Jim Donovan Calls Nick Chubb’s 3 TD Day vs. Ravens | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Benjamin H

There’s no one better!!

Nathan Kopronica

Gotta love him

Minne meulen

Amazing… This is how it’s done! Sounds great when you dont see ‘m but this is even better. Aad de Mos should learn something from these guys!!

james frazier

I love local announcers way more than the snooze fest you see on TV


    Ikr, the only announcers that interest me on TV are Gus Johnson and Tony Romo

Mr. Jones

Great calls from the great Jim Donovan Cleveland sports legend


Actually,that last td was 95 yards.the pitch was back to the 5.Give nick his extra 5.He may need them for contract talks 😄

Sam Smorcington

God, the genuine excitement is infectious! Jim Donovan literally jumping up and down watching the run! I will never not love seeing this!

Rase -iwnl-

Jim Donovan reacted like any loyal browns fan! I can’t tell you I looked exactly like him hands in the air screaming moments like this are special.😊😊

    Maurandis Da Radus Films


    Scottacus Smith

    I was yelling so damn much yesterday! What a game! We was getting CHUBBY! I over celebrated and got wasted. Totally worth it. #GODAWGS

Mark Green

Jimmy with the GREAT CALLS, and to see Doug smile on that third one was pure gold! Nice job gentlemen!

Sam Young

If watching Jim Donovan doesn’t make you smile real big and even bring a tear to your eye- you are dead!


I think Jim has to yell like that to make sure Doug is awake

Jose’s Gaming Channel

He really needs to learn how not to hold back his emotions (sarcastic smile).

It was fun to watch him 🙂

Becky Browand

I love watching Jimmy jumping up and down

Thaddeus Maxwell

I love Jim Donavon!!! He’s the most exciting sports announcer!!! Miss the local broadcasting

dale hemphill

For those that aren’t aware, we here in Cleveland are truly blessed with the finest sports announcers ever: Jim Donovan, Nev Chandler, Tom Hamilton, KC Coleman, Austin Carr, Rick Manning, Matt Underwood, ect. They were and are the best because they are fans first, then announcers!😓


    Don’t forget Cavs announcer just died last week and he was great for the Cavs


This gave me goosebumps seeing Jim and Doug. This is AMAZING! watching this I watched it 3 times for the HAT TRICK! HERE WE GO BROWNIES!

Why is doug so calm? I was screaming in my living room the whole time. My wife was a like you ok. This game made me cry. Best away win I have ever seen in my life.

Ben and Jerry’s Review

Stephan A. “Yeah bakers overrated” yeah right

Chad M

Man Jim and Doug just make my day every time I listen to them


When are we getting a Jim Donovan documentary? The dude deserves it

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