Joe Flacco: ‘It’s big to get these wins and start to feel some juice’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
DJ Direction

Good win

pj on mobile

Keep it up

Cesar Ocampo Barraza

I so happy for the broncos that they won. This is coming from a chiefs fan

    Aaron Weaver

    Your next.

    Aaron Burke

    Thanku kind sir! We needed it!

    Anthony Lucero


Gsus Gsus

I’m happy that the broncos won. This coming from a raiders fan

    Wayne Reynolds

    thanks dude!

    Anthony Lucero


    Samuel Oliver

    I was watching your Raiders today and I’m glad you guys gave the bears what they deserved for robbing us of a win.


    I was happy the day you hired jon gruden. As goofy as he is he’s always been a great coach.


Congrats to Joe & Fangio on their FIRST WINS as BRONCOS… we got 3/next 4 at home so let’s see if we can be 5-4 after the next 4 games & get team back on track… IF Gase gets fired from Jets HC position we need to be ready to offer him whatever he wants to return as our OCoord & send Scangarello back to College… FG Range 3rd & short BOTH RB’s 5 or better/rush & Flacco takes a SACK?!!? The game is on ice that is exactly how Shanahan LOST the Falcons a SB… bring back Gase PLEASE

    Patrick Smith

    So execution doesn’t have anything to do with it? It’s easy to criticize when the play doesn’t work.

    Nathan Stripling

    Bringing in a new coordinator mid-season would throw these guys into shock. This offense has gotten better every week and Rich has called pretty well. The 1st half playcalling has been incredible, he just has to find a way to keep them on their toes in the 2nd half.

dustin M.W

Flacco has to make more plays. If our defense doesn’t shut down rivers like they did, we lose this game.

    Jonathan Bailey

    I’m a broncos fan 4life I believe I believe!

    Tim H

    Agree…very unconvincing in that 2nd half, only Lindsay and Freeman did anything offensively in that period, defense helped us out on that win.

    Andrew Ryan

    dustin M.W considering the defense folded already 2 games this year after Flacco put them in position to win I wouldn’t be praising them and helping wanting more on Flacco if I were you

    Jonathan Bailey

    Broncos defense will get better and better as long as the offense can score pts.

    dustin M.W

    @James Davis that’s not being negative you idiot. That’s being realistic. There’s a difference and the only people that think its negative are the people that want it to be. I’m just saying they can’t do that against other teams or we will for sure lose. We got lucky against the chargers because they fucked up more than us. Jacksonville took advantage of our 2nd half inability to move the chain’s or score and they beat us. It’s a warning. Not being negative. You tell me to keep “positive” when they pull the “burst off in the first half but do nothing in the 2nd half” against better prepared teams. It is what it is. We got lucky that rivers played like garbage. It’s still a great win tho and I’m taking nothing away from that. I’m just looking at the glaring relevant issues we’re still having.

Drea D'lux

Is that a _SMILE_ I see?😗


SO Happy for Flacco. Ravens fan here, was watching our game earlier, and when the game headed to Overtime, I turned on the Broncos game, the score was 7-0, and I remember seeing Flacco throw that bomb TD, and when he got to the endzone I remember screaming TOUCHDOWN FLACCO! It truly was so nice seeing him get a win finally. You know something else? This is bittersweet for Baltimore fans, cause when the Ravens made Flacco stay on the bench against the Chargers, and we lost to them, and now Flacco goes against them with a different team and beats them, I LOVE that part about it. Never wish any haste onto the Ravens, but I hope Harbaugh feels some kind of way for how badly he treated Joe last season, after all he did for us.


    Yeah, almost like JH forgot #5’s AFCW record…😕.

explore 2580

i’m pissed the broncos won …this is chad kelly


Congrats Flac! 51 weeks it took for you to be unchained and get a W. You could’ve beat the Chargers twice last year but weren’t allowed to.

Tim H

He doesn’t smile much does he!…Flacco doesn’t convince me at times he holds onto the ball too long or once he’s out of the pocket my heart is in my mouth. All the same glad to snap that losing streak!

    John Derek Russell

    What you really need to question is o-line and route running. If receivers can’t get open then what can he do. And none of it matters when he gets swarmed under a second.

    Tim H

    @John Derek Russell Yes I did think that as well…a bit of both most probably

David Gentry

Damn. There goes my 0-16 Dream Season!!! Thanks a lot!!

nedar giordano

People have to understand that the Broncos lost 2 games in the last seconds of the game.

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