Jim Nantz Previews Sunday’s Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears Matchup – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jim Nantz Previews Sunday’s Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears Matchup

The legendary , who will call Sunday's game between the and Bears on at 3:25 PM, joined .com's Mike Wobschall to offer his take on the matchup.

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Ryan Damon


Max Lobbins

its weird to hear his voice when hes not commentating


“Pound the meat”


    Can’t wait for that to become a meme

    Richard Harper

    I did this morning


    @Richard Harper 😂😂😂😂😂


The Vikings will Choke Again that’s what they are good at I doubt if the Vikings Will Ever Win a Championship I am Confident they will find a way to blow it they always have even when they are 15-1


    @tim allen you should set up boundaries with your grandmother paul, I already told you last time I found her sitting on your face. Anyways christmas is almost here keep this up and your going to get some coal in your stockings

    tim allen

    @1995Rebel my grandmothers died in 1982 & 84 but anyway cupcake mom says ” wassup “


    @tim allen oh lord you’re really going to bring it there ? You disgusting old man


    @tim allen god bless thier souls I’m sure they were better people than you could ever hope to be

Mantiss Toboggan

Everybody is gonna be talking about Pounding That Beef



Jim Lunde

Hello Friends. Gonna be a good one. Nice interview Mike.

Joe Joe

28-13 Chicago in an easy, easy victory.

Vegas said that Minnesota has a 0.0000001% chance to win. Gotta listen to Vegas bruh

    Skoldier Soup

    21-10 Vikings

    Skoldier Soup

    Bears offense cant score 🤣🤣🤣

    tim allen

    The Bears offense scoring 28 on the Vikings defense? Hilarious loser not seeing it


Skol! However, we will lose this one..pretty badly I think. I cant predict a score but we always lose in chicago

XD Productions

Before you look much further…most of the comments are about either Sulking fans complaining about the Vikings losing…or Jim Nantz.

Get Money

I’m so happy romo n jim got the Vikings game SKOL

    Rick Layeux

    Yes agree, Romo is one of the best.

    Baby Xan

    Starscream 9 Jesus Christ man he just speaks the truth

WolfCastle Wolfcastle

Time to Cook up some bear meat!!


    Dalvin is gonna get cooked.

    Private Individual


    Baby Xan

    Electric naw he gonna cook a whole three course meal with a side of mattison SKOL

Rex Rogers

SKOL!! It’s gonna be a good, tough game. Respect to the Bears as well.

Sam Iam

Spank the beef ?

alex mcmillen

Bears fans gonna be pounding their meat after taking this L

    blair rogers


    Sue Martino

    Trubisky will win a superbowl before a cousins

    Skoldier Soup

    Lmao bears fan that thinly turdbisky will score on us 🤣🤣 Vikings 28-10


Nantz has always been a great play by play and by adding Romodamus. This team is by far the Top Tier commentators this league has to offer. I do also like Al Michaels but they keep pairing him with complete morons. I do not normally like CBS because of the idiot Gumble crew. and the NFC crew Troy and Buck cannot stop swallowing Rodgers spunk no matter what game they call.

Tyler Schwanke

The AFC gets Nantz, Romo while I hafta deal with Collinsworth and Buck on the regular.

The Viking Dragon SKOL

26- 13 Vikings,,,,,,, SKOL to all my Viking brothers and sisters !!!

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