Joe Flacco on how the offense can improve after three games: ‘You have to have some big plays’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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toby vigil

Damn y errbody tryna stake elway we got drew lock our future and i do think fangio needs to change some of his scheme up he already is starting basby something that should have been done along time ago over yiadom and only players playing well sutton lindsay freeman risner all playing well i blame fant for the loss teams are going back and forth with double teams 75 percent miller 25 percent chubb and its working with that double team game plan along with quick pass schemes rodgers just happened to be able to extend. The play and we include flacco gifted them turnovers in our own territory if flacco doesent start getting elusive in the pocket lock will by week 9 mark my words at least he got some wheelz

David Lee

Man its the damn play calling most of the time . they ran better plays in the pre season. No play action long passing what so ever

    Klaus Klaus

    @Kyle De Valk hold it one time for 4 sec, the rest was about 2.8 but ok. Playcalling is trash. We use PA on 5 passes out of 30. Thats bad. No 3WR set while having one of the best WR-Trios in the league, putting fant 1:1 against top pass rushers, running lindsay inside intead of outside. Poor, poor playcalling.

Michael The Original Dizzy-D Lavimodiere

Time For A “W” ……. #BeatTheJaguars🙏

Irish Rocker

Flacco didn’t get a single roll out. What happened to our new boot leg offense?

    oakland traphouse

    Hes too old now bro

King Flacko

Instead of forcing the run on every first down they need to call a play action and try for some deep plays. They’re so predictable

    Kung Fu Junkie

    exactly same damn underneath plays, screen plays that don’t work i’m tired of seeing this, Flacco has a big arm but they continue to play it self


New coaches across the board, new QB. We need to start working together and being more aggressive and less predictable on offense


    I just can’t believe how von hasn’t done anything. This blows my mind. You know. It’s one thing be a defensive coordinator like Vic fangio. And it’s a huge difference coaching.? I don’t understand what the broncos are doing??

Kevin G

I agree.. Especially the run game working so well against the Packs.. Fangio needs to also call plays from the booth. He might do better…


Problem is when Flacco does throw it deep to the end zone, it’s not catchable by ANYBODY.

calculus 315

We should be play-Action the crap out of teams.

We have a solid run game!!!!!

I think we try to pass too much without play action

Do we even utilize our tight ends in the passing game?

Jesse Mermella

Couple that you hold the ball too long couple that you miss your read with Noah in the end zone couple that your not playmaker


The deep ball will open up the run game, it’s a football fact

Joseph Clark

If the Broncos lose again I’m not going to be a Broncos fan…..just kidding, I’m not a fair weather fan and I really feel like we get the win. And with a win will build momentum and we can turn the season around. Getting a win will lead to guys getting fired up and lead to more wins!!! Go Broncos!!!


Uh give me time to throw the ball, call some plays that work and try to score in other quarters not named the 4th. Tell em Joe!

Brute Better

Don’t be afraid to throw the ball, hit the players numbers! I have confidence we can start a winning streak with this game. 🇺🇸

Word Life

Denver needs a batter line to protect Flacco and a couple of better receivers.

Ronald Krikorian

Broncos. 2nd worst team i the nfl. Get rid of Elway. Making too many mistakes!!!

aaaiDanziel Taylor

Man we got a suttland Sanders Patrick Hamilton we got some threat down the field so why we don’t go to them

Aaron Humphrey

The best way for the offense to improve would be to get a different QB. Thanks a lot Elway!

Ron Gray

Problem with play action is we need to block better even a second or two for Joe to go through progression…

Dream Reef Beltran

I believe I believe in you I think you look pretty pretty good get some more protection☮️☮️☮️☮️😝

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