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Emperor Palpatine

Patriots defense has not allowed a touchdown in 16 quarters.

    this avatar is hated by democrats

    @H B you Patriots fans are evil now.

    H B

    @this avatar is hated by democrats I’m a Dallas fan tho.

    Son Goku

    @this avatar is hated by democrats are you 10? They have been to 9 SUPERBOWLS.


    David Long

    Lil Wayne Carter yes, I watch football. I thought he meant this season. I fixed my mistake, so can everybody chill out?


    I ask myself everyday, why the hell are the Patriots so elite?

Emperor Palpatine

Patriots defense is arguably the best in the league right now

    Jesse Wise


    Wayne King

    @Tim flames The Patriots are the best team in the NFL period and there is no argument. Their execution is serious. For them, being the best is still not good enough and that is the best mindset of all.

    Loyal Cowboys Fan

    @Emperor Palpatine stfu yall will allow 40+ to Mahomeboy this year in Arrowheard

    Qaz Wsx

    Intellectual One the chiefs had the worst defense in the nfl last year and still almost lost both games to mahomes.


    it ain’t arguable at all, it’s no debate. The best defense since the 2013 Seahawks

Andrei Solzhenitsyn

To all my fellow Jets fans that are very depressed, I have good news, we overachieved today! We only lost by 16!

    George Ferrera

    Don’t worry jets fans. The Bills are gonna shut them out.


    @George Ferrera 🤤 lmao…i think ur joking…

    Soda King

    @washburn11000 shoulda woulda coulda but it didn’t happen mate the Seahawks should have ran the ball the falcons shouldn’t have blown a 25 point lead and the Patriots should not have lost a Superbowl to a back up QB and. 2 Superbowls to Eli Manning but it happened sometimes what is supposed to happen doesn’t


    @Soda King technically our defense has still only given up 3 points so far 😁… Best in the league

    John Pratt

    @Tony Micel I totally agree

Emperor Palpatine

Jets defense has more points than the jets offense this year

    american maniac

    all u pats haters remember…. kiss da rings plzzz

    John Pratt

    @american maniac corny

    adam karpowich

    ha ha

    Joshua Pickett

    Thats Adam Gase for you. Same thing in Miami. He shouldnt even be an OC. When will the Jets fire him? 1 year 2 years?

    Joey Veloso

    @Duncan Donuts the patriots defense hasn’t given the opposing team a touchdown yet, and has only given up 3 points this season as we speak. While having scored 2TDs on picks 6’s

Fingering Things

“We can hold our opponents to 3 points in 3 games.”

Pats rookies: Hold my beer


    FACTS lmao, that’s what I just said


    @timomastosalo ya but dude..going into week four and all we’d be giving up is a field goal so far 🤷


    @new england patriotsFan#12 you a clown


    @washburn11000 Yeah, without the rookie whoopsies. And I hope they are kept in the team: give room for the rookies to learn, when they didn’t decide the match with their fails.

I ate those food

Patriots offense has given up more points than their defense

    I am MGTOW

    That’s something Edelman would say lmao.

    Max McEwen


    Ragnar Almighty

    Only bc back QB tho

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Remember when Jets fans claimed they would go 12-4 and win the division?

Yeah me neither

    Tyler Williams

    @Chef Sweaty yeah me neither

    Alexander Merino

    C’mon it’s the “not-yets” we’re talking about here, cut’em some slack…..

    Edward Elric

    We never said that. You must have us confused with Browns fans

    darren “i lost custody” roberts

    Tastyquicksand – #DailyNFLVideos never happened

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

You know the Patriots defense is good when their offense and special teams has allowed more points then their defense.

    Slim 803

    They haven’t played anyone

    Loyal Cowboys Fan

    @June Amarillo like that grammer

    Nicolas P. Cage

    @June Amarillo Did you somehow miss the sarcastic meme format? r/whooosh

    juice dogg

    @I ate those food I heard that for the past 20 years. “Good teams” lol. Any team can win any given Sunday. The Giants were trash both years they beat the Pat’s. Now go find the nearest ledge…

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career

people need to appreciate Edelman more. He literally makes a huge difference to the Patriots’ offense.


    “People need to appreciate the WR1 of the perennial favourites for SB champions more.”

    – YouTube expert 2019


    Against garbage team matchups and division.

    Tom Hinmo

    HOF for sure


    @Chris Jaxon well that’s a dumb statement! Edelman’s numbers during the regular season aren’t even close to what Tom Brady is done in the regular season. And that’s what the Hall of Fame goes by.


    @Tom Hinmo unfortunately, the Hall of Fame voting doesn’t consider postseason. His regular-season numbers aren’t really good.


The first 3 games have been barely been “games”. It looks more like the Patriots practicing.

    Steven Soco

    Tripper Harrison KC is no match for NE. No defense. Btw, I’m a fan of a completely different team than either of these, so that’s an unbiased view. Actually hate KC and NE almost equally.

    Crazy Gamer

    @Steven Soco Wait … No match? Last season with one of the WORST Defenses in the league … While KC lost both games to NE (One in Reg Season, the second in the Divisional Playoffs) they didn’t win by more than 7 pts. (43-40 for the first game, 37-31 in OT in the second) … Yeah, absolutely no match for NE. We’ll see come December. Oh, and don’t forget the 27-42 Loss to the Chiefs in Foxborough during the 2017 season opener.

    Steven Soco

    Crazy Gamer well, by that measure, many NFL teams are “a match”. In the same season, 2018, with the Denver Broncos/ Chiefs scores were 27-23 and 23- 30. While both were Chiefs wins, looks like you’re saying the 6-10 Broncos were “a match” for the Chiefs, since they were in the game and not blown out.


    Whiplash95 all the other teams games are just practice for whoever is coming to lose next in Foxboro…

Day Be Trippin

Jamie Collins for comeback player of the year 🙌

    Nellybo knockdown

    @J M *insert anthony adams laugh*

    My Empire

    They should’ve never let him go, I’m glad he’s back 💪


    He is balling

    Millard Washington

    Day Be Trippin it’s nice to be home! Hahahahaha


Touchdowns patriots allowed this season so far:
Patriots Special teams:1
Patriots offense:1
Patriots defense:0

    Michael Supernor

    11XConfChamps6XSBChamps #PatsKingdom That is rich and true, so far!


    Yeah plus the teams there facing has some monster offense skills hahaha


    MP but in the other game they played the nfc champion rams in the super bowl


Josh Gordon is TOUGH.

You can tell he was beat the hell up. The Flash is a GROWN MAN.

    zackychan finacial

    A good player and a good man i hope he keeps on trucking. He has a bright future

    Earl Mines

    @oz is higher than a cloud REAL TALK!!

    shas wards

    Looking good for you and the people that believed in you; one day at a time brah.

Tarantula Guy

Gronk would have scored on that play 0:39

    Anthony JS

    and he wouldn’t have had to grab the defender’s facemask to do it!


    That looked like Gronk too lol

    Jose Ortiz

    Tarantula Guy I was thinking the same thing!!!

    Vincent Gallagher

    It’s early

Nicholas Katsikas

Josh Gordon was an absolute monster today. Despite playing injured he still made a lot of plays to put the Patriots in a position to win this game.

    Nick Fury

    @LittleLemonPizza X what does this comment means?


    Josh Gordon is always been a dominant wide receiver. Ever since his rookie season. He would legitimately be the best wide receiver in the game and have incredible stats if not for the issues with drugs. I think he has finally grown up and I’m so glad the NFL did not ban him. I’ve always been a fan of him he used to put up monster fantasy numbers for me when he was in Cleveland.


    Against the jets


    I’m mainly impressed Gordon has made it this far through the season without failing a drug test yet.

Phil Michaels

Over 300 yds and 2 TDs at 42 years old?

Tom Brady confirmed for bionic vampire.

    Scott D

    He has to be doing something lol it’s too unbelievable. He looks younger now then he was a rookie. He must do botox as well. I worship the ground he walks on as a Pats fan but I really do question something is up with this man. He ages backwards lol

    Austin Madore

    11XConfChamps6XSBChamps #PatsKingdom mahomes is better than Brady

    Calculated Risk

    @11XConfChamps6XSBChamps #PatsKingdom I honestly think that Mahomes is the second coming of Brady that will carry the torch whenever TB12 retires. KC will win the Super Bowl with him within the next 5 years if they don’t screw everything up.
    (Pats fan)


    Phil Michaels where’s that cornball that said he was cliff diving?

Bi66 S0L3

Rookie mistakes gave the Jets points. BB is going to have fun on these poor souls during next weeks practice 😂😂😂


    How the Patriots work

    Rookie: *Makes mistake
    BB: I’m about to end this man’s whole career


    Bi66 S0L3 Tuesday they will wake up dolphins.


Belichick: I don’t want you getting injured, Tommy, so I’m putting Stidham in.
*Stidham throws pick 6*
Stidham: Ight Imma Head Out

    Rocky Jeter Webb

    @Kayden Wade Right. Tom Brady was a sixth round draft pick and he keeps reminding himself of that to motivate himself.

    Jay Chandler

    @Kayden Wade I’m hoping for a qb coaching job for tb with the Patriots after retirement….

    Otto Wilkinson

    It’s not good but it’s his first game so I can forgive it. Kid will learn.

    eskimo joe

    Lmao stidham will be great he just needs to watch Tom play some more 🙂

Sports Fan_91

Those two catches by Gordon @ 4:00 & 5:12 were unbelievable. What lasers by Brady & what hands by Gordon.

    All Alone

    I’m completely amazed by Brady’s ability to hit that so perfectly

IG Westcoast

I think a better title would be “Watch the Patriots abuse the Jets”

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