Joe Flacco: ‘There’s always the most improvement from Week 1 to Week 2’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jonathan Rodriguez

Denver is going to be a good team this year


    @Altitude Sickness fangio didn’t make our defense our gm did he got great players that make any dc look good.




    @NICHOLAS DZIEDZIC if your talking about the bears last time they went to a super bowl was 06

    Phenom AL

    @Driftzz Da Bears lost too


    @Phenom AL yea ik that was because of nagys play calling he wasnt letting trubisky throw it. Nagy even admitted too. But ig its both of their faults

Drea D'lux

Somebody shaved


Empower retirement field. Where quarterbacks go to retire apparently lol. Its kinda funny

    Aidan Henriksen

    KylesaurusRex Haha that’s exactly what I thought when I heard the new name

    trev whit

    Yeah, a damn bone yard this decade….

Cliff Hanger

I think Joe played well. He’s a good QB

    blockthewind 85

    I felt like I was the only one trying to take the positives from the game. Joe made some sharp throws. And as bad as things were it actually felt like we have a real qb.

    Cliff Hanger

    @blockthewind 85 yeah no need to worry m8.

Piet K

He looks like your bored but intelligent professor.

    Weston Schmid

    Piet K lol comment of the day

    Tortoise King

    My professor isn’t even intelligent

    Alex Santana

    ha yep! reminds me of my physics I prof. Bored and would rather be doing his research

    Cliff Hanger


King Flacko

Flacco didnt play bad

Gage Vonderheid

I think Joe Flacco is going to do really well this season

    David Gentry

    Gage Vonderheid Really well at Sucking!!!! Too funny Elway cannot bring in a QB.

    Jonathan Rodriguez

    David Gentry don’t let this one game get to your head you saw what Elway did to a broke down washed up just had surgery Peyton Manning

    David Gentry

    Jonathan Rodriguez Peyton needed no help. John Elway. Great QB. John Elway. Not so good GM.

    Mike Garcia

    Flacco is a good qb. All these haters need to shut up and give him time to play the game. He looked pretty good against the raiders he needed guys to catch the ball and maybe run for a first down but besides that I’d say he was a solid b+

    Jarred Thompson

    @David Gentry please tell me this is a joke, Flacco was not the problem this game.

Paty Perez

Don’t have to much confidence in that oline with James out and Wilkinson looking pretty bad on Monday I would get rid of the ball pretty quick! Don’t hang on to it too long throw some deep balls to Sanders and let’s get in the end zone!!

    Joel Scott

    “Don’t hang on to it too long” and “throw some deep balls” are kind of working against each other there….

    Paty Perez

    Joel Scott hows that I’m saying get rid of the ball quick and throw deep to Emmanuel what’s contradicting about that

    Joel Scott

    @Paty Perez For Sanders to get deep, Flacco’s gotta hold the ball longer. The longer Flacco holds the ball the more likely he is to hold the ball too long. Not explicitly contradicting each other, but if you want deep balls, you risk holding it too long.

    Paty Perez

    Joel Scott 👍🏼

David Lee

If Hamilton would of caught that TD they would of won period

    David Lee

    No its called momentum

    Matt McC

    @David Lee that’s a shaky argument at best. To say it would have changed everything PERIOD is ignorant. If we had lost by 4 or less I would be right there with you, but we didn’t.

    johnny chavez

    It would of created a better mood from the players.

    Matt McC

    @johnny chavez that is pure speculation and there no evidence to support that. If true, and one play can determine the entire mood of the team, then it’s going to be a long bad year. There will be bad plays, if you can’t move on, then the NFL is not for you.

JR0752 Gamer

He needs more long options, take risks, and make quicker decisions.


In before Cubecraft Banned says we should fire everyone

    Binx Negale



That’s Joe Cool! Dude is going to have a great season. Not letting one game, a game that we should of won, get me down. Broncos are alot better than that and it’s going to show next Sunday.


His pocket presence is much better. He actually looks around the field. Keenum just looked fir one target. So he’s definitely an upgrade


And better deep accuracy

Penny Ann Quintana

🏈I love Flacco I love the fact he is in Bronco Country!

The Ghost of Judah Tribe

You’re in for a long day come Sunday, buddy. See you soon, we’ll see you soon.

    Phenom AL

    Flacco beat #12 one time 🤦🏽‍♂️ ✊🏽

    The Ghost of Judah Tribe

    @Phenom AL Never has seen a defense like this. See you Sunday

john smith

as a ravens fan joe looked real good ! i hope he keeps it going and balls out this season !

Down South Bronco

Flacco’s definitely a upgrade over Kenum. ..just by climbing the pocket to avoid the outside pressure vs Keenum drifting backwards in to the waiting arms of outside rushers…that s..t drove me to hate to see him just warming up for the games OMG

Corey Jones

Just a clear headed assessment, if the offence that took the field against the Raiders does not improve by a lot this week, Denver will struggle to score 10 points against the Bears. Monday night’s offence is a 5-11 season offence. But it’s not just the offence that’s looking like a 5-11 effort. I’m also concerned that the run defense is going to be a concern. I hope it was a bad first game, nothing indicating a season long trend.

Clyde Triplett

Well DUH 🙄

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