Joe Flacco: ‘I think we’re definitely gaining the confidence that we can be a really good offense’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Beastgamer0011 Reply


2,000SUBS No video Challenge yummy Reply

Joe is low-key nice 👌🏻

    Jacob Himes Reply

    Yeah he is i love him i just hope he doesnt lose his confidence with every decent play getting called back because of garret bolles

Chris Chances Reply

This is why he is Joe cool

Anthony Lucero Reply

Bolles needs to practice with his thumbs taped to his hands,that will cut down on his holding.

    Flippant Booch Reply

    Ben pretty sure he now knows he has a problem I’m sure the coaches didn’t stay quiet about that. Specially the best o line coach in the league

    Lensync7 Reply

    How a bout bye Boles! You promised and got drafted 1st round, and still haven’t delivered anything but losses. Honestly your like the dude in Full Metal Jacket and don’t see your problems? Goodness you’ve been paid more than some people make in a lifetime and don’t think you should be held to a high standard? Then say bye and go survive in the real world… If I had your position I’d be like Peyton and study and practice till I couldn’t anymore. Your blessed to be in your position and even more so considering i can’t believe any other team taking in the 1st round. You getting defensive was lame… Yes be aggressive, but now it seems you just haven’t got a clue. You cost your team points and field position man… When does you being you become back seat to you lifting up your TEAM first?

    MrAdamNTProtester Reply

    Grandpa tweeker will never be able to reverse the damage from taking meth… it is permanent brain damage that makes you uber aggressive… in addition he was a 26 year old playing against kids in college…& even in WAC type division he still didn’t have Clady at Bosie State or Brendan Schereff at Iowa type seasons

    Ryan Alexander Bloom Reply

    How about arms taped to body. Learn to move the feet and holding won’t be necessary.

    Anthony Lucero Reply

    How bout next time he holds coach just tapes his hands to his throat and tosses him in cherry creek that should teach him😝😄

Malachi Reply

Joe Flacco is a Gamer confirmed

Paty Perez Reply

I think Joe cool is a mega upgrade to what we’ve had lately and I am so glad he’s our quarterback. He has been playing pretty good. 💙🏈🧡

    Chris Trevino Reply

    Take a look at what Keenum has been up to. Then look at his team’s record…..🤔

    Paty Perez Reply

    Chris Trevino not going to argue with you you have your opinion and I have mine I am a hell of a lot more comfortable having Flacco behind center than I was with these other qbs we had since Manning. Obviously Flacco won’t be here long but I’d rather have him than have any of those others we let go of.

    Paty Perez Reply

    Chris Trevino Keenum is 0-2 dead last in his division as well so you’re point is

    Mike Garcia Reply

    Paty Perez your right Flacco is way better than the other guys. We should’ve won the bears game and if it wasn’t for dropped balls and players not able to catch, we would’ve had a good chance to beat the raiders.
    There’s always gonna be a bunch of doubters talking stuff about someone when they only have a one set mind. Flacco won a Super Bowl and defeated the best qb’s in the game on the way there. I’d say he’s definitely an upgrade over what we had. He’s starting over with an all new team. Everything is different and he needs time with his new teammates. Also foles did good with guys he was familiar with and a good coaching staff, but he looked horrible when he was on the rams.

Javier Duran Reply

honestly first time in a while its the defense that hasnt showed, weird times in denver

StrayCO 303720 Reply

I came to write a comment about how Cool joe is and seen several other comments saying the same thing. This guy is great for the Broncos.

    James Davis Reply

    i think so to really cool..

Penny Ann Quintana Reply

I love Joe Flacco he is part of Bronco Country glad he is our Quarterback and boy can he throw the ball!

Kumar Dubai Reply

Lets go Joe 5⃣🆒

Jonny Tsunami Reply

Good game guys! It was a close one

Ryan Long Reply

Hold my beer – Garett Bolles 🗣 I’ll hold it

Flippant Booch Reply

Joe wanted to laugh around 4:02-4:06 😂

Cliff Hanger Reply

Good luck Flacco and the Bronco brothers, toughest test of the year @ Lambeau

oddsandends Reply

Don’t overlook that playcalling needs to improve. I wish that they would throw the ball more downfield to the receivers earlier in the game.

Ningi Reply

It doesn’t matter you can do all the training possible , if everyone on the same mental frequency / intuned then without synergy training everyday will come up highly short of in it’s potential results.

Ron Garcia Reply

They just need some Hall of Fame Coaches 🏈

Andres G. Reply

Noah Fant has not played up to par so much hype for now

    Ryan Alexander Bloom Reply

    Andres G. Dude honestly needs to learn to block better before even working on his receiving. He gets shed like a backyard outbuilding.

Nick Reply

Rip that bad boi to Courtland Sutton.
Sutton – special is brewing.

Psychosious Reply

If we could keep a TE healthy… Please god let us have a TE longer than 4 weeks.

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