40 replies on “Joejuan Williams reacts to being selected by the Patriots in the 2nd round of NFL Draft”

  1. Damn heard how he was discussed to being the Patriots 1st round pick between Harry so hopefully he didn’t to wait too long for his name to be called. Hopefully he makes the most out of this opportunity.

  2. Welcome aboard the tightest ship in the league young man. Work hard and it will take you where you want to go!

  3. This guy has a hell of a wingspan. He also seems to have some football instincts ,hopefully it translates to the NFL. If anybody can maximize his ability ,it will be New England.

  4. This is starting to look like one of the strongest draft classes I’ve ever seen. From any team.

  5. To be successful, you only need one chance. J. Owens (draft 2019 = your chance)
    Congratulations. All the best for your future and a good start in NE !!

  6. @Topper Harley, ugh. Keep your sexual fantasies to yourself buddy. Nobody wants to hear them.

  7. @m p, I’m capable of observing events over time and I have common sense. You should try it.

  8. Congratulations Joejuan Williams! Welcome to the New England Patriots Joejuan Williams! Welcome to Pats Nation! Get ready to play alongside the G.O.A.T. Tom Brady! Let’s Go!

  9. This going to ensure the Pats dynasty continues for another 4 years. Get the most out of them when the next contract comes for the big $$ they get rid of them and get more comp picks. Rinse and repeat

  10. @AlphaDeltaXray
    The SuperBowl no doubt has to go through Foxboro this year. And who’s able to stop them there? You saw their playoff run with hardly any offensive wepeons. This year Brady will have a solid receiving group by the 4th week. That kid Harry may be the rookie of the year. Brady’s the best at putting it where defenders can’t get 1st it and Harry is above average with coming down with jump balls. Watch his video #1 in the PAC 12. He makes 3,one hand OBJ catches 2 left handed and 1 right handed and one looked like “the catch” Edelmann made in the Super Bowl against Atlanta but with 1 hand being tackled. It’s no surprise Belichek took him as their 1st pick. Them his yards after the catch lead the PAC 12

  11. @FuckYour Feelings
    Belichek is slowly building a younger team. He’ll bring in a vet for a year or 2 to plug a hole like Bennett. If Harry has rookie success like Michel who got a year under his belt Brady will have a better year with passing yards. Then they,need Gordon who’ll most likely be back and Thomas who may be back early. And of coarse Edelmann and Dorsett actually made some nice TD catches coming up huge in the crunch against San Diego and K C in the playoffs. The champs certainly didn’t get worse so why won’t they be in the driving seat again. They can line up with 3 guys who can throw a pass between Brady, Edelmann and Harry. I can imagine some of the plays we see this year. One reciever throwing a TD to another after getting a pass laterally from Brady. Maybe Brady slides in for a total shock TD play! The season can’t start fast enough

  12. @Steve Allen It’s just the end of a cycle. We’ve seen this before. The main core starts to age and he has to reboot. When it comes to Gordon I’m not even counting on him if he does come back. Right now it’s JE11, Dorsett, Harry and Thomas.

  13. @Mike Hamilton
    I totally agree. I’m so sick of these fucking greedy Patriots fans. As much as I love the Patriots, I really, REALLY want them to fall dead last this year just to shut them up. In fact, Im pretty aure the Jets and Bills are going to beat the Patriots in the division this year.

  14. @Макс Зеро
    He’s absolutely right. You are arrogant and idiotic. Brady is on the verge of retirement and will continue to do worse and worse. But idiots like you keep saying that he’s playing until he’s 45, lol. He’s not.
    The team is an empty shell of what it was last year, while the Jets and Bills have both built solid teams that are both going to take the Patriots for a ride this year. Their division isnt a cakewalk anymore, their team isnt close to what it used to be and the offense will most likely fail miserably without Gronk. Brady will either get hurt or just flat out suck this year and will be replaced by one of their pathetic back ups. Brian Hoyer, Danny Etling- LoL, or Stidham. All of whom suck and shouldn’t even be on the team. They have no tight end to score for them or even block. Flowers is gone, Brown is gone, and dont try saying that Isaiah Wynn and Michael Bennett are good replacements. They are not. Wynn is half the size Brown was and Bennett is a washed up player who was given away by Seattle because he sucked. Bye bye Patriots dynasty. It’s been awesome while it lasted but even i have had enough.

  15. @Jamie Mcdonald Exactly. I grow tired of the arrogance. Instead just be grateful not greedy ya know. Happens it happens…

  16. @AlphaDeltaXray you just mad Brady still playing .if Brady plays intill 45 wat you got to say then

  17. skills1ent Seeing your profile already told me that you look even worse than puke

  18. @AlphaDeltaXray Running the ball still does win games. The Patriots won the Superbowl primarily due to their ability to pound the rock.

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