Jim Schwartz & Mike Groh Discuss Ronald Darby, Carson Wentz, & More | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jim Schwartz & Mike Groh Discuss Ronald Darby, Carson Wentz, & More | Eagles Press Conference

Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz and offensive coordinator Mike Groh speak to the media about the loss to the Atlanta Falcons and what they're looking for against the Detroit Lions.

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DARBY came back too soon.. waste of 8 million

    N O L A N M I L N E S


    N O L A N M I L N E S

    Agholor cost us 9 million.


What happened to our “#1 rated O line” and “top D line”… Mirage….

Alike Cooper

Why don’t Schwartz switch up our defense based on who we play? I’m sick of him smh

J Dominguez

Get ramsey then we good

John Lancaster

Opposing quarterback is throwing the ball the second he gets it from the center. If defensive backfield doesn’t play tighter this team will keep losing.

    Stephon Branch

    John Lancaster fr we keep playing soft defense

Gabe Alt

I honestly liked the way Jim called this game since we have D line that are hurt bringing more people is gonna have to happen.

Big D

Time to get rid of darby … and lets get Ramsey. Lol probably not gonna happen

Ernie Green

Darby gets burned entirely too much for the money he’s making. I’m sure other teams plan on exposing him in their matchups against us


    Ernie Green yes we are🤫

    Brian Moser

    Ernie Green yes a team shouldn’t be targeting your #1 CB.

Wilson Bowden

Jims blitzes were predictable. In both games. Every time he blitz, Opposition takes a shot over the top

    allen Brown

    facts everyone knows his “zero blitz” you can see it from miles away…plus our corners are weak so its not that hard to beat

Forrest Smith

The O line held up enough to let Carson throw the ball to Nelson!! That was big time

Steff67’ Ish

We give up too many big plays!! DB’s need to step up and TACKLE!! 😡😡

Sara McCaskel



This is wat happens when we start slow… its been the issue since last year bruh! We wouldn’t be in this situation if we started fast.

Robert Wainwright

Were good, just gotta adjust to these injuries and we will start moving.

Stephon Branch

I’m tired of seeing our dbs play off the ball im tired of noticeable blitz we call 🤦🏽‍♂️ Jim needs to be on the hot seat & our running game horrible

Stephon Branch

As a eagles fan if we don’t run the ball we should loss every game bottom line the game is won in the trenches 😒💯💯💯every body knows

adot Moon

Trade Alshon or Howard & give up draft picks for Jalen Ramsey ASAP…

drealmerz7 z

your videographer needs checked – too much white, check the white balance

Brittany Garrison

He’s just not a one. Big deal. Fans not from this city get on my nerves.

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