Joe Flacco: Broncos need to ‘learn how to win football games’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Begreat 7

We’ll continue to get better

Mike Oz

Flacco has far exceeded any expectations I had. I’m starting to see this team as more of a 2012 type roster. New FA QB, defense needs a rebuild.

    Steven Soco


Tuan Van

Flacco had a great game almost 300 yards on that all pro defense. I swear the clock had run off though.

    blockthewind 85

    Still can’t believe that BS!

    That Guy Donny

    Didn’t know timeouts worked in nano seconds tbh

    Mike Garcia

    Yea it hit 00. Did you notice they stopped it before the play was over and just said oh yea there was one second left. The play wasn’t over until the guy hit the ground and was touched. It was definitely 00

    Jordan A

    Bruh the clock didn’t run out lol, it was really obvious.

    Klaus Klaus

    That Guy Donny i thought its like that only in NBA not in football, but the refs liked the bears more


Not one sack or turnover is the hardest one to stomach


Flacco played great, I was hoping Miller and chubb would dominate the game, and atleast one of them have a really good game every week.

    Dave Illah

    playing from behind when the opposing offense can run or pass. Sure expect the best. Offense need to gain the lead early and let the defense feed

    alejandro barrera

    Ealtrax great? Whit interception in goal line and very short passes almost all game?

    And i must say i like hes words

    mark luers

    How can they anyways? You cant tackle a qb anymore.

    Ryan Alexander Bloom

    Miller has definitely been coached to play the run and contain. He’s not really rushing this year at all. And Fangio seems to like it.

King Flacko

Flacco didnt play bad. Again. Defense didnt do there job.


    Or the O line. 5 holding calls is INEXCUSABLE

    Khoa Vo

    @turtle4614 total of 6. 4 on Garrett Bolles and 2 on Ron Leary

    The KK Channel

    King Flacko thank u!!! I been telling my other fellow bronco fans this! Our defense trash. Oline trash. Flacco makes plays when he actually has time.

jose martinez

The Broncos need to learn how to win football games or we are big trouble

jose martinez

I am a Denver Broncos Fan all the way I believe in Bronco country I believe in Bronco country i am going to be a fan until the day i die i bleed blue and orange

ray ray

By week 4 we will be amazing

    ZigZaG Productions

    ray ray I hope your right… Bronco country hopes your right

    Steven Soco

    ray ray lol, already counting the loss in Green Bay next week. Probably a good idea…

    Bryce Harney

    I’m as big of a Broncos fan as they come, but this isn’t looking good.

    ray ray

    @Steven Soco not counting week 3 as a loss but I can see 2 TDs next week for sure

jose martinez

I am a Denver Broncos fan I believe in my Bronco country in Bronco nation

jose martinez

Let’s go hard in practice this week and let’s go get a w

Brute Better

Learning how to play as a team can be painful at first. Go Broncos! 🇺🇸

Derrick Mason

This is in our D we haven’t proved anything on defense

Steven Soco

I just really like Flacco. As a player and as a person. Glad we have him. He just needs more support, but a new offensive line isn’t just going to appear…

    The KK Channel

    Steven Soco same here. Love what joe has done. A lot of ppl blaming him but in my eyes the oline is really bad and defense isn’t as good as I thought they would be smh.

    Todd Smith

    @The KK Channel Yea. You can tell he is disappointed, but he seems like he has a very logical outlook & approach to things, & he is definitely not to blame. He has been one of the few bright spots so far.


    The o line in Baltimore wasn’t much better. Flacco has the arm and the athleticism to scramble to make plays happen, but he just…doesn’t. He didn’t have a bad game, and I know there’s new guys around him, but from his time in Baltimore, he seemed to play way too safe, take hits, and just accept that a play is busted instead of trying to make something happen.

Jim Marquez-Medina

It’s an NFL football game man. Lmao Joe Cool my man. 🏈

Marquies Johnson

For everybody out there who keeps saying that this is Flacco’s fault is a complete fuking idiot did Flacco play Perfect no he didn’t . But he was definitely not the problem

    Slightly Above Average

    Flacco played great considering that O-line wasn’t doing him any favors


Baltimore in tha house…love you Joe💯🤘🏻

Michael Jr.

Get rid of Bolles… yes it’s a team sport but holy sh*t dude…

    Khoa Vo

    I believe coach Munchak can get him better

    Bruce Parkes

    Bolles is still a liability. Penalties that are not necessary. 2018 now 2019. Get rid of this moron.

    Uso Penitentiary

    Dude’s a damn drive killer

Tayden Burt

The Broncos need to release Garett Bolles he had like 6 flags and cost the Broncos the game

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