Jets vs. Eagles Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Paul George is Micah Bell

Out of all the teams Leveon Bell could’ve signed with he went for the Jets lol

    U done messed up A-Aron

    Paul George is Micah Bell well they gave him the most

    A Initiate

    That’s what happens. Only garbage teams would pay that much for a RB.

Andrei Solzhenitsyn

The Eagles are the only NFL team the Jets have never beat

Loyal Philly fan

I’m still angry that clement gave up the shut out smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ still a win but would’ve been better with the shutout

    Norman VanScoy

    I don’t think it was Clements fault entirely. It hit another Eagle first I think

    Nasiir Hall

    Norman VanScoy ur right it hit his foot and he had to secure it because I was live

Andrei Solzhenitsyn

The Eagles had 10 first downs

The Jets were sacked 10 times…

    Hawkeye Hair10

    Actually it was the jets that had 10 first downs


This was expected

Fingering Things

Man the Jets played some of the worst football I’ve ever seen in my life from a pro team.

Thank god Darnold didn’t play for his own safety

Loyal Philly fan

10 sacks this game. I told everyone this is the game our defense was gonna turn it around. If our d-line is eating like that then our defense is good.


Classic Jets

Emre Sümer

Imagine having Bell, Adams and Mosley and being 0-4

Guardians of Gold

Lets Go birds!

Marquel S

Fly Eagles Fly!

Fingering Things

Eagles managed to win by 25 points on a day where the offense looked about as bad as I have ever seen them play. Wow the Jets are bad

sexy korean girl

The uniforms are too similar colored

Nehemiah Howard

Why did i choose the bears over the eagles in eliminator😤😩

BenPF20 ?!

Redskins: We are going to get crushed by the eagles

Eagles: You already did…

caleb sims

That’s the eagles for you

Peter Lananna

Fun fact, the Jets have never beaten the Eagles in the regular season lol.

Cjsax8787 Williams

“The eagles have the worst pass defense in the NFL”
What a awesome football prelude


8:32 Orlando Scandrick straight up ROBBED the Jets’ QB of that ball. Most hilarious strip-sack I’ve ever seen in my life.

Justinn Zamora

By the time Darnold returns, the Jets will very likely by 0-6.

The Eagles didn’t need to lift a finger in that contest.

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