Jerry Jones: Still Talking Contracts | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jerry Jones: Still Talking Contracts | Dallas Cowboys 2019

The owner was happy with the Cowboys’ dominating effort, but he had to address contract talks of not only Zeke, but Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott.

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Juan M Reply


Reginald Johnson Reply

If only hutchinson was luck

    Lava LifeGuard Reply

    Then they’d both be out of football, like they are now.

    Reginald Johnson Reply

    The difference…when hutch gave up, it wasnt in the news like Luck

West World Reply

Trade Zeke to the Texans for a haul of picks. Hershall Walker 2.0

    Lynn Dorsette Reply

    If a team gives up 8 picks Ezekiel Elliott I believe Jerry Jones would do it in a heartbeat

    William Smith Reply

    They ain’t doing that lol

    Mandoe Muñoz Reply

    Zeke for Clowney and a 1st ??

    West World Reply

    @Jose Garcia You do know JJ has Garrett playing out his final year….and Scott Linehan is no longer running the offense his way, Kellen Moore is determined not to run the offense Linehan’s way, Kitna is actually a good QB coach, there is now depth at RB & WR, Witten is back to try to win a SB, and every player is excited for the offense.

    Linehan was essentially fired for his crap offense. Garrrett knows he too will be fired if he continues with Linehan’s crap offense and does not get to SB this season.

    But most Zeke bandwagoners are dwelling on the offense that Scott Linehan created …reliant on Zeke.

    The 2019 Cowboys do not need Zeke to win a SB. This is no longer Scott Linehan’s offense.

    West World Reply

    @Lynn Dorsette This is not the 90’s.

    Good RB are a dime a dozen in the draft, have short careers, RBBC is the norm, there is a strict Salary cap and CBA, … and 49 of 53 SBs were won by teams without a rushing champion.

    Zeke will be lucky to get a first round pick and two other mid rounders, especially with teams knowing Zeke wants top money. But this would be a haul by modern standards.

Jaclyn Collette Reply

How you going to turn down a contract that would make you the 2nd highest paid running back in the NFL?! Gotta be crazy. Zeke needs to sign and quit tripping for real!

    Frank Faz Reply

    IncogNito Revived Y’all people make me laugh, I’m not disrespecting Dak bruh. There’s only a handful of QBs that can win without an elite running game. Tom Brady is one that comes to mind. I’m just being realistic and your comment just reinforces my statement. No you cannot replace Zeke with a committee of backs Zeke has a knack for the game that can’t be replaced. Why would even want to try when you could have Zeke and Pollard in the backfield at the same time. Besides who are all y’all to tell Zeke how much he is worth?!? You need to read Joe Thomas comments and learn a little about how contract negotiations work. Lol

    Dana Jett Reply

    @Frank Faz they don’t get it do they pay that brother, I notice how the fan base loves to count and hate on others pockets funny thing is alot of these guys in the comments don’t even have jobs…..

    Johnny Scott Reply

    Because he deserves to be the highest paid. Yall are actually the selfish ones. Wanting Zeke to take less , so he’ll be playing for your favorite team.

    Chris Salcido Reply

    @Frank Faz i agree with some things. Me personally i do respect zeke. Its like 50/50 his production on the field is a big thing while the other hand everything he is doing now is not good and what he did when he started playing with them getting into trouble in bars and what not. I do belive with zeke it with help us tremendously but that doesnt make him higher than anybody everybody puts in for the team winning. Zeke is the best player but you cant put yourself above everyone like your highty mighty. Players want zeke on the field but they dont want whats going on between zeke and the management affecting the team so they are focused on getting ready for game 1. But zeke needs to be paid with also n writing stating of zeke messes up then money is taken out or something. There has to be boundaries of some sort so both sides are on the same page. Dallas needs zeke to boost chances of going to superbowl.


Bravo Zulu 2 my beloved Dallas Cowboys !

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    ABDUL MUHAMMAD Your mom is my Zulu 🤤

Corey Harris Reply

Click bait …….no talk about CONTRACT

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    Corey Harris You need to open your ears then moron because eagles fans ain’t gonna say it again

jeremy x Reply

Jerry’s ending epitomizes my take on the
“We can’t pay the Triplet’s top dollar and build around them crap”

As long as the FO does.their job and lock Will McClay & his staff in long-term,
We won’t have to worry about talent & quality depth

We’ll never be able to keep all our talent
That’s the absolute best problem to have

Salary cap raises and savvy business will secure SB runs for quite some time

Brass Taxz Reply

Jerrah is the master of hyperbole. He know damned well that the Jimmy Johnson Superbowl teams were the deepest team maybe in NFL history. Those freakin teams were LOAD-ED!! Win back to back Superbowls and 3 in 4 years and maybe I’ll consider what you said Jerrah. But then again that might have been a message to Jason: “I got you the players now get it done or else… NO EXCUSES!”

    Michael Ruff Reply

    Remember when Jimmy was here there was no salary cap in the beginning. That ultimately killed us

Uncle Funky D. Reply

Jerry that mudderfreaker. Getting outta here yes indeed he’s out !

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    Uncle Funky D. Jerrah back at it again with being delusional

Baron Samedi3000 Reply

I can see that Jerry has a major problem with Dak. I don’t think the cowboys will sign Dak long term

Felix Palacio Reply

the only reason zeke aint gonna get gurly money is because he hasn’t made a superbowl appearance otherwise zeke is the best back in the league

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    Felix Palacio Zeke is coming to the eagles

Robert Huhn Reply

Bye bye Zeke

Plantbased Outdoors Reply

I’m tired of the drama with Zeke. I say let’s just move on without him. Use him as trade bait for next season and just draft another running back.

    Johnny Scott Reply

    Idiotic comment

Bigg B Reply

Why is jerry talking like hes the head coach

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    Bigg B Because he is Zeke’s daddy

Dana Jett Reply

Coming from a die-hard fan Jerry you cheap c…su…. Pay that beast

Marcus C Reply

Reminder, Trevor Lawrence 2021; I would be tempted to save 💰 and set up to try and aquire the first pick of the 2021 NFL draft. I would play the most inconsistent, sporadic qb in 2020. I would let Zeke holdout until the end of 2020 season, and I would overly rest any injuries to starters in 2020.

    Mandoe Muñoz Reply

    For that skinny twig QB? Nah I’m good with Dak

Joseph Schrag Reply

Will devin Smith make the roster ? He looks good

    John Cervantes Reply

    Joseph Schrag yea he did

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    Joseph Schrag Devin Smith is terrible

    Joseph Schrag Reply

    Kamryn Vanatta And you most be high on cocaine

Greg Holland Reply

Todd Gurley he’s not a troublemaker and he has been in a super bowl

    Johnny Scott Reply

    He made it tothe superbowl after he got paid

god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP Reply

The Dallas Cowboys > ezeki ediot

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP It’s Ezekiel Elliott dumbass don’t be surprised if the eagles pick him up and whoop dem Cowgirls asses just sayin

John Cervantes Reply

Feed Zeke his contract we all know he deserves it

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    John Cervantes Jerrah is gonna make a delusional move and pay Dak 40 million the end is coming for the cowboys

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