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Jimmy Garoppolo Highlights vs. Buccaneers | NFL 2019

Jimmy Garoppolo leads the 49ers to victory against the Buccaneers. The San Francisco 49ers take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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1738 Vibes Reply

At least he played better than Jameis Winston

    Killa KEV Reply

    Yeah there were penaltys and things both teams coulda woulda shoulda done but I was happy with the niners composure and not turning the ball over like the Tampa Bay doe’s

    Killa KEV Reply


    Steven Nevins Reply


    070707alain Reply

    RSSS68 Camaro p

MrUHOH415 Reply

P*rnstar Jimmy didn’t have his best game.

What matters though is that the team got the win.

    NobbyKNobbs Reply

    As a 49ers fan, Jimmy G’s rust was evident. It’s his 1st official game back and he will get better.

    pinkfloydfan8 Reply

    cmon guys..he played decent..2 tds called back, 1 bad read on the int, It will get better!!

    Mr. Lightskin Reply

    Jimmy Played great today, but them Refs…Them Refs needs to be fired.💯

    Dat Reply

    Someone’s been watching too much ESPN.

MrMegaFredZeppelin Reply

49er Faithful 🙂 49ERS FOR LIFE!!!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!!!

B No Reply

struggled.. still got a W. Knocking the rust off and build up that confidence. leeeeeegooo

    B No Reply

    2 Wins with New England.. 7 with niners and 2 losses with niners

    Khalil Y Reply

    B No no need to argue with these ppl they have the same excuses every week they said they wanted to see how he did in the reg season although it wasn’t the greatest the did alright I’ve stopped responding to the haters lmfao just wait and come back

    B No Reply

    Daddy Boy nothin but facts!

    Mr. Lightskin Reply

    @Donald Trump Jr. X leave

    Donald Trump Jr. X Reply

    @Mr. Lightskin No

Thomas Tiberio Reply

Someone on the Patriots said, “Wankanda Forever”

    Landon Allen Reply

    Mr.Glass I wouldn’t know if he’s an idiot or not but he did somehow end up on the most unstoppable team in the NFL so he has to have at least a semi decent IQ 😂

    What society dictates Blows Reply

    Same guy that got busted faking a racism claim

    Landon Allen Reply

    What society dictates Blows ohhhh, didn’t know that. Nvm he’s an idiot.

    Boca Jrs Reply

    Clown Michael Bennett

Aditya Vatsavayi Reply

NFC south looking pretty weak out here

Korvus Reply

Kaepernick should take Winston’s job

    GizmoMaltese Reply

    @L R QB’s are rarer and more critical to winning than wide receivers, not so smarty pants.

    L R Reply

    @GizmoMaltese exactly why a drama queen back up QB isn’t essential compared to Brown who is the best at his position smarty farty

    GizmoMaltese Reply

    @L R Kaepernick is a drama queen for kneeling about police brutality but a selfish jerk like AB is OK with you. Got it.

    RK Belmont Reply

    Kaepernick would be booed anywhere in Florida because of the Castro love.

    L R Reply

    @GizmoMaltese Marshawn Lynch been sitting and Kneeling before kneeling was even trendy

MrMomoneyz Reply

Good to see him back on the field. Just need to brush off some of the rust and he will be fine or otherwise mullens is going to take his job.

    Northpole_clan Blade Reply

    MrMomoneyz pretty true statement m8
    Go 9ers

ozzmoises Reply

2 TDs called back on bs penalties we should have ran away with this game

    Gibster Reply

    @Riggs Murtah right but two were on the same drive

    Ev Dog Reply

    Both teams had a LOT of penalties. Im glad the 9ers won but they have a lot of areas that need improvement. It was the first game so thats common but Jimmy G and the offense need to step it up.

    SuperSlob Reply


    Gibster Reply

    @SuperSlob hey a lot of us have rooted for this team at it most dreadful days. we deserve the we.

    Steven Nevins Reply

    Also Facts

Brian G Reply

D line was stacked today😏👑👌🏽

Michael Gomez Reply

First game back since he was injured. Got us a W

MnCAlapati415 Reply

Gotta get them penalties under control. 4 td’s called back by flags…

    Joe Assaf Reply

    MnCAlapati415 it was 2, stop exaggerating

    MnCAlapati415 Reply

    @Joe Assaf 2 or 4, the point is td’s got called back. Stop replying over old comments.

Austin York Reply

All these flags make NFL games difficult to watch.

    Darren Krehoff Reply

    This is a typical 9er game over the last five years. Stupid penalties all game long.

    Ev Dog Reply

    Ugly game….The refs were going buck-wild throwing flags on both teams. Im glad the 9ers won but they need to clean it up a little.

Daniel Tayong Reply

Jimmy G with the W

Highwayanimatic674 Reply

Great first week Titan and Niners fan.

wubble Reply

cool af growing up with this guy. he carried us throughout his entire highschool career as you could imagine

Gibster Reply

first game back from injury, it did take luck a few weeks to get going, and it was cross country, I’ve seen great QBs have terrible games. he looked like he was trying to keep the mistakes to a minimum and if not for two tds called back he could have had a monster game. all in all I’m happy with what I saw.

Ev Dog Reply

It was an UGLY game the refs were going buck-wild throwing flags on both teams. Im glad the 9ers won but they need to clean it up a little…..It was the first game though.

RK Belmont Reply

He had 2 TD called back because of dumb penalties, not his fault of all those offensive flags. And Kendrick Bourne, again, running wrong routes and dropping balls, they should’ve kept Jordan Matthews and dumped Bourne.

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