John Harbaugh Discusses Role of Analytics in Week 4 Presser | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

John Harbaugh Discusses Role of Analytics in Week 4 Presser | Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh talks about analytics after a game where he decided to attempt three two-point conversions and went for it on fourth down four times.

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Aidan Rooney Reply

I’m going to be at the game!!!!🏈💜

    Christinna's Creations Reply

    Ah lucky dog have a blast!

    Money Jordan Reply


    Pyschoman12 _YT Reply

    Have fun

Cartman Power Reply

Beat the Browns at home. Their top cornerbacks suffered hamstring injuries.

    Lion Thomas Reply

    Next 3 are must wins

    Pyschoman12 _YT Reply


    Pyschoman12 _YT Reply

    That is going to hurt us the next 3 game

    Tommie Parker Reply

    Cartman Power we gone air the browns out

    Kelvin Reaves Reply

    Yes I have tickets for that game, everyone was saying the Browns would win the division but honestly they still have a losing culture in that organization. Baker looked like 🚮 against the Rams last night. They look great on paper but it takes more than star players to win in this league

Julian Shipp Jr Reply

We don’t play scared

    Kevin Mcneill Reply

    Big Facts

    Joshua Hoffman Reply

    Julian Shipp Jr BS. That going for two on the first drive IS playing scared. Instead against the chiefs he’s acting like we won’t see the red zone again.
    We should have been playing smash mouth football. But they were scared to do that. Till it was too late. Then they were like oh damn we have to stop playing with numbers and play football

    Jugg Head Reply

    @Joshua Hoffman first drive conversions are statements not the other way around. And last time I checked going for 2 is considered bold not scared.

    Joshua Hoffman Reply

    Jugg Head I considered it scared. It’s like he was so afraid of being outscored. But if that’s your fear how can you risk going down 7-6? They played chiefs ball by eschewing the run game. Also I think that was playing scared. I agreed with the fourth down attempts.

Larry Thomas Reply

Am all in on Baltimore

Alen Reply

I don’t see us losing before our bye week

Elove is real Reply

Jalen Ramsey to ravens

    Tommie Parker Reply

    Elove is real please

    Jonnie Yanda Reply

    not happening

    J Tapia Reply

    Not happening lol already tried.

    Jacabo Blanco Reply

    We tried. Offered Hurst a 1st and a second. They declined.

pop weasel Reply

Harbaugh is actually making a lot of sense here.
It’s hard to get behind during the game but you need to understand the big picture.

    Joshua Hoffman Reply

    I can’t see it because his ego is blocking the picture. I don’t want the man gone. I think he contributes a lot. but his decisions at times are ridiculous and he’s a tool for so many reasons

Bad Boi Brady Reply

Personally I think we needed to lose this game. We were getting a little to big for our britches. And now we know where we are and can work on what we need to work on.

    ILL XANE Reply

    @General Maudy wut do u guys get from hating on another man?🤔have a great day sir

    ILL XANE Reply

    @General Maudy 856 yds 7tds 0 picks so far…. Look like he remembers

    Joshua Hoffman Reply

    ILL XANE seriously . Who on this thread is hating on each other?

    Bad Boi Brady Reply

    It’s a competitive game there should be a little hate

the legendztruth Reply

If Marlon Humphrey was in the entire game I think we would have won. When he was in the game he shut down his man. He was out with some type of injury for like a quarter in a half. Injuries happen. I’m in no way blaming him for the loss to make that clear. He is just a difference maker in our defense. The Chiefs have a good team in KC. We will see them again in the playoffs. Go Ravens!!!

    Pyschoman12 _YT Reply

    I was watching the game and It scared me when my favorite CB/DB was sitting out

    Kelvin Reaves Reply

    the legendztruth yeah Marlon is gonna be a top 5 corner in this game if he’s not already. I have complete faith that whoever he’s covering he’ll put straps on them. Can’t say that about more than a handful of guys in this league

Cj Welch Reply

Love the answers Harbs , let’s sweep these next 3 man, 3-0 division sitting 5-1. Keep playing aggressive

    Brandon Teal Reply

    who do the ravens play next ? Cj Welch

ChieF TroN Reply

Harbaugh played aggressive, that’s exactly what we needed to do. The gameplan would have worked had we actually made the plays we needed to. Defense is really getting exposed at this point and if we really want a shot at the Superbowl we need to tighten up a lot. We could really give us a better chance if we pick up Jalen Ramsey. But we will learn a lot from this and keep stackin wins. We will see the Chiefs again in the playoffs.

    Joshua Hoffman Reply

    Acting like you’ll never see the red zone again on your first TD is not aggressive it’s scared. Or it’s ego unchecked

    chris westry Reply

    How is that what we needed to do? Every time he does that we lose


Our secondary has been awful the first three weeks of this season.

    Merkaba Reply

    Right? Thomas, Jefferson & Averett have been straight trash.

Tristan Courson Reply

Ya I’m ok with going for it on 4th but not on my own 40

    sammyvh11 Reply

    You wont get hired by the analytic department lol.

    Tristan Courson Reply

    @sammyvh11 tell the rockets about how that’s working for them

OkLy Wright Reply

I LOVE angry Harbaugh. Keep this fire John, use it as motivation, we’re gonna be fine!

Sup Reply

Canady and Averet can’t cover. If we had Jimmy, Tavon and Marlon for that second quarter I’m saying we get that W. But sadly injury’s are part of the game

    Merkaba Reply

    That’s exactly what was going through my mind during the whole game. Jimmy, Marlon, & Tavon starting w Carr on 4th duty. If our starting secondary was healthy, we would’ve won that game by at least 2 possessions. Actually, we could’ve won it without them if Jerome Boger & the officiating crew wouldn’t have home cooked 70 yds worth of bogus penalties at crucial moments.

    Joshua Hoffman Reply

    Sup I don’t doubt it. If we’d have used the run game more we’d also have got the W I think

Feng gao Reply

I agreed with coach that it’s a position game not a field game. Chief are going to push forward anyway until red zone. Exhausted defense can’t stop chief red zone attack, less attacks is better! 4 Down is excellent and 2 pt conversation are fine. Ravens clearly is a better team than chief

Sloppy Jo Reply

The problem wasn’t going for 2 it was the play selection, Lamar QB sweep to the left with no recovers on the play was soooo bad

Erick V. Reply

Why are we talking about KC. That game is over. We need to be talking about the Browns!

Joshua Hoffman Reply

I do agree with him about the wasted challenge. I agree about the fourth downs. The two point conversions, especially the FIRST one, is the most toolish decision ever. You can not afford ANY risk of going down 7-6 to THAT team when you have just scored the first TD

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