Joe Schobert: They have a lot of talent at a lot of positions | Player Sound – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Matt o

The real general

Michael Gainan

Let’s get the dub this Sunday against the rams

Leroy Xiong

Puts Mack Wilson, Greedy Williams, and Sione Takitaki mixes with defense team, and puts some young OL speed talent to match Arron Darnold for protection qb and RB

RZFL Sports

Pay the man

abdul smith

Dang kirksey stay injured, put mack Wilson in he may get some picks!!!!

HOstiLe TEntacLE MoNster

< I dont know how to feel about Schobert alot. He's got a good motor...but seems like he misses alot of wrap up tackles due to a strength issue or smthn.

    D Flatt

    Not last week dude.

John Connor

Puts Wilson and Takitaki in the nickel.

Puts two extra tackles on the O-line running pistol sets to guard Mayfield and, run play action, screens, slot slant/fade WR routes with extra pulling lineman for HB targets and runs.


Abun Dance

Whens the new building the browns!?? The last one was incredible

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