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Escocivo 30

5 turnovers and they still won!


    Boy this weeks Days of our Steelers will be wonderful.

    I was hoping for a meltdown. But not a game where the 49ers had 5 turnovers and still won the game.


    5… Wow… They got a gift on this one.

    Squid Usn

    Half of it was on them though

Erick Colbert

Finally the 49ers are winning again.

    Ian Burke

    Erick Colbert about time too

    Marty P

    Yep haven’t seen a start like this in 20 years


    I’m happy, but they got to clean up those turnovers though.

    Shola Bolaji

    They been grinding throughout the past couple of weeks now


Again, WR’s dropping passes and those two INTS weren’t even Jimmy’s fault.

    cligoosnoo xd

    Yeah I feel bad for Jimmy stats the first one was not his fault the second one he shouldn’t have thrown that but Pettis should not have push the ball upward so both of the int were mostly not his fault

    Turon Whitfield

    Damn bro I said that before I seen your comment fact my g but we gotta fix them turnovers… basically


    Jalen Hurd comes back after the bye. He should help, tons. We have great play makers, they’re wide open, too. They just seem to choke in the limelight, especially at home. Jimmy was hit a lot and still threw dimes. Media will still discredit him.

    David Thommen


    Turon Whitfield

    @MrCocoMocoLoco2 Pettis looked ok he gotta kick up him or Hurd gotta start making there claim as our nbr 1 receiver will see what Hurd brings….


49er Faithful 🙂 49ERS FOR LIFE!!!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!!!

Chris Paul point god

Like my EX once said a thousand times.

DAMN that was quick


    And she stuck around for a thousand? That’s one patient chick!

187 Macabee

So sloppy good thing they snuck away with the W.

Tarantula Guy

Jimmy played a better game than what the stat sheet says, receivers were tipping the passes

Chris Renshaw

I told u fools don’t over look my niners

    That Football Guy

    Pumitri So what was the point of bringing that up?😂

    General G. Washington

    Chris Paul point god Chiefs and Cowboys COULD beat the Patriots.

    Rudy Cota

    @Chris Paul point god
    They lost the Superbowl. So they are beatable.


    @General G. Washington doubt it. We’ll see tho

    Tyron Wells

    @Pumitri Nah Patriots playing a soft schedule lol

Jeff Cavanaugh

He was getting SMACKED all game too.

Prod. LilBat

The more Jimmy plays the more comfortable he gets i can tell hes going to look really good in the playoffs 😉


    off topic, but your beats are pretty lit

    Prod. LilBat

    ProdByAce ayye thanks bro😂❤️

    Mel Turnboo

    Hey my niners buddy rams might lose

    Prod. LilBat

    Mel Turnboo i knoww broo

    Mel Turnboo

    @Prod. LilBat Rams are not that good just being honest

Dave R.

Looks like Brady! Keep up the good work JG!

    Turon Whitfield

    Lol He said Brady ,gimy g would say he’s better then Brady buuut he gotta show me but niner gang kick up!!!!

Hector Rodriguez

I think Jimmy Garoppolo will have a heck of a career

Terrance Watkins

That stiff arm though by #44 🔥💪🏿

    Turon Whitfield

    Yea son yuscheck, bo was acting a fool

The Monologuer

1:20 are we not gonna talk about this man throwing a over 200 pound man with one hand?

    Victor Gonzales

    That was nasty!!

The Journey

Jimmy haters love to bring up his interception ratio but clearly never watch the games 🤦🏻‍♂️ WR dropping passes into picks have been a constant thing with us, our defense is an absolute unit tho 🥶💯 that’s front seven is top 3 in the league

A Real One Baly

Again our defense won this one. Good second half performance for jimmy G


That TD to Pettis. Holy smokes…
these are the throws that got us on that 5 game win streak to finish out 2017


    penoyer79 I know I think that’s a throw only a QB like Jimmy or Aaron Rodgers would make he literally put that ball in a window. Pettis had defenders super close to him


    I was so nervous when he threw the ball because Jimmy just stared down Pettis I thought it might have gotten intercepted



Chris K

He was staying in the pocket and taking some lick while he is completing passes. Impressive!

RK Belmont

Garoppolo stats are not pretty. Many of his ints are his fault, none of today picks were on him. But here is the more important start for his career: 11-2 as an starter.
He got hit so many times today, but his release is so stupid quick he could get rid of the football on time.

    Turon Whitfield


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