Joe Flacco, Noah Fant, Phillip Lindsay & more shine on Day 6 of Broncos Camp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Bronco Nation

Go broncos

Michael Wooten

Lot of #4

    Joser Boi

    Is that kevin Hogan

    Gustavo Gonzalez

    Joser Boi that’s Bret rypien bro he’s a sleeper undrafted rookie qb

    Zac Couch Vlogs

    Michael Wooten Hogan is gone, He is gonna be our 3rd QB

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Zac Couch Vlogs Rypien should be 2nd obviously

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Joser Boi No it’s Rypien, a guy who actually has a chance to be a future starter.


I love the little hit Strap Harris puts on Freeman at the end of the play.


    Cottonmouth78 Just to let him know he there lol

    Kaniya Seabrooks

    Royce would run strap Harris over goin head on though but nice to see some contact

    Weston Schmid

    Kaniya Seabrooks I wouldn’t say all that

    Kaniya Seabrooks

    @Weston Schmid Royce is 240lb of pure muscle he’s a bowling ball he will be running a lot of ppl over this year for sure

Michael Gianni

Cant wait, my Denver football fever is heating up

dariel ez


Broncos Stampede

Man Believe Me When I Say Phillip Lindsay Will Have A Better Season Than Saqoun Barkley.

    Str8 Enzo

    @Juls c Oh also considered if our new o-line cant pass block we will have to run more and teams will start stacking the box because we can only run the ball, then no rb will reach 1400 yards. Im sure you already knew this.

    Uso Penitentiary

    Broncos Stampede Barry Sanders played 10 years while carrying his team and was healthy majority of his career so using him was a terrible example

    Juls c

    @Str8 Enzo well I’ll be looking for you when he does what I predict if I’m wrong I’ll come back and war crow

    Lance Yocom

    Broncos Stampede id rather have Lindsay and Royce combined have a better season than Barkley just because I want Lindsay to have a long career and not get to many touches in one season.

    David Lee

    I’m a bronco fan I wouldn’t say better only because the giants use Barkley way more then we will use Lindsay , but he will make pro bowl forsure

Fernando Herrera Martínez

Phil Lindsay is ELECTRIC.

Royce looking big, battering ram style. We good at running game for years to come.

Also watch J. Winfree turning heads. Great underdog gonna crack a spot on this roster.

The Discussion

Kevin Hogan honestly has no business getting any reps. Everybody knows he’s not making the final cut.

    Epic Gaming

    The Discussion yea true

    Barry Galer

    The Discussion not true. Nothing wrong with veteran competition. Make the young guys earn it.

xX Mr Kasper Xx

I know Drew Lock is going to be our future but don’t sleep on Brett Rypien

    Bobby Chavez

    I’ve never been sold on lock

    Cubecraft Banned

    Lock is obviously not the future because he’s trash and a bust. Rypien actually has a chance to be the future, though. I hope he gets some serious playing time.

    xX Mr Kasper Xx

    Cubecraft Banned how is he a bust without even playing lol and a second round pick lol

    Cubecraft Banned

    @xX Mr Kasper Xx Have you seen his college tape? He’s awful. Just ridiculously bad. Fangio even said he’s not even a QB. Worst pick of the draft by far

    Cubecraft Banned

    @xX Mr Kasper Xx Lol please debate me then. I’d love to crush and humiliate you. You’re braindead. No clue what you’re talking about.

Word Life

#30 is on 🔥🔥🔥

Marcaulin Davis

2 hours of practice and they manage to make it to 1 min🤦🏽‍♂️


Harris wants to HIT somebody! 😂

Josh G

I love the broncos I am glad that are offence is good but I am still a defence of fan

Wes Hicks

Rypien throws a lot of nice balls.

Charles A Townsend

Rypien was in most those highlights. He’s passes look sharp.

tyler Ingebritson

The Broncos are ganna with the division I can just tell

Cubecraft Banned

Basically a Brett Rypien highlight video lol. This dude is so underrated. He’s going to destroy the preseason

Andy S

Dear Denver Broncos, please revamp our uni’s, it’s time!!

Jack Sunderland

Videos like these always get my hopes up way too high for the season😂 but I think they’re a playoff contender

gABBz1 TO3

Mannnn!!,, can’t wait!,, GO BRONCOS!!!

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