Jerry Jones Updates Status of RB Ezekiel Elliott’s Contract Hold Out | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Tino Zavala

Doesn’t the NFL team salary cap go up next year? Why doesn’t he wait for next season.

    Omar Handely

    @Jason Bradham I guess you didn’t see Jerry’s speech tonight during the 2019 kickoff luncheon, eh moron?

    last jedi

    Yes the salary cap goes up every season …i agree with you zeke wouldve probably been better off to play this season them try and get a new contract done.

    Charles Stiles

    Yes but so does the players salary. Running backs will be signing 16 to 18 million dollar contracts next year. The sooner you sign a player the cheaper they are.

    ETC Mob.

    @Michael Hewitt
    Why does that matter? He’s still under contract for 2 more years.

    Ernesto Gonzales

    Zekes scared of getting injured and losing his payday… plus he knows a lot of players within the next two years have to get their paydays as well…

NLMB Zoldyck

Zeke might as well hang out with that clown faulk and play golf for the next two seasons

    Mario Gomez

    Dig the name

    Anthony Lee

    100% Agree

The Hook setter

One player does not make a team . Let me ask yall this if you owned the Cowboys would you pay Zeke knowing he is one incident away from either being banned or suspended for a year and is under contract. There nothing wrong with bettering yourself financially I just think zeke is asking to much with no give or compromise for a man that has had his back


    The Hook setter I agree. I say call his bluff

    Martin Munoz

    No i wouldn’t paying him nada

    Puppy Power

    Hook Setter…spot on!


    I’m paying for his on field performance and future seasons. If he has an off field incident put it in the contract.


I think Dez Bryant should gain 20 pounds of muscle and play tight end for us…..

    James Molen

    Why? So he can run one route like he did as a WR?


I was on Zekes side but he’s really starting to piss me off especially having his bandwagon boy Faulk throw his teammates under the bus.

    James Molen

    Let him sit and he will miss that almost 250K per game.


These guys ask great questions. Thanks

Chris Graham

Get a first round pick for Zeke,Marshall Faulk has ruin him

    ETC Mob.

    So you think a team is just going to throw a 1st round pick at us AND pay Zeke as much as he wants? Put down the remote kid; this isn’t Madden.

    Ernesto Gonzales

    Lmao! Good one bro 👇🏼

Michael Floyd

I hope he remembers that if he didn’t have the off field stuff he would probably have got the big payday, still top 5 money is not bad at all. Be a Cowboy and come back and play. Remember we stood behind you when you were lifting shirts hahaha be a man, come on back ok.

Carl Barksdale

I love preseason

Felix Blaksley

Imagine if we blow it up with Tony Pollard lmao 😂

    Ernesto Gonzales

    Felix Blaksley oh man one could only hope and pray. Then Zeke would have shot himself in the foot. ¡Bye felisha!

    Taken all bets

    Your funny

tracy harri

Jerry you can hold out just as much as zeke ,go play giants get a win

Gilbert Dennis

Some times I think Jerry Jones needs to keep quiet.
He makes it sound like he knows where going to make the playoffs and that’s when we need Zeke.

Gilbert Dennis

Didn’t Faulk get fired from espn for sexual harassment?? Him and a couple other guys?
Now he wants to give advice, Really!!!

Nunya Bizness

it astonishes me how little people who make comments here know about football. Ezekiel Elliott is not just a top running back, he’s a generational Talent that lifts everyone around him. He’s only the third running back in NFL history, a hundred years, that has led the league in yards per game his first three seasons. The other two were Jim Brown and Earl Campbell. Y’all need to shut the hell up about Tony Pollard. He’s a pretty good little player, but he’s damn sure no Ezekiel Elliott. Zeke is not only arguably the best runner in football, and an amazingly good pass-catcher, but there’s not a running back in the league that can run between the tackles as well as he can and certainly not another one that can pass protect like he can. Week in and week out teams game plan to stop him and just can’t do it. you want to give all the credit to the offensive line, you don’t have a clue. Look at the offensive line last year, backup center in a rookie guard all year, and backups replacing Tyron Smith and Zack Martin for several games. Zeke still led the league in rushing and in yards per game.
The Cowboys would be completely foolish not to give him the money that he wants.

    Liam Kemelov

    Nunya Bizness it’s all about availability in this league, and there is a big question with zeke. But I think he will play week 1 cuz he got a top 2 deal

jagger audinettee

Even Jerry Jones Knows The Marathon Continues!!


He lying when he says he’s comfortable.

    F R

    How is he lying… this guy a billionaire

mike sampson

If the offensive line stays healthy Zeke can just stay in Cabo.

mike sampson

Zeke already thinks he can do whatever he wants in public. Wait till he gets all that $$$. Trade him too many issues.

Bobby Ice McCall

Dallas Cowboys as a whole can easily when the first three games Giants, Redskins & Dolphins without Zeke. So it looks bad on him as a now. But this is still #DC4L🇺🇸🏈☝

Coal Miner Mark

Be funny if Zeke held out n went to another team n Dallas won the Suoerbowl. Zeke has too much baggage off the field to hold out. I say take the money n run.

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