Joe Judge’s EXCLUSIVE Tour of Safety Updates at Training Camp (Ep. 1) | Giants Life: Training Camp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Joe Judge’s EXCLUSIVE Tour of Safety Updates at Training Camp (Ep. 1) | Giants Life: Training Camp

On the premiere episode of Giants Life: Training Camp presented by Toyota, follow Coach Joe Judge as he takes you through the team’s restructured setup and walks through the COVID-19 protocols in place this year.

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    Davon Griffin

    To they have do have a face mask on when playing football

    Theo Isaac


Thomas Mulligan

It is so hard to read this team. I love Judge and I think really they can be anywhere from the worst team in the NFL to fighting for that 7th playoff spot in the NFC.

Danny Mercado

I don’t know what it is and I know we haven’t played a single game yet, but man there’s something about Coach Judge that I just like. I really think this guy is going to be the real deal and is exactly what the NY Football Giants needed. I really hope he’s able to succeed!


    I was just thinking the same thing after 2 min of watching.

joseh deblanc

I can see us going to the playoffs this year

    nhordon 1

    A bit of a stretch but I think we will make large improvements from last year

    Brandon Lavin

    Honestly I had a dream we made it to the playoffs and won the superbowl so I’m calling it gonna happen

    Noah Cahill

    Brandon Lavin I love that hahah

Rich L

Great video and tour of the whole facility. Coach Judge walks with the carisma of a real leader.

Brendan McMahon

Words cannot express how excited I am to Joe Judge’s Giants

Jayson Cabrera

Hahah it oddly feels like Judge has been here for years. I love it!!


This video got me even more excited about Judge and the team. Can’t wait to see Big Blue this year!

Lance Becker

Coach was built for this.

Kevin Whitter

Joe Judge conducts himself better than I, as a fan, could hope.

    Chris D

    Agreed Kevin, you can see why he blew away Mara and Gettleman in the interview,very impressive

The Entertainah Talkin Sports

Joe Judge means business!!

    Kush Master


    Gary Gaston

    Joe Judge got me ready to run thru a wall!💪🏼💯

    Eury Andeliz

    Staaaand up!

    Cory Young

    Its the legend himself in the comments. Staaaaaand UP!


Is it just me or does this guy seem well prepared and knows what he’s doing. I know its early but this guy really impresses me.

Jon Salerno

Kinda sad how at the time of this recording they thought they were gonna Carry 90 guys only to have to cut down to 80 soon after

Mark Pierro

Let’s go giants gonna prove everyone wrong this year. Some serious talent on the roster

Giants Freak1

Amazing work and attention to detail, this gets my blood PUMP… Let’s GO‼️ #BluePride #GiantsPride 💙

Will K

Bro we deadass need a hard knocks show going we to lit 🔥 love watching my giants lol‼️🙏🔴🔵🔴🔵

Mr. Christopher

I love these behind the scenes videos. There’s so much detail that goes into it. Simply amazing.

Ishan M

Professional, prepared, confident. Love it


Finally a Jason Garrett sighting 8:21

Hi_Klass KnivesHawaii

Joe Judge’s Giants has such a “ring” to it doesn’t it 👀🙏🏼

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