Joe Judge Sees the Toughness in Daniel Jones | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Joe Judge Sees the Toughness in Daniel Jones | New York Giants

Coach Joe Judge talks about the team's progress following Tuesday's evening practice.

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MinecraftBrady Reply


Michael Caywood Reply

I may not be the first dislike of The New York Giants video, but I won’t be the last one who dislike The New York Giants video.

    Frank Stange Reply

    Y do u always dislike them for?

    Rafael George Reply

    I smell a sheagles fan

    MemePablo Reply

    Looks like you will be. Get a life

    Johnny D Reply

    How bout I dislike your comment👎. Check the dislike button on your comment section. Im the first!

    PUNKem733 Reply

    Go to this thing’s channel. Watch his vid. 😳😳😳🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

New York Giants Reply

Thanks for watching! Subscribe now for more Giants content!

AG Munoz Reply

This dude is a beast

Winston Ellis Reply

I’m so glad we have Coach Joe Judge. He’s like Aarone Boone for theYankees. He gets right to the point. No holding back!

    Nickoli Stef Reply

    If they don’t make the playoffs this year hes going to be fired.

    dantheyankee Reply

    @Nickoli Stef wtf are you talking about

    PUNKem733 Reply

    Boone is a buffoon.

Matthew Deutsch Reply

That first question is like, literally the worst question I’ve ever heard a reporter ask someone. And there’s so much competition. Kudos to Joe for not being like “??? What does that even mean”

Nickoli Stef Reply

This guy is going to get fired if they don’t make the playoffs.

    CometVS Reply

    You’re wrong.

white truth Reply

What toughness, if you breathe or sneeze around this dude he’ll fumble the football.😀

James Robinson Reply

Nice to meet you Daniel Jones

Coolbreeze Reply

My god I would get so sick of these interviews if I was a coach

    Anthony Reply

    A big part of it is the NY Giants beat. Most of them are atrocious and don’t ask any distinctive questions, beyond what a regular Giants fan might ask in their shoes.

louann moynihan Reply


Aaron Davenport Reply

Really rooting for this guy!!! I think it’s exactly what Giants need… 18-0 this it

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