Jerry Jones Postgame Week 6 vs. New York Jets | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Roshon Barlow Reply

Like if Jason Garrett needs to be fired.

    scottygottashotty Reply

    @Kamryn Vanatta your not funny slut

    Ferman Jackson Jr Reply

    Jerry Jones want a yes man not no Bill Belichick type coach.

    The dude Reply

    Roshon Barlow the man needs to stop calling all the shots! This is not Americans team! It’s the Jerry Jones Show. This man needs to hire good coaching and draft staff. Let the new staff work and see his money win us fans a super bowl. But as long as he calls the shots the team is not going anywhere.

AJ Mares Reply

This was an embarrassment #firegarrett

    GetMoney23 The King Reply

    Pumped 999 yo stfu and bitches that think like you is why the Cowboys will never win a Lombardi

    Pumped 999 Reply

    @GetMoney23 The King no people like all 3 of yall is the reason 2 words stubborn and fucking ignorant

Silver Time Reply

They are under coached open your eyes

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    Silver Time Open your eyes y’all are overrated

    Pumped 999 Reply

    @Kamryn Vanatta your a girl your opinion on football don’t count

    Antonio Wilson Reply

    @Pumped 999 she’s right y’all wanna blame the coach blame them boys who ain’t getting it done

    Pumped 999 Reply

    @Antonio Wilson it’s fine it’s still early in the season to determine we are trash we just had bad luck really

Justin D Reply

JJ wants to win a Super Bowl his way..its not working we need change. Do something sir, us long suffering fans are fed up.

    John Giambastiani Reply

    Jerry is the problem! Nothing will change until he’s gone!

    Brian Waller Reply

    Narcissists refuse to believe they’re the problem.

    Talkin Bout Nawlins Reply

    @John Giambastiani couldnt have said it better.

    Ruben Espinoza Reply

    Said it the best

Snoop Brown Reply

No he’s right frustration is NOT a productive thing🙌🙌🙌🙌

jeremy x Reply

Blah, blah, freaking blah
Get us on track and trash all that gibberish

Kirk Barber Reply

You have to quit going to dallas games and hit jj in the wallet then he would take notice and possibly fire Garrett then who should be the next hc

    boxing97 Reply

    Kirk Barber Next head coach would only be another puppet for him. Jerry wants a yes man coach only.

    Life Reply

    A new head coach right now would not help the cowboys, players have to adapt to the new coach and all. You think that’s going to help? Gonna create problems

    F L Reply

    @boxing97 you talking boycott? I’m considering it myself

Kathi Starns Reply

Jerry wake the hell up!!! Fan’s are exhausted from being let down

    Life Reply

    He doesn’t care about fans he cares about money

Marvin Alexander Reply

Embarrassing, ridiculous. You better do something Jerry.

Think Civil Reply

Jerry, you lost to the winless Jets! Dallas did not play well, and there’s no way to put a positive spin it.

    CJC_11 Reply

    On his birthday too lol

Greg Sorem Reply

Fires TomLandry, Ran Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells out of town and sticks with Jason Garrett for Ten Years!!! Jerry and Steven are foolish

    Joseph Taylor Reply


    mario murillo Reply

    Jerry needs to step back and let Stephen take full control. I believe he will make a lot of changes

    Talkin Bout Nawlins Reply

    @1080p Dude true Stephen is as football dumb as jerrah.

    mateo lopez Reply

    Greg Sorem 1995 hemmm….. that’s a long time ago and I’m still thinking 🤔 about
    “ all “ yes “ ALL THE TIMES THAT “
    The cowboys have had a shot at a run for a SB the cc ( COWBOYS CONSPIRACY by the nfl )
    As long as the Jones own the cowboys they will never win another SB.
    So until another GENERATION of TEAM OWNERS, our DALLAS COWBOYS might not win another SB.

Peter Pan Reply


AlphaDawg Reply

HAND THE REINS OVER TO KRIS RICHARD!!!! damn it jerry…the TEAM will play for him.

Donna Blanton Reply

Jerry, watch the film: the players aren’t low-fiving Jason back coming off the field. He may be losing the players and certainly a majority of the fans.

    Donna Blanton Reply

    @Talkin Bout Nawlins lololol…ignorance is bliss and you are hella happy…lolol


    @Donna Blanton cowboys nation so salty we fighting with each other go to work have a nice day

    Talkin Bout Nawlins Reply

    @Donna Blanton Women talking football actually turns me on.Cmon over Sunday and we can watch a real football team.Let me make sure it’s ok with my wife.Life is too short to be a cowboys fan.

    Donna Blanton Reply

    @Talkin Bout Nawlins lolol…okay, dude. Have some gumbo and crawfish ready!

    Talkin Bout Nawlins Reply

    @Donna Blanton Sounds great! You bring the tuna!;)

AlphaDawg Reply

Ps…..defense lost the it factor….no excitement from them our two STAR linebackers dont have that fly to the ball excitement and where the HELLLLL is the 100 million dollar d. Lawrence haaaaaa…Quinn only positive thing right now on Defense. And im sorry Zeke not the same runner Noooo burst. Pollard needs to be more involved! Ok im done sorry

ElPisto Lon Reply

We played like garbage this past 3 games is been to long and still haven’t gotten a 6th ring fire garret u idiot and look for a real coach

    Marke Sertalkink Reply

    @ElPisto Lon Have you ever heard of commas and periods dude?

    ElPisto Lon Reply

    Marke Sertalkink have u heard of mind ur own business?

Eduardo Levy Reply

Jordan Lewis has had the last two cowboys pics make him a starter

Ivan Cruz Reply

Has anyone caught on to the “be like dave” videos, Michael Gallup – (vs jets) bad game
La’el collins – (vs packers) injured
Randal Cobb – (vs packers) bad game then injured
Amari cooper – (vs jets) injured

Linda Easley Reply

Lol ! When Jerry starts praising the players taking a lot of hits , you know this team is a dumpster fire .
Speaking of fire , how about Garrett ?

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