Jets vs. Falcons Preseason Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Mike Jay Reply

Them jets jerseys are cool tho

    John G Reply

    Love them

    Jeremy Davidson Reply

    I can’t stand them. Remind me of Rich Kotite days. Want to see cool Jets unis? Look up Jets Forty-niners 1998.

    Spencer Berklite Reply

    They look amazing on TV… the old ones were dull and an awful hue of green that looked like brown on a screen

    Darius Reply

    eagles are better

    Justin Blevins Reply

    I’m a falcon fan and I like the Jet jerseys they’re wearing here. I’ve also always like the Jets too.

Jamie Craig Reply

Austin Hooper catches a ball


    Nick Mark Reply

    Jamie Craig forever will be heeeeeaaaath

    Itachi Uchiha Reply

    On tv it sounds like theyre saying boo lol. Same thing with witherspoon back in the day he makes a tackle SPOOOOOOON and I’d be at home like why are they booing him. Until I went to my first game lol

Ryan Acosta Reply

Jets are gonna neeeed a kicker cuz god damn we let jason myers walk. Also need corners that are healthy too

    SMITHFIELD !!!!!!!!!!! Reply

    The kicker needs to get fired godamnit

    Justin Blevins Reply

    Y’all need corners??? We’re the Falcons. We’ll take your corners plz.

    Gary Stevenson Reply

    @SmoglessPanic he only missed kicks at the end of the season which didn’t matter anyways because we was still losing

    Gary Stevenson Reply

    @Justin Blevins y’all have Desmond trufant we have no body

    A sad Jets Fan Reply

    I mean Myers had one good year

kobk_14 Reply

falcons o line in mid season form

    Vonte Ross Reply

    Robert Ladimir No tf they don’t 😂

    Damian Kania Reply

    @Robert Ladimir 😂😂

    Justin Blevins Reply

    Back up o-line, brethren.

    Omar Garnica Reply

    Justin Blevins I’m sure I saw jake Matthews and Chris lindstrom In there even in the first series with Schaub. That was the some of the starting line atleast.

    Actively Lazy Reply

    @Lil Demon Alex Mack and a few others weren’t in. It’s mostly backups

wpl Reply

Don’t really understand why they left Ryan in that long.

    Nigward Reply

    Darth Raider yeah definitely man, let’s leave out our best players even when there’s always a high chance of players getting hurt no matter how many quarters they are in for. Take your L and never talk football again kid.

    Mr. Clean Reply

    @quan Brooklyn kid 28-3

    Mr. Clean Reply

    @Ramaun Thompson I didn’t say they were..

    Ramaun Thompson Reply

    @MrStealYourPasta 97 yeah he did good but his team did, at the end, remember when brady lost the super bowl against the eagles and still had 500 passing yards? They didn’t have any defense in there super bowl games

    Ramaun Thompson Reply

    @Bee Eazy OK so your saying Julian and brady are overrated, Nick foles is overrated, (kinda) all those guys that one mvp are not good, gotcha

Dalton Hill Reply

Jets are a playoff team, they just have the issue of having the Pats in their division

    Nigward Reply

    Bills Mafia 🤡🤡🤡

    Endy D Reply

    Lol BillsMafia lurks Jets posts all the time.

    Hmmm What a flex Reply

    Bills Mafia lol the bills 💀

    Bills Mafia Reply

    Endy D i lurk every nfl post bud..

trill 1 Reply

Matt Ryan is gonna get killed behind this o line.

    trill 1 Reply

    @David Cardwell Shouldn’t matter.

    trill 1 Reply

    @Vonte Ross FACTS!!!! LMAO!

    Julius jeaN baptiste Reply

    Now y’all know how Eli feels lmao

    Cem Eke Reply

    ​@The Truth because he never fkn runs. how many more times does he have to fail, to realize that you DONT THROW THE FKN BALL AT THE 2 YD-LINE? we lost the two past seasons because he was too scared to sneak near the goal line

Jared GOAT Reply

Jets 1st team just cruising down the field on the opening drive. Same with last game

    WiSSeN MuZiK Reply

    @glonik yeah….no. you’re gonna be sad as hell once the reg season starts if u think the jets good hahahahah

    Chris Jerome Reply

    @WiSSeN MuZiK stfu who your team the bills hahahahahaha

    Dennis Garcia Reply

    @jeremiah salva what other team did that lol plenty of teams get shut out on their first drives. Like the falcons and the giants

    jeremiah salva Reply

    @Dennis Garcia pretty much every team that put in their starters

Tyler Tulare Reply

either the jets d-line is scary good or atlanta is really struggling with an o-line

    Mathew Olmos Reply

    I mean da giants o-line got that d-line, so

    Donovan Shannon Reply

    Both….But the whole Jets D-unit will benefit under coach Williams

    Bill Cosby Reply

    The jets defense is good cause of Jamal Adams

Isaiah Brown Reply

How many hits does ur starting qb need to take in the preseason b4 u take him out like wtf r the falcons doin

    Hengel Andrews Reply

    Razor Mixes MVP stats going 7-9 okay…

    Ghostkilla 1 Reply

    Zorack 😂😂😂😂

    illmatic826 Reply

    How does Matt Ryan have an MVP & Drew Brees doesn’t?? lol the NFL is so gay for that

Sage Park Reply

Dirty birds better fix that O line. Ryan is getting killed out there.

    Justin Blevins Reply

    Apparently wasn’t the whole starting line.

    Sage Park Reply

    @Justin Blevins Not very smart if that’s true. Why take the unnecessary risk in a preseason game?

    Sage Park Reply

    @Justin Blevins Of course it’s about QB. Ryan stayed in way too long in a preseason game considering that he’s a veteran and aggressiveness of Jets’ defense. And it’s stupid of Atlanta’s coaching staff if they let their 30M/yr QB out there without max protection available.

Dominican sosa Reply

Jets cornerbacks are garbage, safeties are ballers

    JetsMetsCanes117 Reply


    Robert Ladimir Reply

    complete bull, jets have excellent corners. top 15, if not top 10 in the entire NFL.

    Eonick Reply

    Robert Ladimir maybe even top 5

    WiSSeN MuZiK Reply

    @Eonick yeah top 5 worst

Timothy Williams Reply

C’mon admit those uniforms are 🔥

    glonik Reply

    I think the shitty lighting they used when they revealed gave a lot of people a wtf. The more you see the unis better they look personally

    Nick Hunter Reply

    @glonik Exactly. They look so much better on the field than in the studio

    M R Reply

    @ImmortalHitman stfu you idiot

    NothingToPointOut24 Reply

    They have the look of a uni everyone will be wearing in 3 years if the Jets win a SB soon. Everyone said the Seahawks current jersey was awful when it first came out, then they started winning and everyone loved em.

MOBA Player The Struggle Stream Reply

Where’s the falcons o-line?

King DEUCE Reply

Arthur Blank needs to walk the offensive line coach to his car, Matt got killed

    Goku Black Reply

    I’m saying 🤣

    A sad falcons Fan Reply


Tyler Knutson Reply

Ty Montgomery: *wears 88 at running back*

    sG Dark Reply

    hes a hybrid 🔥

    James Smith Reply

    Because ty Montgomery use to be a wide receiver and switch to running back and kept the number 88. But yeah he could have changed it up with the jets lol

    Paris Valentine Reply

    I had 81 at running back 😂

    Endy D Reply

    James Smith He said he wants to be known as the running back with a receiver number.

    ToXiic Huevon Reply

    He was a reciever lol

Laker Nation Reply

Jamal Adams and Sam changing life for the jets. the offense clicking like that without lev bell

    John G Reply

    YES SIR!

    M R Reply

    Hell yeah over that vanilla defense brooooooo

    Dennis Garcia Reply

    @M R Your acting like they weren’t trying to stop them. Those were perfect balls by Darnold there ain’t no scheme that would have prevented him throwing those balls lol

    Bill Cosby Reply


The Goblinator Reply

Wow Quinnen just destroyed a 5 year veteran with ease.

Sim ? Reply

That shiny color green the jets use on their helmets are so cold!!!

Cory Turner Reply

Our O Line ain’t worth a damn..

    Seriously Sevach Reply

    Cory Turner lol what O-line?

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