Joe Flacco: ‘We’re having a tough time putting it all together’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jeff Wingham Reply

Fans don’t see the elephant in the room, Elway, needs to go.

    Thomas Brereton Reply

    Joe Ellis is the real suit that needs to go. Elway isn’t the problem.

    carl pena Reply


    sideswipeDJ Reply

    @Thomas Brereton they both are

    Steven Soco Reply

    OnYourKillList you ask what Elway has to do with it? Lol, since the GM drafts and also signs the free agents, basically BUILDS the roster, I guess your contention is that being short of talent and losing are two things that are not related.

    Thomas Brereton Reply

    @Steven Soco Anyone that thinks we don’t have a talented roster doesn’t know football. New coaches, new systems, new schemes, new communication methods. Did you all think this was going to be pretty? Chill the f*ck out. We will have a winning record the back half of the season. Our offense sustained drives and had minimal holding calls. It’s a work of progression. Put the damn pitchforks down.

Darville Leonard Reply

We need to stop changin QB’S and coaching staffs and get a new GM by now hats off to Elway for his hard work. But this needs to stop now and invest in a Francise QB one time and better coaching staff and a Excellent GM

    Steven Soco Reply

    …and owner who will can Elway and Ellis

    Darville Leonard Reply

    @Steven Soco no not Elway he can’t do a great Job as a GM so difinitely not as a owner.

    Darville Leonard Reply

    @Steven Soco i always look at the bigger picture for this team. Need to come to a conclusion of either sell the team or get new manging staffs

    Steven Soco Reply

    Darville Leonard by “can” I mean slang for “fire” …as in “sh*tcan Elway” . We are in agreement, just poorly phrased by me!

    Darville Leonard Reply

    @Steven Soco so your disagree what i say

Steven Soco Reply

The ownership scandal is effecting the team. Bad decisions from on high by bad decision makers. A real owner would have fired Ellis and Elway by now. Instead, they are grooming Brittany to be their puppet.

Paty Perez Reply

I still have faith in this team we played two tough defenses just don’t turn the ball over man that’s what killed us today we have to win next week

    Lorin Lewis Reply

    Uhh…they have played 3 average teams. 0 sacks 0 turnovers. Too 5 most penalized team. 4 TDS in 3 games. The chiefs score 4 TDS in a half. This broncos team is garbage.

    Shake Reply

    @Lorin Lewis I can’t believe it…you are dumber than you look

    Paty Perez Reply

    Lorin Lewis The Packers defense is ranked #1 and we all knew coming into this year Broncos weren’t a SB team right now. Don’t compare them to the Queefs.

    McFriBoi Plz Reply

    @Shake hes not wrong.

Anonymous Reply

It’s not just us Reffs cheated us a lot. We are the most target team in the nfl


    Cuz when we had peyton we used to whoop the pats they dont want that

    Phenom AL Reply

    Denver has a target on their backs period mhn! 7 🥋 🤙🏽

    Ben Reply

    That holding call on Sanders was the worst call I’ve ever seen. That touchdown could of changed the whole momentum of the game

Dennis Neely Reply

It’s not Joe’s fault he is the best choice we had and we should quit shooting each other in the foot and c’mon denfense… don’t care in it to the end ..bleeding orange and blue.. BroncoNation

    Lorin Lewis Reply

    Flacco…seimian…. keenum….none of them have had any time to throw. Broncos o-line pass protection is the worst in football for years now…they can’t fix it.

    Dion Rodriguez Reply

    I’m actually really liking Flacco

    PGRaiders Reply

    If you’re bleeding orange and blue then you should say Broncos country. There’s ravens flock, chiefs kingdom. If you’re a fan, get it right. It makes me cringe to see fans not saying Broncos country but saying Broncos nation instead. That belongs to raiders nation like come on people! Get it right or stfu.

David Gentry Reply

Hey Joe,,,,,,, Why the long face?

Orville McIlvanie Reply

Need to stop beating themselves, they were in this game and the Bears game.

    Pablo Escobar Reply

    Facts the talent is all there just the mistakes that’s killing them

    Dion Rodriguez Reply

    Yeah that holding call was bullshit these refs need to learn how to do there job better

Clyde Triplett Reply

Broncos were the Best team today. Three turn overs and a missed extra point kills a win.
Bad Luck Broncos are drowning in it

    Cartman Power Reply

    They weren’t the best team today.

    Pablo Escobar Reply

    @Cartman Power they had the turnovers sure but denver was still driving down the field on them and despite not getting any sacks or turnovers the defense was doing a good job at stopping rodgers

    Pablo Escobar Reply

    Also a touchdown that was called back on a garbage call

    Cartman Power Reply

    Rodgers is a very good player. No doubting that.

Tee Dizzle Reply

Throw the ball down the field and stop worrying so much about “staying on schedule”.

Boooman Reply

Not your fault we had them 2 turnovers inside our own 20 smfh

Jerome Schulze Reply

John and ellis are killing this team.. Both need to go!!

    Dion Rodriguez Reply

    Jerome Schulze Ellis definitely elway would look like a champ right now if that dude would have let him get mike Shan as our head coach Vic as defense co. And rich as off co. Rich could have learned more from mike and Vic would be up in the booth doing his thing

explore 2580 Reply

too many fan boys and girls after elway in denver………elway is the problem horrible drafts …horrible oc…vic does weird things on d…….john elway “joe is still in his prime” LOL

Kapena Tehero Reply

Certain play calls on offense should have been called differently in my opinion. Some were too predictable. Turnovers killed us. And those refs are targeting us. Bad call on sanders for holding!

Raymond Montgomery Reply

You need to release the ball faster and hit your targets faster if you look at the best quarterbacks in the nfl they are getting out of the pocket and releasing the ball quick for points. The broncos are not being explosive enough.

Thomas Dowd Reply

Broncos have become the new Cleveland Browns, thanks Elway, time to get the bags 💼 out!!!

Tim H Reply

Getting fed up already of seeing Joe’s rather miserable face…rinse and repeat.

Skoo Shoes Reply

Mr. Flacco. Please run out of the pocket when you see nothing open. Please stop taking a sack for no reason.

    april maryland Reply

    He’s scared to. He would rather take the hit standing then running taking the hit…when you standing, least you are ready for the hit. Flacco is still scared to run because of that one hit he took when he played with Baltimore

Zaaxun Reply

Anyone notice shaq barrett has 8 sacks in 3 games..

    Weston Schmid Reply

    Zaaxun I did, it’s crazy bro

dale graffuis Reply

So What you Saying Joe is, That maybe in 2 to 3 weeks the team might be able to come together and play as a team and win at least 2 games this year, That’s if you can put it all together, Lol, Good Luck with that

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