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Manuel Yáñez Aguilar

He’s pissed about that D, all the ravens are

    Joshua Coleman

    Kelvin Reaves and without him our run defense is not that good

    Troy Mathis

    larrysheetmetal you rarely ever hear run stuffers names lol you’re not supposed to. He is overpaid for just being a run stopper tho but you see what happens when he isn’t here

    Kelvin Reaves

    Joshua Coleman oh yes I know Williams was injured yesterday I’m talking about just in general. His play his whole career doesn’t justify what he’s getting paid.

    Rase -iwnl-

    Your defense is lackadaisical

    Troy Mathis

    Rase -iwnl- lack-a-anything


100% of my blame is on the Defense… Still have hope in my Ravens

    Kelvin Reaves

    TheMeatFactory lol big boys huh? You guys may have beat us yesterday but I’d hardly classify Cleveland as big boys

    Rase -iwnl-

    George Medley Browns will easily sweep the Ravens, Our defense will crush them into their next draft pics😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣Sorry Ravens this is our year to take over, and we’re improving and getting more better every day. Be afraid


    Kelvin Reaves smacked ya!! Wasn’t even close. If Cleveland isn’t big boys, but they ran a clinic on y’all in your crib…. then what are the ravens?!? Cuz y’all are trash

    Willie Vickers

    Maybe you should share that with your QB. We have been waiting for this game since game 16 last year. You remember right? Jackson leaping for the goaline, gets hit, fumbles the football, looked like a 94 yard fumble return for a touchdown? Refs blew the whistle, called it a touchdown. Then reversed calling it a fumble. The Browns never forgot. Neither did the Steelers. You got waxed by my Dawgs. Don’t nibble..Chew, swallow in that order. Makes it easier..WOOF!WOOF!

Joe Flacco the one

Everyone: Ravens always have the best DEFENSE.
Today: Where they at tho?🤷

    jake nail

    Joe Flacco the one Marlon the only one that showed up. Got to get better.

Buck Browning

Tough to win when you can’t stop the run or pass..

Ron Edward

Tell your players on defense to learn how to wrap up and stop trying to go for the big hit. Chubb and Landry made them boys look like rookies. The only one that came to play was Humphrey.

    D 3

    Exactly b Humphrey’s application to “The Council” shouldn’t be pending now…..he handled his business!

    Kelvin Reaves

    Man we were so 🚮 today on defense & offense until late in the game once again. How we let Chubb run almost 90 yards? They gotta get this fixed quickly no other way around it


    Judon a beast too

    Jack Cronin

    SICCWIDIT nah Judon overrated

jake nail

Yoooo who farted at 1:45 lol

    Ghostly Gaming


    april maryland

    The browns who kept farting on our defense


The first thing they teach you in football is to WRAP and not just hit the guy with the ball. When you just hit the guy he’s just going to bounce of the guy

    Kelvin Reaves

    Yeah it’s like our guys have forgot the fundamentals of the game. TJ has been 🚮 all season. That long pass to Fitz was a major botch by him

George Medley

It’s going to be a long season 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    Uh 17 weeks worth.


Pass defense is by far, the worst in the NFL. This secondary has been awful in all four games. They’ve shown no sign of changing. Every week it’s bad communication, busted coverage, allowing big plays. All signs point to lack of skills at this point. The Ravens simply don’t have the personnel. Don’t even get me started on the LB’s. They can’t cover or play sideline to sideline. The defense can’t even set the edge or cover the flat. The LB’s lack of skills has been covered up due to a good d-line. This defense lacks talent and is very undisciplined.


    @Ngd3monic Earl Thomas and Tony Jefferson are awful. Jefferson has been the cause of so many big plays. An example. That 88 yard touchdown run doesn’t happen if Jefferson makes the play. BUT NOPE, once again he looks lost, running to the wrong spot. He is awful and needs to meet the bench, along with Thomas.

    Francisco Davis

    @ILL XANE tj been trash since his 1st year on the ravens

    Francisco Davis

    @THE PURPLE NEST he also gave up the first td to the browns, also tackles like usual


    I agree with everyone how do we let our key players go suggs and weddle ran the def and helped everybody!!!! We lost that leadership and now we are lost smh jimmy smith is injured if he was playing it would have been different this happens every year to us when is the last time we have had all of our starters with out injury? When we are healthy and fully stocked we do good. Being a team known for defense leaves a big shoe to fill and I’m sure it’s a lot of stress on our guys. And lamar have to make some better throws and start moving more. We should have resigned eric weddle smh

    Kelvin Reaves

    SOEBIGBABY 1 you do know that we made Sizzle a pretty fair offer right? Something that he’s said his self right. And Weddle was great at making sure everyone was lined up properly I’ll admit but other than that he wasn’t very good

Jacabo Blanco

Ravens defense sucks without Jimmy Smith and Brandon Williams

    SaubstrAlien Marrsupial

    And Tavon Young…and C.J. Mosley…and “5UGG5″…and Za’Darius Smith…and Brent Urban…and yes, even Eric Weddle. I mean at least the latter Safety was somewhere on the television screen, didn’t quit on plays & got guys lined up correctly, despite not being as physically gifted anymore! Lots of turnover — the wrong type — on defense. *Eight* professional-caliber players considered “starters” last season unavailable today: five let go & three inactive!

    P.S. Please rid of Tony Jefferson (a safety who can’t cover nor tackle, and also doesn’t play his proper assignment) pronto! It can’t be any worse with Anthony Levine, DeShon Elliott or Chuck Clark, because it’s like playing with ten defenders . . . actually, I think I’d rather they genuinely play with ten than trot ‘Council’ member TJ out there!


    And our staring corner ; young

    Isaac Tolden

    @SaubstrAlien Marrsupial thank you everyone forgetting bout tavon young

    Kevin Whiting

    We are short 3 dbs got Randall back he showed out


    I love to see Ravens Fan cry like little @!#@$! . Lol

Matthew Delsignore

is it really that hard to get a mic in the hands of the people asking the question……. its freakin 2019

    Banned By Wonkette

    Matthew Delsignore right?


    Matthew Delsignore for real

ColdRain34 Leo

Lamar played okay, now he knows how too take a sack and how he can’t save every play… That’s my Quarterback!!! Raven fans a True fan rides with there team for the good bad, the Ugly like today!!!! Asks the Browns💪🔥🤭

    Jeff M

    ….and you are welcome for the team in the first place. 👿

    ColdRain34 Leo

    The Browns are In first for Now!!! The division is never won in the First win in the Division. Brown fans asked Pittsburgh last year!! 😂 lol!!


    @ColdRain34 Leo I wouldn’t be laughing with a defense like that. Ravens ain’t going nowhere with that pathetic defense.

    ColdRain34 Leo

    Our Defense is still young and we have New part also to that defense so watch out…. keep that same energy when your losing okay!!


    ​@ColdRain34 Leo this was a fun game bruh, hopefully Baker / Lamar becomes the next big rivalry in the AFC North for the next decade

Iraxks 23

“Why don’t you let Lamar play his game?”


    Rhia you’re right… we don’t compare, two different breeds. One who expects winning culture, damn near demands it in fact and one that literally knows nothing but 0-16 seasons and draft busts. Y’all lasting this long and sticking around, waiting for this bit of overrated hope is more of a mystery to the world than how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop😂 and no one is happy about the loss it’s just that I know I don’t have to see it as often as you have to so like I said, just take the win and go home

    Iraxks 23

    Rase -iwnl- If you watched the game, which I was at, Lamar’s picks were both very late when he was doing nothing but trying to make a play late. Baker threw 1 TD vs a very bad Ravens secondary/defense.

    Iraxks 23

    Rase -iwnl- Same amount of incompletions but Lamar had TWO more TDs and 2 prayer passes that were picked(so one more pick than Baker). Bakers pick was a rookie throw, as he threw it straight at a defender. As I said before he threw ONE TD against perhaps the worst Ravens defense EVER. Btw, check the season stats and look at how much better Lamar’s is than Bakers. Like wtf🤣 Baker has more picks than TDs


    @__________ well, those losers just buried you at home. not beat…buried. enjoy the season XD


    Rhia lmao yes they did, FINALLY…something to congratulate you guys on👏🏾 every dog has his day, even the brownies💩

West Coast

Damn I Gotta give the Browns credit I thought the Ravens was go win this game

Phil Ouimette

Harbaugh looked absolutely pissed in that conference.


At the time of the win I was ecstatic and laughing at the ravens but this man is so humble and mature. New found respect for
The ravens

SuperVillian SVWorld

Time to make some trades or cuts. Lets start with Tony Jefferson for Eric Berry.


Make the damn trade for Ramsey so at least one WR can’t run up and down the damn field!

    Jeff Schultz

    Marlon had OBJ on lockdown the entire game. Someone else needs to step up.

Troy Mathis

*asked about if they will make any personnel changes on D*

“What would you suggest?” – Harbaugh. Lol he was probably being serious too cause he don’t know

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