Joe Flacco: Hard work starting to show on offense – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Leroy Worsley

We always Love The SUPERBOWL 47 MVP!


    @Adam Letschin As an ex Ravens fan, I did. 😊

    Adam Letschin

    Ex Raven fan??? Did they do something to offend you??


    @Adam Letschin Yep. Mass Exodus. Flacco, Suggs, Mosley, etc.

    Adam Letschin

    Some fan you are…


    @Adam Letschin *Was* . You wouldn’t be the first to express that sentiment to me. But everyone has a reason why they become a fan of a team. Could be a signature game, signature play, a coach, or player. Some of those players were the gel that drew me into my fandom for that squad. Now that they’re gone, that passionate fandom for that team is lost by me. If you like them and still have it, good for you.

Jesus Juarez

No views 3 likes tf is this

    Jose Gonzalez

    People work, have jobs, they’re not stagnant on their phones, give it time

    Daniel Gutierrez

    Jose Gonzalez I think he was saying how could it have no views but 3 likes lol

Leroy Worsley

Joe Cool Flacco!

spitta mane

Lets go i feel he will be our leader he got the attitude

Abigail B

“You’ve been throwing to your running backs a lot” I loved hearing that. Phillip needs to be more involved in the pass game.

Ryan Long

I got tickets to see Broncos vs Titans (they’re gonna put champ Bailey’s number up in ROF). So hype!!

    Clickbait Jr

    Yeah my titans fan friend is taking me out and we’re betting on that game

    Ryan Long

    Daniel Gutierrez thanks! I am too!

    Ryan Long

    Clickbait Jr tell your friend to pay you in all quarters!

    Clickbait Jr

    @Ryan Long haha

    Snoopy Payne

    Champ Bailey is my idol👍


Flacco looks focus 💪🏿

Skylar Prescott

Let’s go #5!! I think we can make wild card this year.

Jerome Schulze

Think he going to ball this year to prove people wrong.. Think he will throw about 30 TDs this year

    Aaron Weaver


    Officer Krupke

    That left tackle and Center needs to be addressed.  I see a lot of Joe rolling out to the right side, which luckily, is a strength of his.  And don’t think he cant run, you will be surprised the first time Big Bird takes off downfield.

Brenton Burbank

Now listen I like joe lot of guys that there name start with a J won the supper bowl there was Joe n Joe m John e Joe f and Pfm

Steven Daniels

Offensive Line play will determine our season if they show up we have no limits

Dream Reef Beltran

Go get them Joe make the Ravens sorry they let you go much peace and happiness in Denver ☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️😋☮️😋😎


Ive been a die hard Ravens fan since 96 but i honestly hope he comes back into M&T and trashes our defense.


    Yeah me too. I honestly felt they did him dirty they way they just kicked him after 10 years

Joseph Rackham

I’m only watching the Broncos this season for joe flacco. I hope he silences the haters.




I never followed any other teams. Besides bmore. But now ima follow the broncos cause of Joe


and we got stuck with the kid that can barely speak english. God i hate John Harbaugh

king shark

😮….. what the fk. Joe never looked that animated or lively before in Baltimore. , 🧐 check his piss , something not right.

Eroc Money

I am a ravens fan he not the Answer Why you think we let him go Not a leader at all Good luck

adrian beltre

I see Peyton Manning 2.0 every time i see Joe flacco

Soul Brother Legendary Ali Shabazz

My Boy Joe Flucco…. He sounds a bit different as a Bronco than a Raven… I want to see that Rifle Arm in that Altitude. He should shine…….as long as he stays Focused.

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