Joe Jackson: He’s Strong As Hell | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Gary Davidson Reply

Can’t hear the question asked its like peanuts whoop whoop I guess half the convo you get paid for

82RayJay Reply

He’s smart loved his answers to all the questions. Good job coaching

    Eddie V Reply

    Hope he makes it and finds a way to contribute on the field. Seems like a good young man. Hopeful for him.

Azahr Malik Reply

Young Brother you going to be all right talk with such intelligence yeah you going to be all right

john landry Reply

Jaylon smith is hands down my favorite cowboy and LVE with him is ESSENTIAL toward a dynamic defense .. I want them both for 10 yrs plus

    Henry Hill Reply

    2 best linebacker’s in the league now.

    MrFluffysteel Reply

    I agree. JS deserves every good thing he gets. Such a great attitude and work ethic… The Predator!!!

    LVE is also in there….love watching them play. They seem to play for the love of the game….

Boy Boogs Reply

This kid has so much potential.

Tony Finck Reply

Rite of passage, carry my pads

kileysean Reply

I like Joe Jackson’s attitude. He seems pretty grounded/receptive about what he needs to do to get better at the position.

steal threaded Reply

Looks people in their eyes, answers with knowledge and sincerity.

Good kid, hope he makes it.

serg74ful Reply

Damn getting hazed on camera 😂😂😂

Kevin Dearman Reply

hmm…I like him. good vibe. I hope the best for him

First Name Last Name Reply

Why he look like Anthony Bennett?? The #1 overall pick that might be the biggest bust in NBA history lol

cmoe 2476 Reply

I like this fella…I feel like he’s gonna beast up in this league this year!

Dragon Fire13 Reply

Keep it up Joe want u on our squad

Shon Fischer Reply

I like j.j he make this team I can’t see how rod don’t love this guy

Klay Kerr Reply

I really like this young man!! Go get em Joe!!

tcshy1903 Reply

He’s locked in I hear the excitement in his voice.

Dividend Income Reply

Man, I really hope this guy makes the team. I love his passion for the game, it comes out of him while he’s answering questions. GOOD LUCK!!

MultiMackle Reply

LOVE IT!!!!! He sounds good. He respects what the game is. GO BOYZ!!!!!

David Sayimright Reply

Its time to make Jaylon Smith a CAPTAIN of this team.

J_ MAC Reply

Seen Joe today in practice …young, hungry, smart…
Jaylon is a stud…

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