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We The North

Jimmy G is back

Packers BTW

Tom Brady really helped him out becoming a good qb

    49ers Dynasty

    Packers BTW yeah I strongly agree with you

    Jason Shelton

    No shame in that. Jimmy and Aaron both came up the same way. Instead of getting thrown to the wolves as rookies they had a chance to sit behind two of the all time greats and learn in a good system.

    Adam Phipps

    @Jason Shelton same with steve young

    Jason Shelton

    @Adam Phipps yup 100%


    I think Shanahan has polished Jimmy up even more cause he was good when he came to the niners but the next year there were moments where he just waited to long to release….and he wasn’t improvising enough the pocket started to close in…when he finally started to run he wasn’t even sliding .


Niners were up by so much that Jimmy stopped throwing in the fourth quarter….In a closer game he could have had more yards and touchdown passes

    Brian Woo

    I honestly don’t care. I want him to stay healthy. With Staley out they gotta find a decent replacement asap.

rashad tatum

Not many players in NFL was under more press than Jimmy G this week he definitely responded

    Light Yagami

    Nah Jimmy played well in week 1 to but he had a pair of TDs called back

    Burke J Minns

    @Light Yagami

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career

barry mccockiner banging his head knowing garoppolo ain’t a system qb.

    Jason Walsh

    LMAOOOOO exactly

    Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career

    ​@Chris Paul point god I think Belichick wasn’t gonna pay a backup quarterback whom was Garoppolo at the time to sit on the bench. Garoppolo’s contract was up so Belichick wanted to get something in return. Therefore, he traded Garoppolo to the 49ers for a 2nd round pick, which to me was the right move. Brady can’t complain to the GM bruh. The GM is Belichick. Lol. I don’t believe in the Brady “complained” narrative. The media is too quick to write stories.

    Darkskin Deity

    @Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career same bro the first time I heard that I knew it was bs, just something for ppl to talk about

    Chris Paul point god

    @Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career dude they were gonna resign Jimmy and let him be the QB of the future… brady got this man traded.

Hector Rodriguez

Jimmy Garoppolo for NFL 2019 comeback player of the year

    Melanie Tatco

    also can I add Kyle Shanahan COY?


    @Ian Burke too


    Hector Rodriguez i swear nfl fans are the most bipolar people 🤣

    luisito NeymarEsNo1

    Great shout!

Joseph Wells

Jimmy G looks fine. I was telling the haters that he’s gonna light it up look what happened he’s above average at QB if everyone does there job meaning O line and WRs.


    I think he needs some better wide outs but Kittle is a beast


    ANIMALFRIES Hurd is all we need. He’ll be back after the bye. Likely we go into it 3-0.

    Jason Shelton

    We haven’t had a “real” #1 in years. But Deebo or Hurd could be that guy.

    Chris Paul point god

    I’ll stick with dante until Hurd or Kendrick proves other wise

    Jason Walsh

    Countless Jimmy haters.. I’m going back and watching all the announcers that said something like he is an average player at best!!😊🤣

Zuhayb Abshir2001

Jimmy G cold asf 😬!!!!! Comeback player of the year and he’s a MVP candidate for sure 💯💪🏽



    Chris Paul point god

    Lamar Jackson at the top tho

    The Hausen

    Chris Paul point god nah

    Young Ez

    Mahomes ya troll

Tarantula Guy

Belichick drafts good QBs, both Jacoby and Jimmy G balled out today

    Chris Paul point god

    Jacoby played???

    Chris Paul point god

    I was like “3 touchdowns but only 148 yards🤔”… then i saw that run game and was like DAYUM

    Cleveland 216

    Drafted Brady too lol


    Ryan Mallett?

    Thanos Etsitty

    You guys are right about bill. Now there’s Jarrett stidham. He’s gonna be good QB also.

Darrell Covello

Kyle Shanahan is the best play caller in the league!

    Chris Paul point god

    Young bill belichick

    Derek Davis

    He really is . when he play calls he sometimes gets in a groove of some bad plays. But when he is on he will literally dismantle a defense. And even when he is “off” he will eventually hit big on a play. He is a true homerun hitter when it comes to play call


    Hands down

    My Dogs Best Fren

    Chris Paul point god before you compare Kyle to Bill lets see if Kyle ever gets caught cheating

    Jamal Ford

    @Derek DavisAll Facts


Tom Brady and 2 of his backups all had 3 TD days this week wtf

    Jonny Perez

    *Bill Belichick and his 3 system players!

    Chris Paul point god

    @Jonny Perez jimmy was never a system player… quick release, can run, nice arm, one of the most accurate QB’s in the league.. check his resume. And check belichick’s stats without tom Brady.. jacobe proved he is more than a system on the colts

    Q Ravioli

    @Chris Paul point god Im a 49ers fan but slow down on “one of the most accurate QBs in the league”……..he consistently misses easy throws both short and long. He CAN be very accurate, like any QB really. But he misses WAY too many throws to earn the label of “one of the most accurate”

    Chris Paul point god

    @Q Ravioli he was like that last year. And when people were saying that we meant he can make some tough throws. Jimmy is just rusty.

Future_ 661

Looks like the bandwagon train is going to start

    Anthony Nunez

    Who cares let them come. More support

    Tony Angelo

    And your the captain


    Terry Donahue

    D Dow

    I agree…only two games in…I have a few complaints…he averages 1int per game, a little to inaccurate…Staley has been slower each game…. Sherman gets beat all the time…Gold has missed twice in two games..

    Q Ravioli

    they gotta beat a “real” opponent first. Bucs….bengals….Steelers without Big Ben…..then the Browns. They dont face anyone worth mentioning until the Rams. If they beat the Rams then or just make the game really competitive…THEN theyll have something on their hands. But as of right now, they are taking advantage of a rather friendly schedule. Not their fault obviously. And they are doing well to win games they should be winning. I hope they keep it up. But as a 49ers fan myself, until I see how they play vs the Rams and Seahawks, I cant take them seriously yet.

Marz_00 •

Way more impressive than last week that’s for sure except to be back to himself around week 5-6

RIley Crain

This is all Shanahan. All he needed was the talent. Remember how ruthless and dynamic the falcons were when he was oc?… just have to forget about the whole 28-3 thing

    Chris Paul point god

    Yet you forget the talent shannahan possessed on both teams… he just makes everyone better. He is basically brad stevens with a line up of kyrie irving, jaylen brown, jayosn Tatum, gordon Hayward, and al horford… alot of fire power with a nice coach

Jhabari Owens

Not bad kid keep it going meanwhile Jimmy Garoppolo has two weapons down right now in Trent Taylor and Jalen Hurd

TaubHau Hlau

I know its too early to say this but a part of me do really want to see Garoppolo vs Brady in the post season just like Young vs Montana.


    Im thinking the same bro 49ers vs patriot will have headlines in the press just like harbaugh vs harbaugh


Still knocking off the rust by week 8 he’ll be a problem.

jon Q

49ers have some play makers now… speed all over the field. I’m pretty thrilled with Deebo.

Fixer Upper

The 9ers are going to dominate the NFC West if they keep playing like this!!

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