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Call me crazy but I knew New York would win

    kam apparicio

    Lol I can’t with y’all in the comments lol.

    OTB Mods

    wich one

    Odell card Collector

    I think giants will make playoffs


    Tim yeah I thought they would lose too, I was right. Can we also give it up to New York for winning though?

Asian Satire

I knew that Daniel Jones wasn’t going to be what people said he was going to be.



    prauxfessional Amateur

    Don’t forget about how we thought the same at first regarding Phil Simms out of tiny ball Morehead State.
    His grit and surprising potential through his play were uncanny to this deja vu.

    prauxfessional Amateur

    @J Foster how many Superbowl championship titles do them Pigs have again????

    A sad Jets Fan

    Yanni Nicolas no you didn’t, stop lying


    I knew it once I actually started watching some film analysis rather than relying on what Todd McShay had to say about it.

Jake Sanservino

Great start for Daniel. Optimistic about him now.

    Arrow 55555i

    Jake Sanservino I ain’t

    Musa Mansa

    I’m a diehard giants fan but it’s his first preseason game! Relax! He did look good out there but let’s not anoint him just yet.

    Silent Priest

    Jones got some development but after a year i see a future for him in the giants. Let eli mentor him

    Jake Sanservino

    He is showing good signs so far.

    Joe Cool Berry

    Andrew Gonzalez Those are QB’s from last year’s draft class not this year, unless ur saying the should have taken a QB that year instead of saquan

Loyal Philly fan

Daniel Jones came out on fire. He looking like he might do something this year, I know it’s preseason tho.

    Ian Jones

    @Vinny B besides it doesn’t change the fact that he had a perfect game.

    Kermit The Frog

    Ian Jones cody latimir isn’t starting? that’s stupid he should be

    Kyle Theune

    Get rid of manning. Save some money. Its not like the year can go worse than last year so let jones have a shot

    Dual Purpose

    @Kyle Theune nah Jones is looking like A superb threat but Eli ain’t no slouch. Obj was just a bum who tarried to much on his routes putting himself out of position for Eli’s rehearsed passes. If you nned to be somewhere in 3 seconds from when the QB practiced to throw it and it takes you 4 seconds….than it looks like a bad pass or an overthrow. Eli gonna be better with Odell gone.

Loyal Philly fan

Jones & Barkey gonna be a fun duo to watch this season if Jones starts.

    Time Master

    @Eman Brutus Its different if you live close to the stadium

    Time Master

    @Reese Garver Barkley is the Giants starting running back

    Dark Matter

    @Time Master He asked who Barkey was…not Barkley. 😔😂

    Time Master

    @Dark Matter I Dont see the difference

    Mr. Clean

    @luke b bro ur subbed to the jets I wonder why u say Daniel isn’t good hmm

Allan the great

Who else was hoping that Le’Veon Bell was going to play


    lenny It’s usually the 3rd preseason game, the 4th one the starters usually don’t play

    Tommy D

    formula rainbow also there’s usually 90+ guys on the preseason roster and only 55 make the regular season roster so it’s more for backups proving their worth and trying to make the team

    Mona Brallier

    @Kai Diggs cry baby hasn’t played for 2 years.. he sat out the last 2 seasons.. so happy he’s no longer our problem.. he should’ve played though considering his past!


    Pre season is the small little season before the real season to see how your new players are doing and how they act in the big league. You dont see eli and barkley because that would risk them getting hurt in a season that doesnt count

    Mona Brallier

    @Deadpoolman The difference being they’ve played the last few years! Yes it’s a chance for the rookies to shine but remember prior to the two seasons he sat out he was also injured during the playoffs.. he’s rather rusty, he was too busy trying to make music while sitting out his second consecutive season that he’s rusty and considering his CAREER AVG yds/carry with Pittsburgh is less than that of James Conner yeah he needs some work.. he was easily replaced for a reason.. in his years in Pittsburgh he was either INJURED or SUSPENDED for VIOLATING the LEAGUE’S substance abuse POLICY! I wouldn’t expect big things from him!

NY Jets

Darnlod, Siemien, and Falk did great. Web sucked. Also we need to get Cantkickinarzo out of here.

    Just us

    @Michael If you are a Jets fan like me, winning or mocking Darnold shouldn’t be any of your priorities


    @Michael so it doesn’t matter if its stupid but it works then it aint stupid


    @Michael it doesnt matter we can play the what if game untill the end of time but in the end of the day it wasnt picked off


    @VMan29397 It doesn’t matter depending on what you believe is more important: the result, or the decision making.

    Raul Ruiz

    I’m not even a jets fan but, amen brother

Alex Garcia

Who else is just happy to see football highlights again?

    Braden McWreath TV

    Alex Garcia me!

    Isaiah Battle

    Everyone lol

    seb curt

    for real

    shawn bopko

    sam darnold looked the sam as he always dose but d jones had a good 5 for 5 night this jones kid is good he puts the ball in right space

    Amazing Guy

    I miss the AAF

Giants Pride

Was at this game. Amazing game. (Despite the weather Daniel Jones caused 😂)

    Jesse Jara

    Giants Pride but the raiders better


    @Jesse Jara No one asked

    Matt Roberts

    @kev127 yet you answered🤕


    Amazing preseason game


    @Matt Roberts That don’t make sense

Plant Gang Dead Meme Inc.

Me: ohhh, Daniel Jones actually had a pretty good first game
Shitposters: wait that’s illegal

    Black Jeezus

    Ian Jones still preseason buddy. Congrats you looked good against a trash team


    @Amped Up preseason Jones will lose to Jets first team defense

    Christian Maxwell

    @donald deluxe I mean Dwayne haskins didn’t play well against the browns

    donald deluxe

    Christian Maxwell the only team that poses a threat to get the division against Dallas is Philadelphia and even they have their own set of problems. With the QB and the deteriorating o-line with the questionable defense.

Brandon Oki

The zip on Daniel Jones’ passes 🔥

    prauxfessional Amateur

    As well leading his receivers with balls they could only catch.
    Was definitely impressive preseason debut.

    65 TossPowerTrap

    Gettleman looking smart

    Tomáš Bernáth

    Like 63 overall

    Bryan Gorman

    65 actually lol


0:09 Kelechi Osemele made me shed a tear, is that what pass protection looks like? As a Jets fan i kinda forgot what that was 😂


    Facts. We may actually have a decent Offensive Line for the first time in years.


    Lites I replayed it like 5 times cause I couldn’t believe it

    clash man

    Man they weren’t kidding when they said Osemele loves pancaking & bulldozing mofo’s! Surprised the dude got up afterwards.😂

    Marist Old Boys

    He has a linebackers mentality..always prowling for victims

Bigdboi 21

Honestly all the Giants back up quarterback did pretty well


    or the cornerback depth is atrocious, but yeah, he did what he had to. Problem is now First Take will have 24 hr Daniel Jones coverage because Giants thats why lol

    Kermit The Frog

    Bigdboi 21 expect lauletta, he’s lucky jones caught that

    Paul Jones

    subjektproductions did he play this game



    gaming update

    Bigdboi 21 bro the jets had their 3rd strings in

Champagne Papi_96

That TD pass from Jones was nice ball placement 🔥

    Miko The Gaming Channel

    Champagne Papi_96 I said the same thing right over #40 and in the corner away from the opponent !

    I Steal people durags and sell it back to them

    Champagne Papi_96 he need to train my QB Dak that

    D Caraway

    that was a unreal pass. nyg might have something

    prauxfessional Amateur

    6 inch window is Pro ready game skills.


Number 47 on the Giants is someone I grew up with. CJ Conrad. He got his first catch tonight

    Garrett Little

    52 now, Ogletree took 47


    Garrett Little there both 47

    Pierce White


The New One 071

As a jets fan, all a care about is that Sam Darnold played good with Jamison Crowder

    Charlotte Haggerty


    prauxfessional Amateur

    @Jqcked since 1969…

    Slightly annoyed Jets and Celtics Fan.

    prauxfessional Amateur y’all getting smoked week 10

    Gary Stevenson

    @phoon its a preseason game lmfao. Our starters only played one drive

    prauxfessional Amateur

    @Slightly annoyed Jets and Celtics Fan. It’s named Giants Stadium for good reason… Even though you Ject’s have a supposed home game that 10th week.
    Look at the history of the series…and we own you 8-5, with 4 Superbowl Titles to your measly 1 back when Grandpa Joe was wearing furs in the late 60’s.
    So i can’t wait to laugh at u reJect’ s fans yet again when it comes back to…
    “We’ll getem next year!!!”

German Boyee

They forgot to add the 45 minutes game delay

New York Giants Blood!!!!

Eli you my boy but you been put on notice.

    パンク / punk

    dont understand how he’s your boy? been horrible past few seasons not really an elite qb and he has the biggest contract… giants should of sailed that sunken ship traded in more depth.

Evan Gray

Jones looked much better than Dwayne Haskins tonight tbh


    Well I guess that settles the debate then…Hoyer, Simien and Paxton Lynch also looked like actual QB’s last night too. Just sayin, it means nothing.

    Adoniyah Ysrael

    He didn’t play as long for this statement to be true

    Daniel Silecchia


    Aleksandro Gora

    Mill Soe if Haskins is getting smacked around by the browns 2nd and 3rd stringers… sorry to break it to you but he ain’t gonna play as a starter lmao

Tha Sheik

We all are talking about Daniel Jones but did you see russel Sheppard 👍🏽

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