John Elway meets media at Ring of Fame Ceremony – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Bronco Nation

Let’s go beat the titans!

Aaron Weaver

12 and 4 us playoff win

Darville Leonard

He needs helps as a GM

Quinton Wilson

John almost said San Diego..

Beat the Titans coach Vic

Steven Marley

He’s drunk! Haha, that’s John for you

    Darion Spencer

    Steven Marley coked out 😂😂

Luigi Buscemi

john had a bit to much gin.. almost said san diego and then followed it with tomorrow, sunday.. he then caught himself..

    Darion Spencer

    Luigi Buscemi he wipes his nose all the time ❄️

explore 2580

he doesnt need help…he needs to be fired….nothing but bust draft picks every year and he traded away or didnt sign all the good players……shaq may win d mvp…

Darion Spencer

Get fangio some damn players for his scheme ❗️❗️

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