 1-4 season start to a overhyped season.

Madden 20, mahomes, … who wanna run me some high stakes bet, the curse don’t hit him before the season is up. 💰

Ok, so even I thought it was bs. But,
Madden 15 , Richard Sherman, eventually ran out of Seattle to the 49rs.

Madden 14 – adrian Peterson, 😮 child abuse charges and ran out of Minnesota

Madden 13 – Calvin Johnson, retired abruptly from Detroit. 😮

    Seth's Smorgasbord of Sports Reply

    Great comment dude

    king shark Reply

    @Seth’s Smorgasbord of Sports … lol, was seeing some madden curse stuff, was like, ahhhhhh blah, then looked it up, and dammmm it’s crazy, it eventually catches up to all of them.

    Some instantly, some takes about a yr or two.

    The worst is McNabb, who acknowledged it, but said he could break it, naaah it caught him the worst, well that is till Antonio brown.

    Seth's Smorgasbord of Sports Reply

    It’s true….put Brady on it every year until he retires

    king shark Reply

    @Seth’s Smorgasbord of Sports … lol right, which is coming up, he was there last yr, and plus he’s got some ab rubbing off, brady is doomed eventually.

jeremiah x gamer Reply

He was not the Answer

Rexy 1776 Reply

Billick built the culture and identity of the Ravens. The mass majority of his seasons were winning season and he won a Super Bowl.

midnyghtson Reply


Miss Carter Reply

Ring of Honor?! Nah! I can’t forgive him for the Kyle Boller era…. 🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️

    king shark Reply

    Facts 🙈

Q Hutt Reply

Thats because he knew plays not personnel

Randy Reply

John’s the best coach in the hole NFL

Seth's Smorgasbord of Sports Reply

Awesome! I loved Billick! Held records for points as O coordinator in Minnesota…remember when he stepped in and did double duty for the Ravens as O coordinator? Our offense exploded….how has he never been hired again?

Jace Woods Reply

BB was never out coached didn’t let challenges let him make bad decisions had better defenses and DC’S didn’t have the benefit of better draft picks and didn’t make rash decisions on on post rookie contracts and contrary to reports didn’t have a mutiny that almost derailed championship season Billick treated vets like men and kept things in house for the most part

    Jace Woods Reply

    He also coined the term quantify that most laughed at thinking he was trying to be the smartest in the room now how many use the term?

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